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23-06-2007, 20:26
Okay So I bought some spider riders yesterday because I'm planning of having 1 unit of them in my army list and one unit of wolf riders, but I'm having trouble deciding just what to do with them. Are bows worth it for either? I kinda just want to take them because they're fast cavalry. I was thinking 1 unit of 7 wolf riders with just bows, and one unit of 7 or 8 spiders with just what they come equipped with. so anyone have any stories, examples, any thing that can help me with my conundrum?

23-06-2007, 20:57
I always like using spider riders with spears and shields in flanking attacks. I have mine in groups of 10.
I have never had much luck with wolf riders but I have only used them a few times. some people in my local club have them armed with the bows and they seem to do ok . 8 seems to be the standard here but I not sure about that

24-06-2007, 13:36
Link to article: Goblin Fast Cavalry (http://folk.ntnu.no/tarjeia/avian/tactics/goblin_fast_cavalry.php)

In short:
- Wolf Riders are overall slightly better than Spider Riders, but Spiders have a couple of unique abilities that make them useful as well. I tend to use 2-3 units of Wolf Riders and 1-2 units of Spider Riders in my army.

- Unit sizes of 5 or 6 models is best for fast cavalry. Bigger units are not only more expensive, they are also less useful

- It is difficult to go wrong with spears

- Short bows won't do much, but cost next to nothing, which makes them okay. They are better on Wolf Riders than on Spider Riders.

- Musician is the only command upgrade that is useful and worth the cost.

24-06-2007, 17:58
thanks, that sums it all up!