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Dr Cuddles
28-06-2007, 23:59
Large amount of pop - Check
Large amount of instant noodles - Check
House to myself for 18 Hours - Check
An Entire NIB Nidzilla army - Check
Finish building the entire army in 18 Day hours - Pending.

So here we go, I have seen lots of really great threads on posters diffrent armies, be it Nids or otherwise, and thought it would be good if I made one myself.

My friends and I are planning on starting a 40k City Fight Campaign this summer, so of course I decided I just Had to make an entirely new army for it. I chose Nidzilla. Due to postage problems I just got it now, when we are staring tomorrow, which leaves me to build 3 Carnifex's and 1 Hive Tyrant with basing done by tommorow Afternoon.

I have already started working on 1 Fex and a little bit of the Flyrant, so be on the look out for pictures coming soon!

Rogue Trader
29-06-2007, 00:02
cool, mission impossible meets nid's, ill check in on this one :D :D

Dr Cuddles
29-06-2007, 04:11
Well, besides giving me hand a nice slice with the exacto-knife, things are coming along pretty bad actualy =_=

At the moment I have the base and body of 1 Fex done, working on the wings of the Flyrant, and starting on the body and base of Fex numba 2, picture of the WIP soon.

29-06-2007, 04:31
We need pics of cut hand, tis law of Plogs.

"All Wounds uptained during Plogs MUST be posted in said Plog"

Dr Cuddles
29-06-2007, 06:53
Here are the promised picks. Still have a bunch of work to do on them, espesially since I gave the last of the GS to a friend, the arms and heads need some GS work, but atleast I got the Flyrant, Shooty Fex, and CC Fex built(ish)

(Sorry about the camera-work, my parents have my camera and I had to use a broken one.)

As you can see, the wingspan on the Flyrant is quite large.


Dr Cuddles
29-06-2007, 06:54

29-06-2007, 07:50
Heh. That lightpost the flyrant is standing on sure is strong.

Looks great!

29-06-2007, 07:58
Awesome, nidzilla logs are always good :D

what are you gonna have for troops?

looking forward to painted pics

Dr Cuddles
29-06-2007, 09:28
Heh. That lightpost the flyrant is standing on sure is strong.

Looks great!

That made me laugh, since when figuiring out how to glue the Flyrant onto its base, everytime I put one of its legs on the lightpost, the lightpost would sag down under the weight (The flyrant is probably the heaviest models iv ever made/held)

Awesome, nidzilla logs are always good :D

what are you gonna have for troops?

looking forward to painted pics

I have some old leftover Genestealers that im probably going to be using for Core. Also trying to get my hands on some Lictors.

Not sure when Ill get to painting them, but it will eventually get done :p

29-06-2007, 09:36
amazing poses, seeing them in front of you , you'd just pack up and go home

Dr Cuddles
29-06-2007, 09:40
amazing poses, seeing them in front of you , you'd just pack up and go home

Aye, that's what I was shooting for, I am a huge fan of the whole, "Good basing can make or break a model" and since im a horrible painter, I try and make up for it with the modeling aspect. :D

looking over the photos now, I realize I should have taken shots from diffrent sides, since they look slightly bland from the front.

Rogue Trader
29-06-2007, 11:01
as said great basing......now.......paint em :D :D

Dr Cuddles
29-06-2007, 11:37
Still have one more to do, but at this point, im pretty confident that I can get one done by tommorow afternoon, though at this point my house is a mess, with bits and garbage everwere. I havent got any sleep, and I need to pack up everything in my room up in boxes by 5PM tommorow, which is going to be a harder job than finishing these creatures in a couple of hours.


Guess ill get some sleep, post up some better pictures tommorow and finish my last fex.

Dr Cuddles
30-06-2007, 02:52
Okay, got my Camera back with some better quality pictures with diffrent views of the sides, still not sure what im doing with the last fex yet, want to do a cool conversion. Any suggestions of a cool looking City-Fight Color Scheme?


Dr Cuddles
30-06-2007, 02:53
CC Fex


Dr Cuddles
30-06-2007, 02:53
Flyrant, I really like how this guy came out, and im REALLY glad those wings decided to stay on after all that glue and holding.


30-06-2007, 08:55
just glued? won't last long! ;)

love to see your carry case with this lot!

Rogue Trader
30-06-2007, 10:24
hmmmmm, pinning would have been a good idea, looks good though

30-06-2007, 15:47
keep up the good work!. i'll second jasevx. i want to see the carry case!

Mr Zephy
30-06-2007, 16:55
This is made of win and awesome.

Have you thought of modelling a frightened unsuspecting guardsman under your tyrant? There's plenty of room and it'd be brilliantly Aliens...

30-06-2007, 17:03
Didn't Victoria Lamb do that?

Mr Zephy
30-06-2007, 17:10
Maybe, in any case I think I've seen it somewhere before.

Dr Cuddles
30-06-2007, 17:49
This is made of win and awesome.

Have you thought of modelling a frightened unsuspecting guardsman under your tyrant? There's plenty of room and it'd be brilliantly Aliens...

Yep, I wanted to put some models onto the bases, be it IG or Tau, most likely both.

At the moment im working on my last fex, which is going to be used both as a CC Fex, and as either a Trygon Or Red Terror later on in the campaign.

Dr Cuddles
13-07-2007, 03:28
Finally can add something new, finished the last carnifex, pics in a momento.

Will be finished painting in a week or so.

Anyone know how to get a 'drool' effect?

Dr Cuddles
13-07-2007, 04:11

Dr Cuddles
13-07-2007, 04:13
Im planning on having some drool coming from the Fex's mouth onto the Tau's shoulder. The black areas will also be filled in with the Water FX.

And yes, My Fex has mad balance skills. you know, due to flesh hooks and all that ;)

13-07-2007, 04:17

That is very cool.

Dr Cuddles
28-07-2007, 22:40
Tyrant and a Fex have been painted! Pics in a momento.



Dr Cuddles
28-07-2007, 22:56
Tau Loser


29-07-2007, 00:20
I find that hilarious.

29-07-2007, 00:25
Poor little Tau :(

Nice paintjob on the wings, and i like the basestyle, saw that often since it is very popular, but therefore very good looking ;)

We had the same couch btw till some months ago^^

29-07-2007, 00:57
I really dont like all those mega-heavy tyranids balancing on those thin buildings. Looks wrong. They're cool conversions though.

Dr Cuddles
29-07-2007, 03:17
Well really, the Flyrant has just landed on his building, no saying what might happen to it ;)

The Tau-eating fex had just spiderfexed its way up the ruins. (Hey, if the ruins could remain intact for this long, they have to be pretty sturdy) Though I do have a feeling it wouldent remain like that for long.

And the others ones arnt really ontop of one =d

@zx3 - Thanks for the compliment, I have had the couch for about... 10+ Years? Its been through alot, but still keeps me comfy =)

Rogue 7
29-07-2007, 03:56
Paint a spot of drool on the helmet of the Tau looking down at it- he'll be thinking "what, is it raining or something?"