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19-06-2007, 14:14
Hello everybody.
I will start my latest log, my Eldar Sep'terra.
I think at first I will post pictures of what I got.
Most of them are nearly finished, some washes there,lines there...
all in all i have made this pics earlier (the army hasn't changed since then), because now I have a new cam, but the details s*ck...
but I'll try to make some better pics of the progress
first one of my rangers, I think I will paint some runes or "tribals" on the coats.
Comments and critics are welcome and a pleasure, this army is wip and I can change most things, but 'til now I'm happy with it.


and this is my converted farseer so far.


19-06-2007, 14:35
One of my Warlock Bodyguards, I converted the sword to make it look like a twin-bladed mace ;-) It really turned out well, but I'm not sure about the colors, whatcha think?


19-06-2007, 20:09
I've managed to make some more pics because a friend brought his cam *happy 'bout it*
This is my Wraithlord.
and his little friend a hormaugant :D
I hope I'll finish my Warp Spiders today...

19-06-2007, 20:55
:D I love that Wraithlord conversion, it looks like he's either tickling that Hormie or preparing to tear out its alien heart (probably the latter).
Nice conversion work on the Farseer and Warlock too, as for the Warlock's paint scheme maybe keep the robes in one colour, as because of the sword it's hard to see the transition (sp?) from one colour to the other, which ruins the effect a little.

Nice work Nocturn!

19-06-2007, 21:39
Thank you for the kind words Hiveminion.
As i told, I like every critism ;-)
Okay, I'll try to keep one color for the robes (i think the dark green) and i'll work over the sword (it's to silver and shiny imo), but i dunno when i can make pics, as i already told, but i*ll take what i get and give nothing back ;o

19-06-2007, 21:45
managed the warp spiders, the freehand was more easier than I've thought Oo
the exarch seems a bit blurry =/
(all still pip, but 95% finished)

next will be my tanks...also nearly finished...
updates tomorrow

20-06-2007, 04:27
Wow, that freehand is superb on the back of those warp spiders!

This is a despicable eldar thread I will be watching closely...



20-06-2007, 06:12
Thanks scrub :)
glad u like it
now i'll go to school, updates later this day ;-)
painted late in the night :P

20-06-2007, 13:08
As promised, the tanks ;-)
Don't wonder 'bout the freehands, I like making 'em.
Hope ya like

22-06-2007, 13:57
Finished some Banshees.
Is this Thread that boring (?) ,cause nobody responsed since I haven't had the web for a few days ^^"
I have to base them again ;-)


22-06-2007, 14:01
Is this Thread that boring (?) ,cause nobody responsed since I haven't had the web for a few days ^^"

It might have something to do with people being unable to get on Warseer the past few days..."server is too busy"...refresh..."server is too busy"...refresh...etc. etc.:(

Anyway, love those skimmers! Awesome freehand, it's great! How about some brighter colours on the weapons though, like lightblue or something.

Nice Banshees too, I like the colour scheme and in particular the power swords.

Keep up the good work!:)

22-06-2007, 14:09
yeah...i see
"bla too busy" -.-
they are changing the server maybe?...
glad u like and i think the same.
a lighter blue on the weapons would be fine ;-)
I'll try it out :)

and im happy that u like the freehand :)

22-06-2007, 18:48
I'm now on a Avatar
Maybe he's not the best fighter ingame, but i think it's a really nice mini and i'll convert it ab bit ;-)
hope to bring updates late this night...

Also standing on the table: eldar guardians and maaany chaos, but this belongs to other stuff ^^.

23-06-2007, 01:34
oh yeah...
really busy that night, but ive made it ^^.
thats my avatar :)
critic is aprreciadted ;-).

23-06-2007, 05:52
I think the Avatar could do with a bit thinner weapon shaft. Right now it looks like he's armed with a big hiking stick and not a spear, which I assume it's supposed to be.

And the paint looks a bit thick in some places.

23-06-2007, 07:03
wow thats all i can say
this stuff is awesome

23-06-2007, 07:55
Not keen on the Avatar due to unfluffy colors...but the grav tanks are booootiful! I like your freehand, good to be adventurous. If you want some inspiration checkout "yellowone" on CMON...right up your alley.(dont take that the wrong way!)

23-06-2007, 09:45
Thanks all

Serpent: Ya, I know whatcha mean,but I didn't find a thinner weapon shaft,
that was all that I had =/ but I'll search for a thinner..maybe there
anything anywhere in my bitz or scratchbuild ^^
and the reason,that it's so thick panited in some places:
A friend sold me that already painted avatar (in the original colors)
and ...
yeah... =// that's it.

dark_sage: Thank you :) I'm really glad u like.

