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Matter Of Fact
16-08-2005, 19:02
Well, these two are my latest work.
The first one is a Fantasy Vampire Scene sketch, I designed my own armour for the Vampire Count, here it is...:

Maybe I'll ink it later because it just doensn't look finished yet...
Aight, and here's the second picture, displays an Orgre of WHF. First I made a sketch with pencil and inked it afterwards make the hole much darker and moodier, enjoy:

Lady's Champion
16-08-2005, 20:42
I like them A LOT!

Hideous Loon
16-08-2005, 21:51
Is that a Strigoi Vampire with Bat Form I see above the Count's sword? It certainly looks it. Great armour, pose and facial expression. I'm also glad to see that, apart from the Necron-ish helmet, there is not a single skull symbol on his armour and sword.

The Ogre...weeell, if I may nitpick, I'd say that 1. The club isn't very Ogrish, if you have seen 'em, you know that they look like rocks with riveted metal pieces on them. 2. He has no Gutplate. Every Ogre has a Gutplate. On the whole, he's a bit too lean for WHFB Ogres. That said, I very well realize that he may be a Gorger, so I'll shut up about that. 3. The Great Maw tattoo on his shoulder looks more like the pre-Heresy World Eaters symbol to me. [/nitpick] OTOH, I love his little pet Gnoblar and shoulder cut.

Matter Of Fact
17-08-2005, 09:58
First of all thanks for the compliments!

@hideous_loon: The giant Bat is actually just a normal Bat from the Vampires :D
and the Vampire Count himself is a Bloodragon, the symbol is on his sword and the Torch of the sitting zombie :) , oh and what you thought is his helmet is actually a shield, maybe a little bit too small :P
Well the second pic is more like a simple fantasy Ogre. I drew it on my imagination and forgot their standard equipment, such as the gutplate and the stone club :(
The symbol on his shoulder represents teeth, they stand for something like Waaagh! (I looked it up in a WH40k Ork Codex :D).

Hideous Loon
17-08-2005, 10:21
That can't be a shield! It's far too small! (I believe that the technical term is 'buckler', and no Blood Dragon Vampire Count would ever carry a buckler, he'd carry an extra blade instead.)

And the symbol should look like teeth in a circle, pointing inwards. (English isn't my first language, so I'll try to make it as clear as I can.) D'you get what I'm saying?

17-08-2005, 11:09
nice pics, i like the loose style to them , and i think the obvious sheild is just the right size ,it's only suposed to protect the arm and right side of the body and the shape of it indicates it can be used as a weapon as well in which case you wouldn't have a huge sheild to have to swing around, IMHO ,kudos to you,
M.O.F........i also think the batface looks great ;)