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01-07-2007, 12:08
I have been reading these forums for a few months, only been posting a few days. I though I might share what I'm working on.

Now before I was WoW addicted (Ex Thunderfury Gnomish Female Warrior -> clean 5 months now) GW Oz released Mutant packs for the Eye of Terror campaign which contained 1 catachan, 1 Zombie, 1 Ork and 1 Chaos Mutations Sprue in each pack for cheap cheap prices. Now being an enterprising sort of fellow I bought 6 and made 50+ Zombies or so out of catachans and Zombies and ran a mean Necromunda campaign. Each gang had to go through the old Zombie scenario as a rite of passage into the campaign, 'twas messy.

So I had a whole bunch of Orks left over and chaos mutations as well.

I really didn't like Orks and my forays into 40k had been less than pleasant Thousand Sons (taste the nerf stick-what do you mean I got no options?) and Harlequins (couldn't paint them well enough to justify it). I despised power armoured forces from the sheer overrepresentation, but I loved chaos from my fantasy armies (Mortal 5th ed/6th ed figures which I sold) and Tzeentch Daemons before Storm of Chaos when I went overcheese and extended and converted my first fully painted army. Flying Circus Indeed harumph!!! So I didn't want to do a mass 40k Daemon list nor a Mortal based 40k so what was left... Beastmen. I bought the Eye of Terror campaign book (still have the shirt 2 sizes 2 small) and found the Lost and The Damned...what chaos should be. The arms on the Beastman were fairly muscley but GW had made them for two purposes to fit both the Gors and Ungors. How to 40kiefy them? I had me half a dozen Ork Sprues so I went and bought a Beastherd box. So I started sticking the Ork arms on the Gor bodies and matched them up with rules from LATD and came up with Goatheaded Musclebound Mutants. I bitzed the spears, shields, close combat arms etc. and sold off the Ork Torsoes heads and legs for another 2 Mutant packs.

Now to build a Themed list around it, so I decided to go with a full infantry LATD Beast Herd. No Vehicles but I do have an exception for a muschlebound defiler conversion. After I converted my first Beast herd unit 12 Gors with Ork arms and 8 Ungors with Catachan arms (Zombie leftovers, undead don't know how to use guns ;-)) I knew I wanted to finish this army. I have been lost with this army for a while (see WoW), but now I have made it my project to finish it.

The Goatheaded Musclebound Mutants could be Khorne/Undivided... I despise Khone. Undivided it was. I'll post my Fluffpiece later.

For my General I was in love with the Dragon Ogre Shaggoth, so he got made 170 odd pt Daemon Prince with appropriate rules and I left him as is for rules. Dread Axe- Big Freekin' Axe, Daemonic Stature- Big Freekin' Dude, Daemonic Mutation - Extra Arms, Daemonic Speed - Long shapely Dragon legs for running no less, Daemonic Visage - be scaring the Bejeesus out of Ya, some armour so he's not a wet sail and Mark of Chaos Undivided. I put him on a 60mm round base and he's awesome.

2 Units of 25 Gors - Goatheaded Mutants led by Wargors (Undivided Aspiring Champions) with Spawn Pets. I gave 'em firearms but they rarely use them.

2 units of 20 Ungors - normal mutants Ungors with crapachan arms.

2 units of 5 Ungors - traitors to get some heavy weapons.

1 unit of 10 Centigors/Rough Riders - 4th ed. Coldones beheaded with Gor Torsoes and spears and offhand guns. Mini Dragons Ogres

1 unit of Chaos Hounds - not sure what I'm going

5 Chaos Spawn - So expensive (Having seen the Spawn in the last couple of weeks gonna spring for 2 boxes of Chaos Spawn when tehy come out

5 Big Mutants - Ogre Kingdoms Bulls (really having trouble trying to come up with good heads until I saw the new Spawn Sprue)

1 Defiler (I have a Mutation plan been wanting to do for a while)

I had planned to do 3 Obliterators (Dragon Ogres with lots o big guns) but the rules might overtake me.

So what I've done so far

Dragon Ogre Shaggoth/Daemon Prince - Purchased - Assembled - Painted
2 x 25 Ungors -Purchased - Assembled - 50% painted
2 x 20 Ungors - 75% Purchased - 70% Assembled - 25% painted
2 x 5 Ungors - 50% Purchased
10 Centigors - Half assembled need to put Gor bodies on top. Just sliced off their heads.
5 Big Mutants - Purchased - Not Assembled waiting on heads.

What I need to buy to finish army.
10 Chaos Hounds
1 Beast Herd - fill out Ungors and finish Centigors.
2 x Spawn Boxes ( waiting waiting waiting)
and maybe just maybe ebay some Dragon Ogres.

Pictures to come after I fix our digital camera next week.

Rogue Trader
01-07-2007, 12:20
sounds cool, im really intrested in seeing how the concept pans out so get that camera fixed cos i wanna see some pics :D

25-07-2007, 08:47
Ok got my webcam up, my digital camera has gonna have to wait.

Anyway, pictures Incoming.
Bestigor (Goatheaded Brawny Mutants)

Dark Apostle197
25-07-2007, 08:50
Looking cool.

25-07-2007, 08:52
Group shot finished Bestigors (Crappy pictures)

Shaggy the Daemonprince

25-07-2007, 08:52

...and my favourite
Centigor (Roughriders)

25-07-2007, 09:01
So yeah a few updates

I'll figure out how to take photos soon. I'm 90% of the way throughfinishing my roughriders squad, just need a few more ogre swords to finish off the lances.

I've been busy painting as well I got almost all of my first 25 man bestigor painted and based. will post better pics hopefully soon.

25-07-2007, 22:58
Another Centigor

25-07-2007, 23:48
Awesome centigors dude. How did you make them?

26-07-2007, 03:27
Awesome centigors dude. How did you make them?

Thanks, The Centigors are old cold ones (4th edition IIRC) I've sawn off their heads and pinned and greenstuffed Gor bodies on to the top, where humanly possible I've GSed long flowing hair as per the shaggoth to hide the mistakes and where the centigors don't look to even. The lance arms are all gor Standardbearer arms as they look the best, don't really like the ungor spear arms. I've affixed ogre swords on the lance ends to give a bit of a nasty glaive look.

Easy E
27-07-2007, 15:42
The LaTD list was made for this type of project.

Keep it up. Your Centigors are suitably chaotic.

Does your camera have a Macro option? The button has the icon of a small flower next to it. It will help the focus issues in your pics.

27-07-2007, 17:32
finally some one brings beast of chaos into 40k. awsome work dude. love to see more.

27-07-2007, 22:54
The LaTD list was made for this type of project.

Keep it up. Your Centigors are suitably chaotic.


Does your camera have a Macro option? The button has the icon of a small flower next to it. It will help the focus issues in your pics.

These pics were only done with a webcam, my digital camera still needs cleaning.

21-08-2007, 06:14
Having read the new Codex rumours, I think I'm gonna wait on the spawn and put this army on hold for a bit. painting that much bestial brown is driving me insane

Was thinking of doing a fallen ravenguard army with the new chaos dex, .... you know something he missed when he euthanised a good number of his chapter.