View Full Version : Plastic miners YAY! 2k

04-07-2007, 20:51
Got to get those miners to the fields...

Thane: RO brotherhood, GW=89

2x25 warriors: musician, shield, standard=2x240
10 thunderers: shields=150

1 cannon=90
3x12 Miners: FC, steamdrill=3x182


Or should I switch thunderers and the cannon for third identical regiment of warriors?

Warriors castle up in a corner in front of Thorek, guns go to a hill or something, rest gets behind the enemy and charges with the help of Thorek.

05-07-2007, 16:23
keep it.. How good are Miners in combat?

05-07-2007, 17:00
Well ws4 hate greenskins S5 great weapons. T4 and heavy armour, LD9. Thane has 3 S6 attacks (like the prospector with his steam drill). They come from any table edge, and thorek gets them to move again (this time even march/charge) on 3+ rerollable (d3 units) or 2+ rerollable (1 unit). If enemy gets within ~13" of a table edge, Miners can charge it. I broke a 30 black orc big regiment with seven miners yesterday, they came from behind, 7 attacks, 7 hits, 6 wounds, 6 kills... When they come from behind, all that gets in CR is kills (when using small units. These big units start on +2 when coming from behind...)