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23-06-2007, 16:44
2250 points of my HE vs ogres
lists looked something like this:
archmage-silver wand, ring of fury and 3 lvl 2 mages, 2 with seer/channler, 1 with jewel of dusk and ring of corin.
1 unit of 10 archers
1 unit of 20 spearmen
2 units of 5 silverhelms
1 unit of 5 dragon princes, enchanted helm champ and banner of sorcery
2 chariots
6 shadow warriors
2 eagles
2 rbt
archmage and 2 lvl 2's took lore of shadow, AM didnt get pit of shades, the lvl 2's got pit and unseen lurker.
the other lvl2 took high magic and rolled fury of khain and vauls unmaking.
AM had pure of heart and also was rolled the general

1 tyrant in a unit of 20ish bulls
2 ogre mages, each in their own unit of 3 bulls
3 yhettis
3 maneaters
20ish gnoblars
a unit of 10ish gnoblar scouts
and 1 or 2 more units of 3 bulls

from left to right it was silver helms with dragon princes behind them, eagle, RBT with mage with lurker/pit, chariot, silverhelms, spearmen with AM and other lurker/pit mage, chariot, RBT & archers with mage that has high lore on a hill, eagle.

there was a forest in the middle of the table, and another in the left half, that shadow warriors deployed in, gnoblar scouts deployed in the middle forest.

from my left to right it was for ogres, bulls with a gutmage, bulls, maneaters, yhettis, huge unit of bulls with tyrant, bulls with gutmage, and gnoblars.

HE first turn. did some marching with silverhelms and DP, eagles flew, pretty much stagnant appart from shadow warriors moving into firing position and shuffling of spearmen. magic, 2 miscasts, first let the ogres cast a spell, that got dispells, second caused my mage with the left rbt to lose his pit of shades spell and that lvl, and take a wound, other stuff was dispells except for 3d6 S1 magic missle against gnoblar scouts, shooting caused 1 wound on bulls from rbt, and 4 wounds on gnoblars from archers, other RBT missed, chariots did nothing, shadow warriors did a wound.

ogres moved forward yhettis especially went right into the woods behind the gnoblars, magic was dispelled, shooting did a wound on one eagle and sharp stuff took out 1 spearmen.

turn 2, move moving around, now march blocking almost all his army with eagles, DP and silverhelms moved into position. magic, IF pit of shades on the huge bull unit, 1 and 8 partials, 5 total hit, only 1 init test failed (quite impressive) 1 unseen lurkers was scrolled, and a third moved a chariot smack into the gnoblars who moved out of the woods (luckily at an angle so if we overran would not cause forest impact hits), which happened nicely, killed all but 1 gnoblar, who fled and was run down. Shooting, archers killed enough gnoblars to cause panic tests, they failed and spent rest of the game running off the table. other shooting was negligable.

ogres move forward, yhettis unable to charge spearmen because of too many woods in the way, but are in a prime position next turn, magic dispelled, no shooting.

he turn 3, charge! 2 chariots declaired charge against the bull unit with a gutmage, 1 failed its fear test, DP try to charge a flank of a unit that SH try to charge the front both fail their fear test, spearmen march forward and to the side to try and get out of the yhettis way. magic, 2 unseen lurkers were scrolled, and a third was used to try and get the spearmen out of the yhettis way, but also to charge a bull unit in the flank, another failed ld9 fear test, leaving spearmen flank open to the yhettis. shooting caused a wound or two on the huge bull unit. the chariot did 4 impact hits, 4 wounds, and 3 more wounds from the crew/steeds, who did zero in return, and then broke and were run down. chariot stopped short of the building infront of it, luckily did not hit it. (an inch or two away).

ogres turn 3, yhettis charge spearmen who fail their fear test, take 4 wounds, charged in the flank, but spearmen outnumber and have banner, lose by 3, and pass their break test woohoo! other ogre stuff charges my DP who run away.

