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16-08-2005, 14:02
okay, so ive wanted to try and mod gangs of mega city one by mongoose to make a firefly system, but im starting to think the LotR system could be better (after adding in some experiance rules) the one problem would be rules for vehicles and getting models (but i dont imagine it would be to hard to convert some)

what do you guys think

16-08-2005, 14:55
Well, I've heard that the new Light Mobile Infantry Troopers from mongoose's Starship Troopers line will make Great Federal Troops from firefly -- Apparently they wear the same armor.

19-08-2005, 16:55
Wow, I never thought of that. That would be way cool.

Post a link when you have some rules figured out.

19-08-2005, 16:59
The Feds from Firefly wear the *exact* armour from the movie SST, as Josh admitted to budget constraints.

So far all of the SST game models have been based on the CGI series, not the movie. The models for the SST game that represent the movie armour have not yet been released. So far we only have the Power Armour versions, however the light armour versions are coming. Thus far we haven't seen any preview pics, so how close they will be isn't known.

22-08-2005, 15:20
Hmm, interesting idea. I'm not TOO familiar with Firefly, but I'd like to see some of your rules when possible.

22-08-2005, 15:39
Nurglitch: In a word, Yes.

23-08-2005, 00:43
Mongoose really does need better photographers.

As to my earlier "yes", I didn't mean at your local pawn shop. You may need connections beyond those of the general public to get your hands on these things, especially given the rabidness of some Firefly fans.

23-08-2005, 14:07
hey guys, ive been working on base profiles,

well heres the browncoat trooper, and alliance federal
f 3/4+ s3 d4 a1 w1 c3

weapons: rifle

f 2/3+ s3 d6 a1 w1 c3

weapons: assault rifle

rifle r18" s4 mp none
assault rifle r24" s5 mpall or r12" s4 mpnone

feedback please

Half Eldar
23-08-2005, 19:50
There is actually a picture buried somewhere on MP's site.
Click on the pic for a larger image. Again, as with all MP stuff, the pics don't look that good. Like you said, however, they apparently look quite good in person.