View Full Version : What models to use for a kislev warband?

Gyulkus Chaos Saurus
27-06-2007, 21:56
I'm not a big fan of the warhammer kislev models, so what would you suggest as an alternate for them? I'm not afraid to use other ranges. thanks

04-07-2007, 01:46
Plastic Empire Militia and other infantry combined with a lot of green stuff and random bits. A lot of effort but could look real nice. An old Town Cryer had a tutorial on how one of the Perry twins converted theirs. Sorry, can't remember which issue off hand. I shall try to find it.

Blue Orphen
04-07-2007, 15:52
Friend of mine used the Kossite Woodsmen (seen here (http://www.privateerpress.com/WARMACHINE/gallery/default.php?level=picture&id=136)) from Warmachine. For the most part, the arms come separate from the models, so if you need to change any equipment you're pretty good.

Also, the Manhunter models make good characters (original (http://www.privateerpress.com/WARMACHINE/gallery/default.php?level=picture&id=122)and alternate/new (http://www.privateerpress.com/WARMACHINE/gallery/default.php?level=picture&id=330)).