turn 4, DP fail to rally, and run some more, 1 inch away from the table edge now, more flying around of eagles and whatnot, chariots turn to face the huge bull unit that is now in between them, silver helms in the center still shuffle around not sure what to do, and SH from the left flank are now in the deployment zone still zooming around doing nothing. magic does nothing, shooting, archers cause 4 wounds on huge bull unit, single bolt skewers 2 ogres in the same unit, other RBT misses. This time in combat the spearmen cause 1 wound, take 2, and win by 1, but dont break the yhettis, but turn to face them negating the flank bonus and getting more spear attacks next round.

ogres move around some more, magic is dispelled, combat, yhettis lose again by 1 or 2, but hold, spearmen reform to get rank bonus now, other ogre unit charges my shadow warriors and run them off the table. maneaters charge my SH who flee.

turn 5, DP rally, the 2 chariots charge into the weakened huge unit of bulls, and manage to not be in contact with the tyrant (1 chariot in rear and 1 in front), shooting has nothing to shoot this turn. magic is forgettable this turn. Combat, chariots cause 7 wounds from impact hits, 3 more from crew, 2 from steeds, take 2 wounds back, but make the armor save, and run down the huge unit of ogre bulls, 1 chariot smacks into terrain and explodes. also the yhettis were beaten and broke from combat this turn too.

at this point it was conceded.

notes: archers did better than expected and were largly ignored, chariots do awsome when not in contact with a S7 tyrant, or against smaller bull units.
spearmen should have broke, but luck was on my side for that one, although fear was against me for that luck too, failing 3-5 ld9 fear tests in a game, when you only pass.. 3 total, well cant complain, beating the yhettis made up for failing fear tests.

oddly enough, my cav never saw combat, I think i should give a mage a horse to go with the DP to get lurker in range of my cav/eagle easier.

pit could have done better this game, in turn 6 (mostly the inconsiquential turn) it ate a whole unit of 3 ogres, if my AM had gotten it, I would have been able to pump it out more, instead of 1 try a turn because of my other lvl 2 forgetting it and the lvl4 not getting it at all.

all in all, fun, but 3 games in a row vs different ogre ppl, i want to play against non ogres now, lol.

23-06-2007, 22:06
Good battle report, could do with better punctuation but nevertheless good, so thanks for that.

Did he really have a unit of 20 bulls? :haha: That is insane, absolutely mad. Love it.

Your luck in this seemed rather amusing - for once you got the highest leadership general but then you fail several fear tests with it :D . I'm surprised that with 4 mages and the banner of sorcery your magic was not so effective. I find in 2000 points an Archmage, a mage and one of the rings is sufficient to run the magic phase.

How effective were the Shadow Warriors (I use 6 also) in the battle? There didn't seem to be too much reference to them after the first couple of turns?

Also are your chariots always this effective? I prefer 2x8 Silver Helms for my counter-attacking punch, but they have always fascinated me.

Lastly why not put Seer on your Archmage instead of a regular mage - that way you'd have been guaranteed to get Pit of Shades?

24-06-2007, 00:35
shadow warriors did about 3-4 wounds with shooting, i forgot to shoot with them on turn 2, so it could have been better or worse..
I had some bad dice rolling with extra power dice from the banner, that led to less dice to let loose the magics of war, and some poor rolling.
usually my chariots get shot to death or smashed by characters, but I guess they are good at taking out regular ogres, I'm going to be using this list for a while more and hopefully against different opponents, so Ill get some more testing in.
silver wand = 5 spells so i have 5/6 chance of getting the two spells i want (lurker and pit), I'm willing to take that risk to save 20 points :-), although the possibility of taking seer and then taking a different arcane item does open up more possibility, but i like it how it is.

And oddly enough I was rolling dice at home before going to my local club, and only once out of like 20 times did I not roll both of those spells, maybe I wore out the luck? :-D

24-06-2007, 22:01
A unit of 20 Ogres, but no Ironguts.....mad!! I was also suprised that your magic was not far more superior.

Thanks for the report.

02-07-2007, 23:16
A very original ogre army thats for sure, but a good fight anyhoo.