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29-06-2007, 01:38
Tyrant thunder mace 255

Butcher hell heart 2 tooth knoblars 190
Butcher despell scroll 2 tooth knoblars 165

3 bulls 105
3 bulls 105
3 iron guts 144
3 iron guts 144
3 bulls 105

3 yhetees 195
3 yhetees 195
3 lead belchers 165
3 lead belchers 165

gorger 75

Ok i know a very odd list but my strategy justifies it so heres how it goes

the basic idea is a bottleneck

the 2 units of 3 yhettees and iron guts go on the flanks using there high move to flank the enemy and keep him from escaping the bottleneck. Each bull unit will be joined by a charecter in front line marching down the center with the general in the middle to keep my units in order. The lead belchers will stay in back to get table quarters in the end and to shoot the crap out of enemy flyers and any thing fast enough to escape the bottel neck trap. The gorger helps out with combat with a deadly rear charge.

So any comments and please dont bump this

Little Aaad
30-06-2007, 19:03
i played a ogre army 2day and i hate them =(

but, sounds painful

02-07-2007, 22:01
Your theory seems sound, though your characters are vulnerable to heavy shots like cannons (they don't get a "look out sir" roll) so banner with look-out gnoblars are recommended. Also bellowers may be a good idea as ogres don't have the best ld in the world. I prefer to give my bulls extra hw's as they actually may manage to take something out (ogres need kills over static CR)
Heard good things about yethees though their models are terrible. I'd also include a gorger or two as they are great for war machine hunting.

03-07-2007, 16:13
Looks pretty solid but, I have a few suggestions.
Bellowers for the bulls and ironguts, you'll need that bounus to rally. I also suggest extra hand weapons on the bulls, 4 attacks at strength four is always a good thing (if only ogres could fight better with WS of 4...or maybe that's just my ogres:cries:). Gorgers, never leave home without two...seriously, they are a great investment and they always return theirs points (and the models are pretty sweet too).

03-07-2007, 17:09
i agree about the belllowers and look out gnoblars but i have no idea where to fit themin (point wise) and every time i use orgers they die the turn they come in

thanks for the responces

05-07-2007, 05:12
I would join the Ironguts together, as with two units of bulls. With these you put the Tyrant into the Ironguts unit and place them, not on the far flank, but towards the edge, maybe with a unit in between them and the edge. The unit of 6 bulls you put the butcher with the hellheart. This is because even though the ogre characters may look tough by them selves, or with small units, they very rarly can stand on their own. Plus, they need the added protection of the large number of ogres to back them up. Also, ogre leagership is adverage to say the least. It would take only 3 wounds (or one ogre) to cause a panic check, and you don't want to lose these expensive units!:eek:
Otherwise, the other units seem to be well chosen.