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Brother Alecium
26-06-2007, 14:32
I just got back from Gamesday in Blatimore and while I was there I play tested an Empire army. I have a Dwarf army, but for some reason the Empire just blew me away! To me they seem like Dwarves but with the ability to manuever as fast as your opponent can. Which is a gigantic change for me. Anyways...

I was hoping that some of you guys could give me some sound advice on good ways to use the Empire as a whole.

My first question was what is a good way to use the Detachment Spcial Rule in the Codex?
I thought about using a unit of spearman 20 men strong with a 10 man unit of halberders and a 10 man unit of Handgunners. When the Spearman are charged the Halberders will counter charge and the Handgunners will shoot. Figured that might work pretty well.

What is the best or most effective way to arm the Knights with?
I know that I am going to use them as Knights of the Inner Circle for the +1 S bonus. But I don't know which order to use and what armament is more effective. The Great weapons are nice because the Knights benefit for the +2 S even after the first round, but they lose an armor modifier and strike last.

What is the best way to use Magic?(Sorry, but the whole Dwarf not having magic thing had made me pretty magic-intolerant :confused: )
I have seen tons of Bound spells in the Codex. I didn't know if The Empire relied more heavily on that or if I should try to at least get a good Heavy hitting wizard or two into the army, and try to get some casting done.

Any suggestions and or help would be greatly appreciated! :D

26-06-2007, 15:08
1 The detachment you propose is fantastic, though I'dd go for a larger parent unit (25-30).

2 It doesn't really matter what order you chose, it hasn't any effect on the rules. I'd go for lances, as heavy cav should charge, kill, break and overrun. The White Wolves strike last and have only +1S (7th edition)

3 You 'll probably want a L2 mage with an agressive lore like Fire or Death. Next, a Priest (bound spell) for support. They will give you decent agressive and defensive magic. Equip the mage with 2 scrolls, you'll need 'em.

I'd also include a Captain on Pegasus, it's a great warmachine/small unit/mage hunter. You could use Aldred's Casket, it's quite effective.

As a Lord, you could go Magic heavy and choose a L4 mage, or upgrade your Priest to lord level, then you can add a BSB to support the troops.

Engineers are more like a 'fun' hero choice, as the pigeonbombs allow the engineer to do nothing else.

Brother Alecium
26-06-2007, 15:59
What scroll(s) are you talking about? Because the only two that I see say that they are one use only.

Why would The Knights of the White Wolf only be at +1 S instead of the normal +2 granted by Great Weapons?

I was thinking about mages from the Bright Order and from the Grey will those serve that purpose?

26-06-2007, 16:09
Scrolls = Dispel Scrolls

Great weapons = +1S if mounted (it's the rules)

bright=fire and grey=shadow, I'd go for bright and amethyst

26-06-2007, 17:40
Some points on unit selection (as opposed to characters, which is well covered in the Empire tactica thread if you want to have a look). I really love the way Empire play, you get proper unit interaction and lots of big blocks of troops. You can have a very enjoyable game playing empire vs empire which imo is a good judge of a list.

-A unit of 6 knights with a champion is about optimum as a flanking unit, Take inner circle if you think you'll face T4 opponents, Played right you shouldn't need the standard as your combat units should be in the front at the same time.
-Your detachment choice is good, halberds are generally better in detachments than parent units though free company are possibly better.
-Spearmen with detachments are underated - your opponent will be less inclined to charge spearmen esp with detachments - means you can be a bit braver about moving into position, getting the detachments just so (so that opponent can't charge them without leaving a flank exposed whn they flee) is a fine art.
-Handgunners are pretty handy at holding flanks - esp with a small flanking detachment in case they're charged.
-Big independant units of free company can be a bit of a surprise for your opponent - granted they can't take detachments but if you already have a couple of units of spear or swordsmen they can be a major threat - esp with a warrior priest.

27-06-2007, 11:24
Detachments - 20 is really too small for Empire. Remember Empire are ordinary humans, not Dwarfs. Toughness 3 and a 5+ save means your spearmen will die. If you lose two spearmen, you lose a rank bonus.

So units of 25 are generally better for surviving in combat, as you need to lose 7 spearmen to lose a rank.

10 Handgunners may also be too much. Remember they can't fire in two ranks unless on a hill, and deploying them in a line takes up a lot of space. Smaller units of 5-8 work better.

Knights - Great weapons are only +1 for cavalry now. I don't have much experience with knights, although I think ordinary knights are better for flanking (they are stronger on the charge, and higher armour save means they can negate ranks for longer)

Dispel scrolls are one use anti-magic scrolls. You need them to stop spells which would be devastating if they were cast, like a spell which allows a cavalry unit to flank charge you, for example.

*edit* Good guide on detachments here:


27-06-2007, 13:08
Like a lot have said already, you want to increase the spearman unit for certain, I'd up it too twenty. Halberdiers are fine, HG's could then have an extra five (its 30pts so you'd be silly not to) if yo've got only a few detachements.

2 Dispel scrolls are almost compulsive for Empire. Grey is my personal preference, but I advise looking for which magic complements your game style. Fire is the easiest to use so as you're startin out I'd used that.

Knights with lances would be my recommendation. The rest of your army is very static so you need some hitters to help you maneuver. Also, Pistolers or Outriders - get them!

And if you are thinking of a second detachment then get a unit of swordsmen, 30 strong with the same support.

And a cannon or two would help. They help provide the Empire with some much needed anti monster support (be it bloodthirster, dragon, daemon prince, wyvern or treemen). Your current list will struggle to deal with anything big without it.