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19-06-2007, 01:12
here i will be posting 3 lists i have been considering starting up as a alternate army to my skaven all of which are chaos (go figure), so here are the 3 lists any opinions/advice on which to start/ how to improve would be great

First list Khorne mortals (yey?)

2 Exalted champions (153 pts each)
- chaos steed
- mok

5 Chaos knights 255pts
- mok

4 units of 5 chaos knights (210pts each)
- mok

6 units of 5 warhounds (redirectors ftw? 30pts each)

3 dragon ogres 237pts
Gw. light armor

5 centigors 85pts

6 flesh hounds 96pts

LIST 2 chariot fun ^.^

1 bray shaman
- 2 scrolls

20 tuskgor chariots
2 5 man centigor units. ( to play in the woods)


Mok, SLaughters blade, heavy armor, shield

5 units of 3 minotaurs

2 units of 5 knights

2 units of 5 centigors
7 units of 5 warhounds

19-06-2007, 02:37
I like the Mino list the best... but I voted Chariots cause I would like to see you change it a bit. Drop some chariots for a bit other stuff just to have more fun. Can you put a beast lord or wargor in a chariot?

21-06-2007, 16:32
you most certainly can put a beastlord or a wargor in a chariot, but i was thinking about it and i decided against it as it would leave him very vunerable, so i decided stopping 2 spells per game may be a better investment

22-06-2007, 17:26
I like the chariot list the best just because when someone calls you cheese you just tell them that about 95% of your army is core.

23-06-2007, 20:37
yea i think thats what i like about the list, plus its great for checker boarding.

SO far the mortal list seems to be the crowd favorite, not sure why but i do like it too :P