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09-04-2005, 12:09
I need advice about facing the Bretonians at 1000pts. Should I go for an infantry list supported by artillery? Or would I better try an all heavy cavalry army flanked by pistoliers?

09-04-2005, 16:05
I'm not that familiar with empire and I just started playing with bretonnians, but what I can tell you is that facing bretonnians is a real pain in the ass. Their 2+ armour save and 6+ ward save will cause huge problems for bowmen and HtH combat. They will almost always win CR as well because not only do they have their saves but they get a rank for every 3 complete models(lance formation) they also have banners to add to CR when going up against a unit of Knights you are looking at them starting off with a minimum of +4 CR, plus probably Outnumber.

This being said I would maximize my force with things that negate armor(warmachines) and stress on breaking them through panic caused by shooting casualties. In a unit of 9 3 wounds is enough to make them take a panic test. Always go for a unit which has many frineds(but not the general) near by so when they break others are likely to as well. Bretonnians have a fairly low ld of 7 or 8 depending on the troop, so if you break one unit you stand a chance of forcing their whole army to fall apart.

It is at this point that id charge with heavy cavalry and try to run them down. 1000 points probably puts odds in his favor because that means you can only afford a minimum of artillery. Id go with 2 great cannons and a hellblaster for when they get in close. That is if you have it. I would wait until the absolute last moment to charge, until you have no other option. wait for him to march his troops across the field while you blast away at his units with artillery at an elevated position.

Do you have anything with the ability to fly? If so id simultaneously march block him while you're firing on him. If you do this, by the time he gets to you a few units should be broken and the rest reduced in number to the point where you're heavy cav should have no problem riding him down.

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09-04-2005, 16:26
I dont think brets get a ward save aganst handguns being only s4 and they only get a 4+ save from them

09-04-2005, 16:37
A unit of spearmen with the Griffon banner is a great stick unit. And since you are fighting Brets, I'd go for a couple decent sized units of infantry with detatchments, artillary, a captain on a pegasus to march block, a BSB, and a third captain for the general. Other than the Griffon standard on the BSB, I'd completely ignore magic items. That way, your characters will be pretty cheap, and you can invest mainly in infantry and stuff that blows big holes in those ever so accomidating lance formations.

09-04-2005, 17:25
I dont think brets get a ward save aganst handguns being only s4 and they only get a 4+ save from them
yup they get a 6 up.

09-04-2005, 18:00
Here's what I'd try...

Captain General, Full Plate Armor, Shield (60pts)
-goes with the Swordsmen

Captain BSB, banner of Griffon, Full Plate Armor (133pts)
-goes with the spearmen

Captain Pegasus, Lance, Long bow, Full Plate Armor, Shield (124pts)

24 Spearmen Standard, Musician, Sargeant, 2 detachments (265pts)
-8 Swordsmen
-5 Handgunners

16 Swordsmen Standard, Musician, Sargeant, 1 detachment (193pts)
-8 Swordsmen

Great Canon (100pts)

Hellblaster (125pts)

total: 1000pts

So what do you think? and keep in mind I'm facing the Brets...

Would it be better if I dropped the handgunners detachment for a bigger unit of swordsmen? And what about magic defense? :confused:

09-04-2005, 18:09
I think that's pretty good. Mind you, you are facing brettonians, and they are required to take at least one paladin, and will most likely take another. So, my guess is at most you'll be facing one level one/2 wizzard/scroll cadie, which your basic dispell dice should suffice. And if he does take a scroll cadie, well then he wasted 50 points, now didn't he?

And no, the handgunners will be excellent for nuking any mounted squires.

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09-04-2005, 18:12
List looks good, The swordsmen are a little small but you want to take advantage of the detachment rule seeing as Brets flanks are so big. A few handgunners would be good way to deal with mounted yomen or knights. I would see how it dose and maby think about droping the captian on pegasus for more swordsmen and another cannon, if you have points leftover maby get some huntsmen to march block insted of the pegasus.

09-04-2005, 18:22
Yeah, except the huntsmen have a couple problems with them being terrific march blockers. One, they have to have a good place to deploy, which a savvy general will make damn sure they don't. Two, brettonian skirmishing archers can make their day a real ****** and short one, or worse, pegasus knights. Three, the massive movement of the pegasus captain means he can march block pretty much whatever unit he wants, and his combat prowess will help ensure he wins most combats against either skirmishing archers, or a small unit of pegasus knights (which is all that I would expect in a game so small, if any), and four, the combat prowess of a pegasus captain means he can be used to take out Yeomen, archers, trebuchet, wizards, or, if the Brets make it to his lines, a charge can keep the brettonians from charging him, which, even if he only stays around for two combat rounds, sets up his knights to be charged by infantry, thus screwing the entire advantage of being knights.

Yes, I think the pegasus hero is just a tad more versatile than the huntsman.

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09-04-2005, 22:37
Its more versitile but a hell of alot more eexpensive, thats why I said try the list out and he dostn like it than make the swordsmen a little stronger and add some assured killing power from another cannon