Calcipher: I wanted to keep the whole army in an ice btw in a cold scheme...
That's why he (or it? Oo) is blue...
Thanks for the information, I'll take a look and no, i won't take it
wrong ;-)
you like the tanks? Thanks :)

Thanks for all comments so far :)
keep them coming.

Hideous Loon
23-06-2007, 10:54
Nocturn: Have you tried stripping it of its original colours? You know, put it in a vat of brake fluid, leaving it there and scrubbing it with a toothbrush? There is a perfectly good guide at this very forum about stripping, go there.

23-06-2007, 14:21
Wow, love the Avatar! I like the pose a lot and the alternative colour scheme is great too!

Maybe do the gems in an alternative colour though, like you did with the Banshees. You could also give the cloth some extra highlights to make it stand out more.

Keep up the good work!:)

23-06-2007, 20:33
Hideous Loon: Thank you, I'll take a look

Hiveminion: hm...I think you like my eldar a lot x) thank you for the "cool" 's, "wow" 's and things =D
ya, I'm at it, but as said: i need a cam, maybe my friend will give me his.
extra question: do u also think that the weapon shaft is too big ?

Also I'll try some freehand on the clothes ;-)


23-06-2007, 20:46
Hiveminion: hm...I think you like my eldar a lot x) thank you for the "cool" 's, "wow" 's and things =D
ya, I'm at it, but as said: i need a cam, maybe my friend will give me his.
extra question: do u also think that the weapon shaft is too big ?

No probs mate, as for the shaft, well to be honest I think it makes him look quite savage, like he's using a log or something to crush his foes with. I quite like that image myself, but if you want to go for a slightly less 'barbaric' look for your Avatar, than yes a thinner shaft is better.:)

23-06-2007, 20:59
I also thought it should be barbarian,its an avatar,hes big and bad and mad..,that's why i converted it like that (i could have changed the position of the spear...but only could :P )
maybe it's the pic, because the spear has of course a top and it isnt shown on the pic, maybe thats why u (not u hive, i think u like xD) think they don't belong well together, i'll try to make new ones,repaint the gems, add some freehand on the clothes and clear the paint lines :)

24-06-2007, 17:16
update time.
I have managed to take some pics.
Did some work on the avatar (repainted the shaft and made it a bit thinner,painted the gems and painted the cloth ;-) ), the warlock's weapons (hope u can see it on the pics) and the falcon's weapons and gems.
pics are a bit blurry =/, sry


24-06-2007, 17:18


24-06-2007, 19:57

The Avatar looks really good, I can just picture him swinging that spear in great arcs around him. And the Falcon...wow...just wow...

Very, very nice work Nocturn!

24-06-2007, 21:14
>.> thank you..too much nice words for me now ;-)
haha, hiveminion, it seems that you are the only one who's really interessted in this log, thank u for staying by my side ;-)
i need the critics, and i can say...i like my falcon and my avatar :D

24-06-2007, 22:00
Wow, I love that Falcon and the Avatar is excellent. A very original colour scheme for the big guy but it really works! :)

24-06-2007, 23:32
:D Good to hear you like, doghouse.

25-06-2007, 21:39

Next update will be some Guardians.
And a little work on the cloth of the rangers as already said ;-)
they will follow in the next time but dunno exactly when..


Dark Apostle
13-07-2007, 20:34
The flyers are really nice, i really like the flame pattern!
Also, the dual blade on the warlock looks cool. I just might borrow a little for my own eldar...

13-07-2007, 23:06
I love the back of those Spiders, and those Falcons are awesome.
Never really liked Avatars, but it looks cool.

19-07-2007, 18:35
Dark Apostle: I'm happy that u like it :) and do what u want =) great if i can give u some ideas for your eldar (:
Marstfu: Thank you, ya, it's freehand and took a bit of a time (but not really long Oo im fast at freehand..)

Looks like u all like the falcon's freehand xD
yiha xD

and why i don't bring any updates..:

I'm working on my Chaos, converted every single marine into Nurgle, every tank and the Defiler...took a long time but I'm proud of it...
at the moment i'm painting the Termis and the Deamon Price.

All in all I have 3 troops marines 7 man to do, 1 general, 1 deamon prince, 7 termis, 1 land raider (will get lots of freehand...), 1 predator and 1 Defiler...