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30-06-2007, 02:23
well this is going to be my other list I play for fun during the Nemesis Crown. My High Elves are going for Crown. So I do have points left over. And not sure what would be the best thing to spend them on.

The idea behind the list is the Highborn is the son of a former Prince of Caledor. Obviously his father is dead, because of all the time that went by. So he follows the Majority of the Traditions of Caledor with some added changes. his warriors have forsaken the horses that their brethren use in favor of the closest mount they can get to a dragon, the cold one. Also the harsh lands of Naggaroth spawns the deadliest cousin to dragon kin, they hydra.

So here is the list.

Highborn, sword of might, armour of darkness, seal of ghrond, Dragon. @ 515 pts
Sorceress, 2 X dispel scroll. @ 140 pts

20 Corsairs, two hand weapons, light armour, sea dragon cloak, full command. @ 225 pts
10 Repeater Crossbowmen, light armour RXB's. @ 110 pts
5 Dark Riders, light armour, spear. @ 90 pts

5 Cold One Knights, heavy armour, lance, shield, Dread Knight. @ 163 pts
2 Cold One Chariots, spears. @ 194 pts

2 War Hydras. @ 440 pts

Total: 1877 pts

I think it's interesting and different. Very combat oriented.

One thought i had was to remove the dread knight, and the spears from the chariots, to put in another 5 man strong squad of COK's.

Anyways opinions are very welcomed.


30-06-2007, 02:35
Looks pretty interesting. I say go for it. I'm really pleased to see a list with no bolt throwers in it for a change.

You ought to replace the Armour of Darkness with an enchanted shield, heavy armour, and sea dragon cloak. Costs the same and gives you 1+ save versus missiles.

For the extra points, I'd probably look into beefing up the Knights a bit. They're pretty good troops, but suffer from a rubber lance syndrome, where they struggle a bit with generating enough wounds to be as effective as they should be. I'd add a noble, and maybe make him a BSB for good measure. The unit standard bearer could also do well with a warbanner. The hydra banner should do pretty nicely as well, but it's of course very expensive and would strain your budget.

30-06-2007, 23:56
Thanks! Yeah I wanted to get away from the Bolt Throwers for a bit. I was told that a lot of players wont want to play it though.

OK how about this then:

Highborn, sword of might, sea dragon cloak, heavy armour, enchanted shield, ring of hotek, black dragon. @ 510 pts
Noble, heavy armour, sea dragon cloak, shield, lance, seal of ghrond, dark pegasus. @ 166 pts

20 Corsairs, two hand weapons, light armour, sea dragon cloak, full command. @ 225 pts
11 Repeater Crossbowmen, light armour RXB's. @ 121 pts
5 Dark Riders, light armour, spear. @ 90 pts

5 Cold One Knights, heavy armour, lance, shield, Dread Knight. @ 163 pts
2 Cold One Chariots, spears. @ 194 pts
7 Harpies. @ 91 pts

2 War Hydras. @ 440 pts

Total: 2,000 pts

01-07-2007, 00:38
Looks very cool indeed!

With extra points, get the dark riders RxBows and muso, maybe get another one as well.

With the Cold one Knights, Id get 6, incase 1-2 drop from missile fire, then give then the Standard of Slaughter. This way, they can charge a unit head on, break it, plow it down, and end up behind enemy lines, where the flank/rear charges can really cause damage.

Look for a ward save for the highborn, anything. Armour is no good against cannons, bolt throwers etc.

Look at giving the Warbanner to the Corsairs. Might as well, since theyll be on the attack.

And, since you have a dragon, maybe some harpies would be helpfull, in tying up enemy war machines. Upto you, tho.

Also, what i would suggest cashwise is, buy the box for the warriors, and then buy 8 Glade Riders (wood elves). Use the 10 crossbows you need, then use the other six to convert Dark Riders from the legs and horse of the Glade riders, torso and head of the warriors. Thats what i plan on doing, saves some money. Of course, if this isnt an issue, dont worry.

Regards, Tim

01-07-2007, 00:52
I'm not sure if you got your post in before I changed the list. But your suggestions have been used (well some of them). And I did do that with my Dark Riders, gave them some fur capes too, and some fur on the horses to cover up the wood elf saddle. oh and because I did have some cash left over I ordered the wild rider horse heads. they look great!

but I did put in some harpies!

02-07-2007, 03:08
So, obvious weaknesses first; with 440pts locked up in 2 questionable units (the 2 war hydra) you are hurting your chances in combat. Also, with no artillery and only minimal shooting and mage/artillery hunting you run the risk of having your army taken apart piecemeal (since it all moves at different speeds, opponents can target the dragon and fast stuff first, then the hydras and chariots later).

I don't think the warriors really contribute much to this list that another unit of DR couldn't do better. I don't particularly like RBT's but in dragon lists, they are very handy, both for counter artillery fire, or for shooting anything a dragon rider can't kill/break on the charge. I'd swap out at least one hydra for 2 and if it was my list, I'd ditdh the other one for a scroll caddy (don't want that dragon getting magically squashed by orcs or charged by tarpit zombies) and extra cold ones. For the corsairs, the soul shadows standard is much better if you can find the points.

For good points, the dragon and noble work very well together especially in later turns after you have killed off artillery. Then you can work dark riders and harpies behind enemy units so they can't flee from your flying tanks because they will get wiped out

03-07-2007, 02:06
thanks for the suggestions Sulla, but it goes against my fluff entirely. As much as I would like to have a scroll caddy, I feel the points are better spent. And by turn 2 the main threats that would hurt the hydras are going to be tired up (hopefully).