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14-08-2005, 19:28
This is my 1 page of background story for my army at this weekend's Carnage tournament.
What do you think?

The sand crawler slid across the sands on its six wheels in mimicry of its driver turning in his seat. Snib nervously looked round. Ole' Scabby had been eyeing him coldly for the entire trip -with his only eye that was. The giant clung onto the tripod mounted heavy stubber like a long lost lover.
Ole' Scabby wanted a bigger cut, Snib could tell. But for once, instead of risking being riddled with bullets, he could afford to give his brutish companion a better percentage.
They hadn't done badly for a pair of mutants out on the scavenge. Not bad at all. They'd taken a few side jobs on the quiet of course. They were all illegal of course, but nothing too illegal to bring down the authorities. Last stop was a little spot out in the wastes. Easy peasy.
"Why twists so out ere?" Ole Scabby wondered aloud.
"Client wants twists to bring back head-buzzy sword. Remember you? He Pays Snib plenty good. Big fella he too. All black. You like pretty picture he have, remember?"
Ole' Scabby laughed his hacking chuckle "Oh yush, twist paints it on teh crawler. Twist like it pretty."

An imperial Land Raider lay like a rib cage torn open. A faint blue glow emitted from within. "The head-buzzing sword must be there?" Snib wondered as the sand crawler slew to a halt. Everywhere was rubble, craters, scarps of men and metal and a lion engulfed in fire.
Before a scream could gurgle up from his throat, the lion had flipped the sandcrawler with it's claws and torn free the innards from Ole' Scabby as he roasted alive in its presence. Snib fled towards the Land Raider wreckage, looking for somewhere to hide. He felt the heat of the lion's breath on his neck and fainted.

Codicier Gradius lifted the force sword of his predecessor, Corvin.
He used it to scorch and brand the flesh of the puny mutant until it told him what he needed to know. The thing spilled its guts, in more ways than one. Reaching out to touch the mind of the impure was not a welcoming notion. One must deal with a matter as is best appropriate.
Gradius wrapped the sword of his fallen brother librarian in linen, made a brief prayer to the immortal Emperor and addressed the Deathwing.
"They took the gene seed from our brothers. We head North to their den!" He whispered, "Burn them all."

Brother Talus took a look at the sand crawler and the poorly painted design in mimicry of the badge of the Dark Angels, then caved in Snib's chest cavity with his boot.
"Deviant Filth!"