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16-08-2005, 21:22
New Game system

Hi, after working with house rules for a bit, I have become interested in developing a new game system in the 40k setting,
Most likely using necromunda like terrain and independent (uniquish) models. I do not anticipate more then 5-10 models being used per game.
The basic tenements of this game system are designed much like chess, to promote forward thinking, hard-line tactics, and the anticipation and disruption of your enemyís moves. Essentially 40k Chess. The following two commandments that all present and future rules must abide by are the following (there are always exceptions though :rolleyes: )

1. No dice
- This game is not about luck, or chance, but about knowing the outcome and consequences of each move you make, and the anticipation of your enemyís retaliation. The only chance you are taking is anticipating your opponentís inability to notice ambushes, backup, etc. you have planned. Because of this, the rules behind shooting and skills require expert balancing. Rules of shooting come later.

2. One action turns
- No longer can you move all models at once, slice through your enemy, before allowing for retaliation. Chess had you move a single piece, then your opponent, etc. Unlike chess, there are a multitude of actions possible, but a player can only select one model, and perform one action with said model, per turn. There are certain circumstances where you may force your opponent into an obligated action, akin to a check in Chess. Certain moves have prereq moves already, forcing you to waste two turns in a row to performing the action.

I anticipate this game will require alot of cover, and a small dense board much like necromunda, but perhaps with a more simplified layout. Terrain should still be dynamic. Starting units, equipment, and deployment are still under heavy development, but i am hoping to still allow all of these to remain dynamic, to a degree. Differences between units and equipment will be subtler, but will hopefully cause large distinctions under this game model.

The objective of this game is also up in the air, with the potential of having different scenarios. Stating off I am working with a 'kill the King' type game, with a VIP model that must be taken out on the opposing team. The core rules of the game are essentially a list of possible 'atomic' actions, or singular fundamental actions. I am hoping that they rules stay as intuitive as possible. A quick summary follows:

Move - a model may move part of, or up to his full movement range. He may turn corners; go whatever direction he pleases, etc. Keep in mind that FOV is a key of this game and the direction your model ends up in is critical for other actions.
---- A model is at half movement range through 'difficult' terrain (bushes, etc)
---- A model may also travel through 'dangerous' terrain (slime puddles, rat pits, whatever you can think of) at full distance, but if he ends his move in dangerous terrain, he must subsequently spend the next turn moving this model again (repeat as necessary). If you chose not to do so, they become 'down' automatically in the next turn. Also note, that if a downed model ends his turn in dangerous terrain (other then being downed due to rule above), he is killed (so down a model in dangerous terrain already, and he gets one scarce chance to get out!)

Unpin - a 'pinned' model, one that has hidden down from dangerous fire, must take a move action at half his movement distance before doing any other action (the player may ignore this model to do other things, but the nest move with a pinned model is this, aside from some other interuption)

Jump - a model may travel half his total movement (in a straight line) over pits, or obstacles no taller then half his height, and no wider then 1 inch. If the last player turn was spent moving this model (ending up with the jump direction within his POV) he may then jump his full movement distance. Jumps must always end with the player facing in the direction he jumped. Downed models may not jump.


Because of the all or nothing nature of the game, shooting and wounding must remain balanced, so not everyone just gets killed 100% of the time.
models may only shoot at models within their FOV.
FOV is the 180 degree range in front of the model, measured by either taking the line between their feet as a perpendicular, or for one foot-grounded models, foot direction. if unsure, ask your opponent when he positions a model.
For shooting, short refers to up to half the weapons range, while long is from short to full weapon distance. (Or I will use 2nd Ed range style)
Short shot vs. normal model downs them
Short shot vs. downed model kills them
Long shot vs. normal model pins them
Long shot vs. pinned model downs them
A long shot cannot kill an enemy (aside from skills, etc)
A model in cover treats short shots against them as long shots, while actual long shots can no longer down you.

Pinning represents the model seeing fire nearly skinning them, where their primary concern is to get out of the open and hide from their assailants. They are placed on their front (see Move for pinned model actions) and any cover provided to the model for this low stature applies.
Downed models have suffered some sort of flesh wound, and have to make due desperately hobbling around, vulnerable to finishing shots from opportunistic enemies. They are placed on their back and any cover provided to the model for this low stature applies. Unlike necro, I am thinking of giving downed models more of a desperation mentality, so while they always move at half distance, and have other penalties for certain things, they are still able to shoot, probably realizing that hiding didnít help them out very well, and have to go out blazing.

Finally, Killed models are removed from the board...

Team Actions
- Remember when I said one model, one action? Well there are other atomic actions that may be applicable to a multitude of models as they are too negligible individually to constitute a whole turn.
The scan move allows you to rotate any or all of your models into whichever direction (FOV) you wish, but damn make sure you donít actually move any of em....


Needs rules for CC; i am also interested in hostage taking scenarios (forcing turns out of your enemy, etc)

More rules for falling off ledges, etc will need to be worked out. Also Objectives such as CS style bomb planting or lock picking, which takes up x number of turns on the part of one stationary model, could be implemented.

As for differences between minis, I can only see things like movement range, special influences on different penalties, (perhaps a marksman skill, which allows for long kills, or an agile skill, which allows for standing long jumps etc)

Weapons may have blast markers, different ranges etc.
Armor, not sure how to implement this. Maybe special rules for certain types, otherwise kept to a minimum (necro minis donít have much anyways)

And above I stated that situations for back and fourth could potentially occur, where the same countered moves are repeated by each player, forcing standoffs. Not sure ho often this situation will occur, but tweaks will need to occur to prevent them, perhaps on an action-by-action basis, or by just not letting idiots play...

Edited for some corrections. Really need to do more testing...