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14-08-2005, 22:09
Skaven vs High Elves (1,000 Points)

Well I'm bored at work here and thought that perhaps I'd regale you all with the tale of the WFB game I played yesterday. I like to see battle reports so perhaps this can inspire others post some too.

This was just a quick pick-up game that my room mate and I played, and we were expecting others to show up in a while so didn't got with anything too fancy. Of course, in my rush I made a slight army building error (forgot to take any weapons teams!), but it didn't really end up applying...

So here's the army breakdown (I may not have the High Elves 100% right....)

Chieftan, Rust Armour, Enchanted Shield
Warlock Engineer, Full Kit, Dispel Scroll, Storm Deamon
Assassin, Bands of Power
25 Clanrats, Full Command
25 Clanrats, Full Command
25 Stormvermin, Full Command, Warbanner
4 Warplock Jezzails
6 Gutter Runners, Poisoned Handweapons, Black Skaven
Power Dice: 3, Dispel Dice 3

Commander, Pure of Heart, +2 Attacks Weapon, 6+ Ward Item, Mounted, Bow
Mage, lvl 2, +1 Spell Item, +1 to Cast Item
20 Spearelves, Full Command
20 Spearelves, Full Command
8 Silverhelms, Full Command
I believe the mage had Dispel Magic, the Ethereal one, Fortune is Fickle and Flames of the Phoenix.
Power Dice 4, Dispel Dice 3

14-08-2005, 22:20
We played on a 4x8 board, with many hills sprinkled throughout. There was also a small clump of forest in the centre of the board.

Only the "left" side and the middle got used in the game. So it was really as if we played on a 4x6 table instead. On the High Elf side of deployment he had a unit of Spears on his far right, with the Mage hanging out near them, the second unit of spears about 1' further to the left and his unit of Silverhelms on the far left.

On my side I had a unit of Clanrants on the far left, with the WE hanging around (wizard duel!), the Jezzails on a hill just to the right, the other clanrat unit to the right of the hill with the slaves right beside them. The Stormvermin were to my right, across from the Silverhelms. The GR and Assassin scouted behind the trees (NOTE the HE player set the terrain! Not me!)

High Elves go first.
He basically just moves forward a bit. The SilverHelms come up to the forest, out of LoS from the Jezzails. In the magic phase he tries to cast Flames of the Phoenix but it fizzles. I dispel the ethereal spell. His Commander takes a pot shot with his bow, luckily the stormvermin's armour holds.

Skaven all shuffle forward a bit. Gutter Runners run out from behind woods to the right so they are beside the Silver Helms. Stormvermin move up to be in arc of the SH, but leave enough space so that if they are charged (and hold) the slaves will be able to charge next turn. Shurikens manage to bag one Silver Helm. Jezzails bag on Spear Elf. WE casts warplightning killing 5 spearelves, storm deamon doesn't wound.

14-08-2005, 22:21
Silverhelms charge Stormvermin, they hold.
Spearelves move up, Mage moves around them to get clean shot at clanrats.
Mage again fails to cast Flames of Phoenix, I dispel the ethereal spell.
Combat! My Chieftan calls out a challenge. We forgot that his Champ could accept it, but the Commander goes for it anyways. His lances and hooves basically all whiff, as do all my counterattacks. So it will be up to the challenge. He goes first with 6 attacks, either fails to hit or wound with all but one, and it's unsaved! (Damn Warpstone armour never working when I want), his horse misses. I retaliate with 3 attacks, one unsaved wound!
So we tie with wounds, both have standards, but I outnumber and have 3 ranks. I win combat. He FAILS his Ld roll, and on 3d6 they flee 7", I pursue 10"! w00t! That was a bucket load of points there, plus the -100 for him due to Pure of Heart.

My turn, the Slaves, Stormvermin and Gutter Runners are all out of whack now. They start repositioning themselves. My Clanrats all stay put. WE blasts another 5 spearelves, Storm Deamon is dispelled, Bands of Power used to let him know that there's another bound spell around. Jezzails shoot and ALL MISS! Two 1's rolled, luckily nothing happens due to their reliability.

