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27-06-2007, 18:31
Whats a good combo for a Bret Lord on a HippoGriff?

Or is it bad to put him on a monstrous mount?

Bretonnian Lord
27-06-2007, 18:50
Grail Shield+Silver lance of the blessed. 4+ ward for him and his Hippogrpyh, plus all of his attacks hit automatically. Use him for hitting enemy flanks in conjunction with other units.

Lords on Hippogryphs can be effective, but don't use them for a head on assault. Use the hippogrpyh's mobility to put the Lord in place for flank and rear charges, which can negate enemy ranks and add bonus combat res to knights fighting that same unit.

Watch out for warmachines. If they swat the Hippogryph down than the Lord is a foot slogger the rest of the game, and loses much of his use and mobility.

28-06-2007, 05:05
Definitely the grail shield. You need some kind of save. Dragon tooth/Virute of purity + gromril helm can also work but aren't as good against warmachines.

What I like to give him is the virture of the ideal. Boosts his combat stats, let's you keep a lower general nearby your troops and the drawback is not as nasty if he's running around causing terror amongst the enemy anyway.

The token of the damsel (the 2+ ward thingy, right?) is also nice as the first hit is probably going to be a warmachine, but it's not as great as something more permanent.

01-07-2007, 05:04
I honestly like to keep my lord simple. I usually just put him on a steed, with the Gromril Great Helm and the Birthsword of Carcassonne with whatever vow I'm feeling like. Often Purity though. This way you can devote more points to more knights which is, in my opinion, essential, as the Brets chief weakness is too few models. He still hits hard on the charge but is also decent in a challenge (which my friend uses all the time against me) and is capable of dealing some hurt if combat gets prolonged. This is especially handy against tougher adversaries or if you somehow miss the charge and need some hits in CC. I once stupidly fell just short on a charge and was hit by a unit of Chaos Knights. The combat went three rounds (my lord was in a unit of 7 Knights of Renown with a Damsel), and it was only resolved favorably because of my lord due to his weapon, weapon skill etc. In short, it is nice to have a unit which can hold its own in combat. Just my take.

01-07-2007, 14:49
Bret lord
-Grail Vow
-Virtue of Knightly temper
-Cuirass of fortune

Bit over 400pts,and you have 40pts to spend on some extra's if you really want.
He can do a huge number of wounds,he negates ranks on his own,and has a large monster.

You just keep him out of line of sight for the first turn or 2 before he lets rip down one of the flanks.
The difficulty with him is keeping him away from artillery for the first turn or 2,then he tends to be fine.

02-07-2007, 07:17
Unwanted went with the build I was going to suggest... I've used it before and it causes much havoc! I also throw on the 'Tress of Isolude' (Nominate one enemy at the start of a combat, hits on 2+ regardless of modifiers)... this way, if he finds himself with a sexy target such as the enemy general... you will hit on 2's and wounding on 2's (in most cases) and each wound is another attack, its almost a guaranteed 8 wounds! Very fun :D

Another fun build is virtue of discipline on a lord on hippogryph (with whatever 85 points of items you like) and then fly him into an enemy flank, they will only have standard for combat bonus as they can't outnumber you and you have already negated ranks.