View Full Version : Skink Tribe 500pts

01-07-2007, 22:09
Yeah, so I think I maybe be reviving my lizardmen. I opened a box of these guys and was brought back into the past. Now that I can paint a little better I think these guys are going to be popping out of some spawning pools somewhere. So anyway I want to start small with a 500pt army. It will be mostly a skink scouting party and then move into saurian and kroxigor territory. So, here we go;

1 Skink chief - 110pts
Javelins, light armor, Enchanted shield, Burning blade of Chotec, scout

11 Skinks - 66pts

11 skinks - 66pts

12 skinks - 72pts

3 Terradons - 105pts

1 salamander - 65pts

Comes out to 496. Leadership is a problem, so perhaps the stegadon helm is the way to go on my chief, but who knows? Tell me what you think.

18-07-2007, 01:31
your list is good but ur chief is armed for combat and lets face it skink are not for hth. you may try staff of the lost sun for 16" range and 3 S5 atks rather than 1 S3 8" atk, this should hopefully keep you out of major combat and solve you low ld problem and is backed with scouting skinks with blowpipes i.e 2x multiple shots and poision :-)