View Full Version : New WoW realm

14-08-2005, 16:38
Hi all just noticed that there will be a new europe PvP realm opening on wednesday 17th:


Got a daft name IMHO

Would anybody from this forum consider starting afresh on this realm mabe making our own guild?

14-08-2005, 17:07
I firmly believe that the less "cool" the name is, the less l33t kiddie bnet spazzes there will be on the server. The more serious ******* ganker corpsecampers will probably be there anyway, since they don't do it to "b kewl". On a side note, the upcoming RP PvP servers should be in pink and have names like "Peacebloom".

Uhm, well, this was pretty much everything I had to say on the matter...

Rik Valdis
14-08-2005, 17:37
I am on 57 with my hunter now, when I hit 60 I am going to make an alt on the new server. New servers will have far fewer high level layers and should be much easier to have a low chaacter on. Also, it opens on my birthday and so is obviously a present for me, Haumarush belongs to me!