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30-06-2007, 22:26
After this months paycheck, I began to look the dragon again. The model is cool, as are the rules. We play 600pts games around here (Finland) so the big snake takes a big part of available points... I play goblins though, so I can take quite a lot of those little buggers too. I plan on taking the flight and tough hide-upgrades, maybe try hide&fire combination some time (tanks, in LOTR...).
Anyone had any field-experience with the dragon? Is it totally worthless, too expensive points sink that just flees the field after first loud bang, or an unstoppable monster that wrecks all the opposition after three turns? Or maybe something in between? How has the dragon served you? Or has it even entered the field, being too cool to left the model display case?

02-07-2007, 02:28
---I only saw it in one 300pt game, where Gil-Galad smacked it.

---The few games I have played that involved the Balrog showed that it lost combats more often then you might think, and if it is surrounded, then it gets hurt badly.

02-07-2007, 09:42
Its a bit of fun. But, like the Mumak, it (for me) only holds its attraction for so long before it goes back on the model shelf. Depending on the scenario there are good ways of countering it. Potentially a flying firebreather is a little under-pointed, and in a pitched-battle "fight to the death" it will be dangerous, but in a more interesting scenario it will be a challenge.

When I first saw the stats I feared that there would be lots of two-dragon armies. But having thought about it a bit more I now realise that with the special rule it is now a high-risk strategy when possibly 350 points of your army will run away after taking only one wound.

Depends whether you like this approach or not. Personally I prefer predictability, but my son LOVES the idea of dragons, and doesn't care at all.

In summary, I think on balance I would prefer the points worth of troops to the Dragon, but that is more out of personal preference for playing style than anything else. I still own one. (Or rather I bought a second hand Tom Meier dragon off eBay for a fiver - 25 for one model is a bit rich for me.)

10-07-2007, 15:04
My gaming club ran a senario with the dragon vs. Aragorn and some of the Minas Tirith Infantry. The Dragon rolled over everything except Aragorn, and still beat Aragorn just took a little longer. Dragons are awesome with good use of might and fate. (It was a cave senario; dragon only had tough hide upgrade).

10-07-2007, 16:29
Dragons are unstoppable if they have any luck. With poor luck they are game-losers.

That's why I'm not over-enamoured of them - not because they are incorrectly pointed, but for my taste too much of the victory (or loss) is just down to decent dice-rolling. You don't really need to have any tactics as such, just not be unlucky with your courage rolls, which for me is OK for a couple of fun games, but in the long run, drags a little. I find the same with the Mumak in anything but the largest games.

Stella Cadente
10-07-2007, 17:13
I think the dragon is great for large themed games, maybe not for every single game, I myself will most likely take one, but will use a rackham dragon model, just to be more impressive, and with the classic Breath fire and fly.

10-07-2007, 22:39
Once I make more progress in getting my many unpainted models painted (at least to a tabletop standard), I've been thinking of picking up a dragon. I don't think I would use it in any sort of regular armylist, but it would be fun for in-house scenerio play.

11-07-2007, 01:47
I've been considering a dragon. If I got one, I'd give it Wyrmtongue and something else, just to be different.

11-07-2007, 18:45
I had a game with the dragon finally today (man is the model COOL!), a normal pithced battle of goblins (40 goblins, durburz, dragon with tough hide+wings) vs dwarves (balin, gimli, captain, banner, 10 bows, some seven khazads and a blister of iron guard+shield warriors). Shooting was non-effective on both sides, my 14 shot down ~4 dwarves (tops), while dwarves shot about the same amount of goblins and !SHOCK! !HORROR! a wound from the dragon! :o

My goblins advanced, the dragon flew sideways in between of his archers and my battleline thus shielding the mainforce (without shamen/anything except basic goblins) from archery. The dragon was lurking for a chance to swoop in and start killing. After it came, the beas flew to another flank and stood there for another turn. Dwarf hitforce flocked to the site and after winning a priority (or was it a heroic move) the dragon flew to the _another_ flank. I had to use might to win a combat once, but otherwise the beast had good time slaying little tincans. Flying from flank to flank and charging things down was very effective, and Im sure to continue shielding from bowfire with it. Note to self: remember to base the thing so that nothing can be clearly seen between its legs.

Wings=golden, the sheer amount of mobility they give is enormous, it can just pick anyone on the field and its dead unless the opponent shields it from every side.

Very positive first game from the dragon. Ill have to challenge someone with elves soon, they might be bad...

Lord Gordonis
15-07-2007, 09:59
Ive played with the dragon on a few occasions lately, I go with fly and breath fire or fly and tough hide, my tactics with fly and breath fire is if the enemy has bunched up into line/block formations fly to with 12" (?) and the breath fire on a normal guy so that the hero couldn't use his might and will to ignore it. It took down alot of warriors with breath fire and it is useful for that thing alone. The other tactic is to fly into a group of normal warriors and try to kill them rather than hero hunting as it most likely will take a wound from it. Out of the six games I have played with the dragon Ive won 4 and lost 2 which is not bad really for a 350pts monster that can kill lots of warriors from a single attack.


02-08-2007, 05:03
The dragon had me considering coming back to LotR (that and the nerfing of Chaos in 40K). What would you guys say to a Morgoth themed army with several dragons and balrogs?

02-08-2007, 13:21
What would you guys say to a Morgoth themed army with several dragons and balrogs?

"That's one big army"

It would also be a fun army and an extremly strong one.