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28-06-2007, 13:40
not many models, but this will have to do until i get some more bloodletters (enough to make up a couple of units of them).
Berzerker sword on a monster base will get a few additional attacks. Lord has virtually same profile as a bloodthirster.

710: Chaos Lord (daemon sword, dragon, enchanted shield, MoK)
240: Exalted Champion (berzerker sword, shield, talisman of protection, MoK, juggy)

315: 5 chosen Knights (Mok, standard, warbanner)
120: Chariot
313: 14 Warriors

96: 6 Flesh Hounds

205: Giant (dogs of war)

and the 1k version:

201: Exalted Champion (berzerker sword, enchanted shield, MoK, barded steed)

315: 5 chosen Knights (Mok, standard, warbanner)
120: Chariot
60: 10 Maurauders OR 10 Warhounds

96: 6 Flesh Hounds

205: Giant (dogs of war)

28-06-2007, 21:33
the list isn't good at all... Shooting alone could tear this army apart.

28-06-2007, 21:55
Stuff the daemon sword on the lord. Give him Black Maul instead (+2 str + frenzy (which he already has)) for str 7. Slap Gaze of the Gods on and keep the enchanted shield. 2+ AS, 4+ WS, 5xWS8 attacks = Lord of rip-apart-just-about-anything. Oh yeah, and then there're the dragon on top (which will work as a warmachine-magnet). If your dragon goes down, your lord is a very slow killing machine - don't expect him to do much. I'd reconsider the dragon-choice altogether.

Make the champ aspiring instead of exalted and make him BSB (don't have my book with me atm, so can't remember if he can ride a juggy or not - if he can't then forget this paragraph :D )

I take it the 14 warriors you've listed are chosen, since they're at 313 points. Scratch that, add a block of marauders - or alternately, drop the foot-sloggers all together and go for more knights, more chariots, more marauder horsemen and some warhounds for screening/harrasment/support. The 313 points should be able to buy you another unit of non-chosen knights and a supporting unit of marauder horsemen (or close to it). Thing with knornish knights is that they really, really need screens/support or they'll be lured all over the place by some cheap fast cav.

Just my 2 cents...

28-06-2007, 22:02
Hmm, if i had a lord on a dragon i would give him berserker sword, crown of everlasting conquest and enchanted shield (far better), give the jugger guy sword of might and GoG.

You may as well drop the warriors, they wont be able to support the rest of the army, just take more knights or marauder horsemen. id take some chaos hounds (two units of 5) and erm id take furies over flesh hounds.

Personally i wouldnt take a dragon in 2k, thats just me.

29-06-2007, 04:16
Being able to be baited at 20 inches isn't good.

29-06-2007, 13:16
Going to try to work a shaggoth into the list as well. :) :) :)

710: Chaos Lord (daemon sword, dragon, enchanted shield, MoK)
199: Exalted Champion (berzerker sword, shield, MoK, barded steed)
315: 5 chosen Knights (Mok, standard, warbanner)
120: Chariot
96: 6 Flesh Hounds
225: Giant (mutant monstrosity)
326: Shaggoth (MoK, +1HW)

30-06-2007, 00:03
FAR too small an army (16 models!), Lose the Shaggoth! they're poor compared to points cost and just not worth it.

With the lord LISTEN to peoples comments, the daemon sword for one is useless, so many attacks, he'll kil;l himself in no time. Berserker Sword is more fitting, means he'll have 9 attacks most of the time.

With the Shaggoths points get some warhounds, marauder horsemen and maybe another unit of chaos knights if you can afford it.

This army will be lead all over the place and decimated by shooting in no time!