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01-07-2007, 17:07

I've just started lizardmen. I've almost put together enough models to have my first few games. I've got a 2000 pt list I'll be using which I'd appreciate any comments anyone has on my selection, plus I've got a decision on what to add to bring the list up to 2250 pts.

Here's the 2000 Pt list:

Saurus Old Blood - 269
Great Weapon, Light Armour
Enhanted Shield
Aura of Quetzl (4+ Ward vs Str 5+)
Charm of the Jaguar Warrior (M9)
Blessed Spawning of Sotek (+1A, oC)
Blessed Spawning of Tepok (+1DD)
Blessed Spawning of Quetzl (+1Sv)

Skink Priest - 115
2 Dispel Scrolls

Skink Hero - 131
Extra Hand Weapon, Blowpipe
Cloak of Feathers (Fly)
Blessed Spawning of Sotek (+1A, oC)
Shield, Light Armour, Scout

10 Skink Skirmishers, Blowpipes (Scouts) - 70

10 Skink Skirmishers, Javelins (Scouts) - 70

10 Skink Skirmishers, Blowpipes - 60

10 Skink Skirmishers, Blowpipes - 60

10 Skink Skirmishers, Javelins - 60

10 Skink Skirmishers, Javelins - 60

7 Saurus Cavalry - 305
Huanchi Blessed Totem

4 Kroxigors- 232

4 Kroxigors - 232

4 Terradons - 140

3 Salamander Packs - 195

Total: 1998 Pts, 94 models. Magic defense: 4 Dispel dice & 2 Dispel Scrolls

Any comments on my selection would be appreciated. I was trying to make a fast hard hitting force, with the skink hero and terradons to quickly kill warmachines and/or wizards.

Now the 2 choices I was considering to bring me up to 2250 pts are:

1) Stegadon and 2 extra skinks in the scouting unit the skink hero will join.
2) Lose a terradon to allow me to include a unit 17 saurus warriors (formed up 6 or 7 wide depending on the opponent) with a standard, musician and two sacred spawning. The spawnings will be either Quetzl & Sotek, or Quetzl and Tepok if I get worried about magic.

The Steg is a great model, and the impact hits on the charge is nice, but I'm worried as the only large target in the list he may get killed quickly. On the other hand the saurus would provide some nice static combat res, with T4 and a 3+ save in combat. I think they'll probably be ignored early game as the rest of the army is so much faster, but will really help me late game, and the shock 18 str4 attacks on the charge if they are 6 wide (if I decide on the Sotek mark over Tepok) could surprise an opponent.

So what do you think of the 2000 list,and which option would you choose for the extra pts to bring it up to 2250 Pts ?


03-07-2007, 05:17
Overall I like the list. I am a big fan of speed, and you have a lot of hitting power as well. The only selection I have a real problem with is the skink hero. I have just never found a role for these guys in my lists and I don't see that he does you a lot of good here either. What exactly do you need him for? He is not strong enough to take out other characters, except mages, and he is certainly no threat to units. And he adds little to his units leadership. You already have the Oldblood running with your skinks, offering both leadership and a real threat to characters and small units. Oh and you have terradons too, also filling the mage/war machine hunting role. Swap him for another L1 priest, you can't have too many dispel dice, and you might actually get off a spell now and then.

Core troops look good, although I find that one scouting unit is usually as many as I can find room for on the board, but that depends on how much terrain you tend to use.

I like the two units of krox, just choose targets carefully, since you will be at a dissadvantage against large ranked units in terms of static combat rez. Seven saurus cav might be a bit much, 5 or 6 will usually do the job. You really want them as flankers, since they are so easily shot up if you run them up the middle. I'm not crazy about terradons, since they are so good at fleeing off the table, but your general is mobile enough to keep up with them so keep him close.

Sallies are awsome, just don't let them get charged.

As for upping the size, I think the steg. would be a good choice. This is a fast list and you should be able to neutralize enough of the enemies shooting to get the steg into combat. Of course it depends on the army you are playing. But the steg is generally a very reliable choice. Saurus are good, but will probably be left behind in this list and work better in pairs at least. Good luck.

03-07-2007, 17:11
I agree with nyahuma, the skink chief won't do you much good. I somtimes take one in a 3000 or 4000 pts game for fun, but thats about it. Go for the extra skink shaman, theres always the chance to get either uranions thunderbolt (my favorite ;)) or celestial shield to protect your terradons or hero from heavy fire (we lizardmen don't like gunlines). Stegadon is a good choice, having a terror, immune to panic, bolt-thrower, and stubborn in one is always fun. don't be to worried if your stegadon is under fire, he can take a beating unless its cannon fire then your in trouble. In some cases its best that you let your opponent blast your stegy with everything, because this will give your other units the chance to get in and hit your opponent before he realize's which is the true threat. hope I have been some help, and I wish ya luck

03-07-2007, 19:04
Put the oldblood on a Cold One.

Swap the Skink Chief for a Skink Priest.

03-07-2007, 23:33

Thanks for the replies guys. The skink hero isn't popular. I was thinking of using him for warmachine and mage hunting.

Things I was thinking of swapping him for were:
1) Losing the hero, a unit of scouting skinks and either a terradon or saurus cav (not sure which) means I could squeeze the stegadon into the 2000 pts list.
2) If I swapped the hero for a priest. I could give him the diadem of power (store 2 power or dispel dice a turn). Losing a saurus cav or terradon would allow me to upgrade them both to lvl2 if I can find 2 more pts. What could I lose to get me 2 more pts ?
3) Lastly losing the skink hero, a terradon & a saurus cav would allow me to add a scar vet on a cold one to the cavalry. He would have enough pts to have the blessed spawning of sotek, and the +2 attack magic sword (for a total of 7 attacks at str 5 on the charge.

Going with the skink priest would mean I wouldn't be so worried about magic as I could go up to 7 dispel dice and 2 scrolls, plus against light magic I could go up to 8 power dice. However using 2 skink priests would mean I would need at least one skink unit to babysit them, and I'm tempted to put the steg in as his impact hits means that I would take on ranked units with the help of either the cav or a unit of krox.

Gimp: Why put the oldblodd on a coldone ? He can only get str6 rather than str5, I would have alot of pts in one unit suffering from stupidity, and finally he faster than the coldones at the moment, but can always join them if he wants. The extra armour save doesn't seem that good as he can already have a 0+ armour save he if uses the enchanted shield in combat. I am definitely considering the skink hero for priest option though.

Thanks again for all the comments, keep them rolling.