View Full Version : I dropped myslef in it this time, can anyone help a noobie?

The Anarchist
19-06-2007, 00:08
after a recent questioning as to wether LotR was a core game, and saying i didn' t relay enjoy it a friend chalenged me to play it again and see what I think.
well last time i played was at the end of Return of the King mania realy.

1) so what is the present master book so to speak listing forces and the like?
2) so what type and proportion of rules have changed since then?
3) Is Aragorn still the hardest hero alive :evilgrin:
4) can some one give me a basic run down of the major forces, i understand things have gone a long way since good and evil as to aliances and the like?

any and all help would be welcome. :angel:

19-06-2007, 08:01
Question 1 can be answered by looking at the sticky in this forum
Question 2 is very vague. There have been tweaks all the way. I can not start to list the small things that are changed. It's a bit like WH from 6th edition to 7th edition, except not so sweeping.
Question 3 is rather misleading. Single handedly, Aragorn is probably one of the best good heroes there is. But in an army, that isn't always the case. Games are won 99% of the time by quantity and tactics of troopers. It isn't Herohammer.
Question 4. The armies are organized into regions, both good and evil. These regions have alliance options with other regions. not all regions can ally with each other. You then build your force around either a single region, or an alliance of several. One can also say that the Legions of Middle Earth book where the regions and army lists are described, is an attempt to organize the figures available into armies that are themed.

The Anarchist
21-06-2007, 23:23
ahhhh will look at the sticky realy sorry :s

thanks alot for the advice, have now ordered me a LoM-E book. it seems the basic ame dynamic has remained the same, the staged phases is still a differnt feeling from WFB and 40K but enjoyable.

ps. yeah i know its not hero hammer i just still have fond memories of Aragorn killing every Urak-Hai that even looked at him funny