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Waaagh Grignak
28-06-2007, 17:41
Hi Guys,

ive got a game in a week: Tzeentch mortals (me) vs khorne motals, 2000pts

My armylist is posted in my painting log, i think he will have big units of knights, warriors and marauders backed up with so bloodletters.

Any help cheers?

sun tzu
29-06-2007, 11:19
there was a good thread about getting the best out of your magic phase on here a few months ago, i would find it and follow what was in there or you could have problems casting anything and that would be a problem as that is the only adnvantage you really have over mortal khorne.

29-06-2007, 12:06
Exalted Champion 271pts
Great weapon, Mark of Tzeentch, shield, Crimson Armour of Dargan, Golden Eye and Disc of Tzeentch.
- Whats the point in a great weapon, its only strength 7 when on foot, i would drop the armour of dargan and take sword of might and add a shield. You know i would be tempted to drop this guy and the hero below and have a lord of staff of change, being a khorne player i know just how hard it is to caste spells against me, if he ihas half a clue on what he is doing it will just ignore the lower spells (D6 strength D6 hits, not all that amazing)

Aspiring Champion 154pts
Great weapon and Mark of Tzeentch.
- If you dont do what i said above then pay the extra 20pts for a exalted, he is far better for so little, i would also consider a halberd, sure its only strength 6 but you strike in I order

Aspiring Champion 172pts
Great Weapon, Mark of Tzeentch, shield and barded steed.
- if you want strength 7 go for a flail, if you want constant strength halberd, upgarde to a Exalted and take adavantage of them amazing stats

Chaos Warriors (15) 325pts
Hand weapon, heavy armour, shield and Mark of Tzeentch. Full command and The Flesh Banner.
- Well i have to say tzeentch warriors really arnt all that good (none are really but if your like me then i guess you use them for the funky models), they really need extra hand weapons to win combat, sadly you lack the static combat res. A warbanner however would help abit

Chaos Knights (5) 285pts
Hand weapon, heavy armour, shield, barded steed and Mark of Tzeentch. Full command and The Blasted Standard.
- Fine but i would make them chosen

Chaos Chariot (1) 140pts Halberd and Mark of Tzeentch.

Warhounds (6) 36pts

Warhounds (6) 36pts
- all the above fine

Minotaurs (4) 216pts
Two hand weapons and Mark of Tzeentch. Standard.
- drop the standard, its just easy VPs

Horrors of Tzeentch (10) 200pts
Claws. 2 Flamers.
- personally i dont rate these, furies would be far better for march blocking, that or marauder horsmen, with such a low unit strength i doubt they are going to be doing alot.

Screamers of Tzeentch (5) 165pts
- Cool

Personally i hate to say it but i dont rate Tzeentch magic all that high, its ok but i dont think its really game wining, at the very least take exalted rather than aspiring champions, that extra 20 points for WS, I & A is well worth it.

sun tzu
29-06-2007, 14:16
take exalted rather than aspiring champions, that extra 20 points for WS, I & A is well worth it.

So very true