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03-07-2007, 00:43
I've been playing 40K for a while now, and I'm looking to get into Fantasy and some of the Nemesis Crown action, and I've decided that Wood Elves seem like my kind of army. I based this army list on the contents of the battalion box and a High Elf spearmen box (cuz I'm cheap and not thrilled by the current eternal guard models), and I think it's pretty good for the points and my experience.

Hero - General
Wood Elf Noble w/ Light Armor, shield, Scout Kindred and Starfire arrows
119 points

Core - Glade Guard
Ten Glade Guard w/ longbow
120 points

Core - Glade Guard
Ten Glade Guard w/ longbow
120 points

Core - Dryads
Eight Dryads
96 points

Core - Glade Riders
Eight Glade Riders w/ musician and standard
219 points

Core - Scouts
Five Scouts w/ Saemrath banner
110 points

Special - Eternal Guard
Fifteen guard w/ full command
210 points

I hope to accomplish a lot with this army in the shooting phase, especially the noble. With the Scouts he can get close enough in the first turn to start causing Panic tests while the enemy is still perilously close to the board edge. Anything that can't be scared or shot away can be enveloped by fear-causing dryads and the eternal guard block. Ideally the dryads will charge in front and eternals will flank and the glade riders will maneuver behind so that when the charged unit breaks they'll be destroyed. I won't say that I don't have my worries. Please help me by answering these questions:

1) Do I have too many Glade Guard/not enough dryads?
2) Should I trade out a unit of Glade Guard and add them to the Scouts?
3) In a 1000 point battle, will 2 dispel dice be enough without a spellsinger?
4) Should I trade out some eternal guard for more dryads?

Also, a rules question:
If I have a hero joined with the eternal guard, can that hero use their longbow in the shooting phase (provided LoS and all) even though the unit he is in does not shoot?

Again, thanks so much for helping, as this is my first attempt at a well-rounded (and affordable!) army.

god octo
03-07-2007, 10:41
One thing to begin- If you have taken Eternal guard, you MUST Place a noble or Highborn with them. Its like an unwritten rule, and for a good reason. Eternal Guard are only stubborn if accompanied by a noble or Highborn, and you really want them for their stubbornness. So, to get the noble in the unit, drop the scout kindred. You could give him the optional Eternal kindred, giving him a 5+ save and an additional attack. I would give him a ward save, probably the Amaranthine brooch.

Secondly, Drop 2 glade riders and the standard- Glade riders are not meant for combat and the standard will only give your opponent 100 extra victory points when he runs them down.

With the points saved over from that, you could get a Great Eagle- they are hugely valuable, and are only 50 points. they can march block, attack mages, distract frenzied opponents. They have a huge number of uses.

Hope this helps.

03-07-2007, 16:03
the general population will say drop the scout kindred. It's too risky. I say try it out and see how it does.

But.. yes enternal guard are so much better with a highborn with them!

03-07-2007, 16:30
1) Build the glade riders into wild riders (doesn't require much work, it will save you a lot of money and give you a decent unit of 6 willd riders...) later on, you can buy another box of glade riders and build 2 units of 5 glade riders as well!!
2)use the capes from the glade guard to give the spearmen a wood-elf-y look

on the army list, i like the idea of the scout noble, but what the others said about the eternal guard still stands.. try it out and see how it goes.. however, the eternal guard's main advantage is the amount of attacks they can dish out on the second round of combat(if they are 7-wide, we're talking about 22 ws5, s3, I5 attacks here!!),so it is vital that they survive the 1st round and not break from combat...that's where the noble comes in

hope i helped


03-07-2007, 17:02
1) Build the glade riders into wild riders

How do I do that?

04-07-2007, 04:22
To make wild riders from glade riders the key things are:
Leave off the cloaks
Arm them with spears (on the sprue) and/or swords (from gladerider and gladeguard sprues)
Clip bits from dryad sprues to put horns on some of them
Go wild with greenstuff if the mood strikes

Regarding the list God Octo is spot on.

06-07-2007, 19:00
As some people have mentioned, drop the scout kindred.

Wow, i really like that you brings eternal guard. A highly under-used unit in the WE. But to be honest, i would only take them in 2000+ battles, where you can have a lord with The Rhymer's Harp to accompany them. It makes for a durable unit that shouldn't be underestimated.