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20-06-2007, 13:31
So, after learning the hard way that Chaos Warriors are not the way to go with the chaos army, and having enjoyed some success with a pretty rock hard all mounted army with different marks (cheap small knight units, mounted daemonettes and marauders, chariots, cheap heroes, beastherd), I'm looking to have some fun with the greater daemons. at 2000 pts :eek:

Oh, and not using the daemonic legion special list, IMA.

So, I'm looking to you people to come up with suggestions. I've got a bloodthirster, a GUO and Belakor posing as a keeper of secrets in my miniatures collection, as well enough daemons to fill out the mandatory core selections for most of them. The hardest one, it seems, is to make a playable list with the GUO, but I'm tinkering with the following (I'm at work , so no points or details)

Main battle line consisting of GUO in a regiment of about 16 plaguebearers, flanked by a 24-25 strong marauder regiment led by an exhalted with helm of many eyes and GW and either a chariot or a cheap knight regiment, as well as three dragon ogres with GW and LA-
Supported by a bray shaman scroll caddy, furies and, well, one base of nurglings. Screened by some el-cheapo beast herds.

It's not gold, but it's the best I've got. Plus it'd look awesome.

Suggestions?? (not just on nurgle list, also khorne or slaanesh)



24-06-2007, 12:46
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24-06-2007, 16:37
Punk I'd suggest you come on over to www.thedaemoniclegion.com

In addition to SoC lists we have a section for HoC lists and for daemons in 40K lists as well.

HoC nurgle, khorne, and slaanesh lists are fairly effective. A slaanesh HoC daemons list won the Baltimore GT in 2003.

A personal favorite HoC daemons list I like is

Blood thirster or exalted daemon / daemonic prince
Wargors with MoK or exalted champs with MoK

Furies x 1 unit (under HoC you don't need an undivided character)
Bloodletters x 2 units
Flesh hounds x 3-4 units

Chaos knights with MoK or chariots with MoK or minotaurs with MoK x 2-3
maybe a herd or houndds for table quarters

spawn or giant

Essentially you get about the same role players as you would in a SoC daemons list (daemonic infantry, heavy cavalry, furies) but you get to add in extra dispell dice from the marked mortal units some non frenzied stuff to use as frenzy blockers.

Given that frenzy and a lack of dispell dice are the two weaknesses of a khorne daemonic legion it's a nice set of additions.

You lose the ward save -but of course you get more dispell dice for magic spells now, and some units that don't depend on their ward save to survive.

Come on over to www.thedaemoniclegion though for more advice

24-06-2007, 17:11
Thanks a lot for a informative and friendly post, Gary, and I'll be sure to come over and join you guys when I get back home from vacation :)

(the list you wrote up is pretty on par with what I'm looking at as soon as I can convert up some bloodletters as I'm not too keen on the current models)

Have a nice one,