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19-06-2007, 17:09
Here’s the scenario:

A friendly unit charges an enemy unit and causes enough wounds to destroy all models in the unit other than a character that had joined the unit, the unit/character fails its break test and flees, the friendly unit then over runs into a fresh unit and the unit/character escapes.

Here’s the problem:

In the opponents rally step the character rallied. Can the character do this as it states in the Rulebook (pg73 & 78 ) that a character cannot leave a unit while it is fleeing. Does the character become independent i.e. a unit of 1 as soon as the unit he has joined has been destroyed? Or is he then the last member of the unit and because of being below 25% cannot rally?

I just need to know because in the last tournament, a friend of mine assumed his character could not rally and so it ran off the board, and in future it could mean a win.

19-06-2007, 19:00
If there are no members of the unit remaining, the character become a unit of one once more, and is thus allowed to rally. Other situations which may require a unit act the same way (such as using Invocation of Nehek to add models to a skeleton unit.) A character on his own counts as a single character no matter how he came to be that way (tossed out of a unit by a magic spell, all other members of the unit died, etc.) The only minor exception is for Panic - if every model in a unit dies but the hero, he will still be making a panic test.

19-06-2007, 20:08

Ninsaneja is basically correct. There are a few oddballs if the unit contained two or more characters, though...