Both Spearelf units charge.
Mage fails to cast Flames of the Phoenix, I dispel the ethereal spell.
The combat on my left goes well due to the thinned out Spearelf ranks. I win by a large margin, break them, and chase them down.
The other spear unit is untouched however and defeats my clanrats, running them down and panicking the Jezzails.

Jezzails fail (by 1) to rally and run to 1" from the edge. I basically spend all my time repositioning for a final charge.
Warplightning fails, and Storm Deamon is dispelled. Bands of Power work.

14-08-2005, 22:21
Spearelves charge the fleeing Jezzails and they book it. It's not enough for him to go off the board though, so they sit there.
Mage casts Flames of the Phoenix! I use my Dispel Scroll. There was much cursing. I dispel the ethereal spell.

Still getting myself into position. Gutter Runners fire shuriken death at the Mage, killing him.

Spearelves do a 180 prepare for what's coming.

Gutter Runners charge into the flank of the Spears. Down a hill no less. They only infict 2 wounds, but it's enough to break and run down the last unit the High Elves had on the board.


I can't recall the exact numbers, but I think the final tally was like 1300 (3 banners), to 230 (1 banner , but -100 PoH). Which sounds massacre like to me!

14-08-2005, 22:23
BTW, I had some pics too, but I wasn't able to add them? Is there something special I should be doing?

15-08-2005, 07:39
Spearelves do a 180 prepare for what's coming.

Gutter Runners charge into the flank of the Spears. Down a hill no less. They only infict 2 wounds, but it's enough to break and run down the last unit the High Elves had on the board.

Nice battle *makes cheering sound*

I'm a bit curious about those Gutter Runners breaking and overrunning the Spearelves though. How can a small unit of skirmishers overcome the banner, ranks, outnumbering of a large unit? :confused:

Lord Anathir
15-08-2005, 17:06
what a...um...strange high elf list....
good job on your victory though....! You did a good job stopping his magic.

15-08-2005, 20:04
As I try to calculate how the gutter runners may have one the battle against the spearo's...they do 2 kills, flank charge and high ground, which makes 4. The spears supposedly have a banner, outnumber and at least 2 ranks, probably 3 as I haven't read them get hit by anything. this gives him at least 4, possibly 5 on his cc result, thus making you test.

Maybe you forgot that skirmishers don't negate ranks or there is a slight error in your battle report.

Anyway, nice game, nice victory, always good to see skaven win :)

16-08-2005, 07:06
Nice little bat rep there - I think we'd all like to see the pics!

17-08-2005, 16:45
Yes - we forgot that skirmishers don't negate ranks :(
But it was all pretty much in the bag at that point anyways, he was going to concede otherwise...

A few errors actually...

1) GR don't negate rank
2) We forgot that his Champion could accept the challenge
3) I accidently gave my General a magic shield and a great weapon. Didn't really come up though, as the wound I got was a roll of 3 anyways...

18-08-2005, 00:20
oh, and 4) It was Warpstone Armour, not Rust Armour

How do people usually post pics? As an attachment? Because the IMG functin only seems to work for urls...

19-08-2005, 00:24
Well I've hosted the pics, and unfortunatley as they were made with a crummy camera phone they aren't the best quality. Behold our not-even primed glory!

High Elf Set-up:

Skaven Set-up:

Gutter Runners Hiding Behind Trees
(maybe they are ghosts of dead Gutter Runners...)

19-08-2005, 00:37
End of Turn One

The Left (to the Skaven) Flank:
(clanrats move along the sides of the hill towards spearelves)

Generals clash in the Silverhelms vs Stormvermin battle:
(Skaven General is the one painted figure on the left there)

I actually stopped taking pictures at that point because the game seemed pretty much over. Maybe I'll take some pics of my painted stuff and put it in the painting fourm... get some practice with this camera-phone...

19-08-2005, 23:08
I did manage to take some pics of my painted clanrats though. I think perhaps that the phone camera is really only good at the overall picture kinda shots...

(25 Clanrats + Ratling Gun)

(I can't stand those brown skaven, the models look like apes. So I went all grey)

(The blurring is a result of the musk of fear)

And a (blurry) close up of one of my Rat Ogres

04-12-2005, 16:32
Im suprised he didnt take ring of fire and fury of khaine. Those would have been pretty effective against your army i think.