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The necrons will rise
05-07-2007, 05:59
Hi there

Sorry for not making my list with the tool. Figure I save time without it.


Black Orc Big boss w heavy armour
Goblin shaman


19 orc boyz w 2 hand weapon+com
19 orc boyz w spear and shield+com
20 N goblins w spear and shield+com and 2 fanatics


15 Black orcs+com
1 spear chucka
1 rock lobba


1 stone troll

I`m planning using the the troll as a screen in front of the black orcs. A very clumsy screen but still a screen. Can`t bother paint snotlings.

Should be aprox 1000 pts

Ok tips and advices are welcome

warlord hack'a
05-07-2007, 12:37
ditch the spears on both the orcs and the gobbo's, orcs are better of with choppa shield most of the time and spears on gobbo's? WHat do you want with 5 extra ws 2 S3 attacks? Any opponent that is vulnerable to these kinds of attacks will have trouble hurting your gobbo's anyway. Spears are far too expensive for gobbo's nowadays..

and how can the troll screen the black orcs? you mean from charges? I think anything that will willingly charge your black orcs can handle the troll, effectively giving them a nice overrun move on top of their charge move. I would deploy the troll near the general but on the other side of the field so the enemy has 2 threats: the black orcs and the troll in combination with an orc block with big boss..

And definitely drop the command group on the night gobbo's that's giving points to your enemy. If nothing else then at leats lose the boss of the unit, he's not worth the points for an extra ws 2 S3 attack.

Lord Malorne
05-07-2007, 12:41
Pretty much what he said...though i'd recomend a wolf chariot.

worth there weight in gold!

05-07-2007, 18:31
And nets!

Night Goblins need nets to reduce enemy strength. Anything strength three to begin with will be hurting to inflict kills on the Night Gobbo unit.

Could trade out the Troll as well and get some fast cav for flank charging. Slightly more reliable then a single unit strength 3 Troll that could go stupid at any moment.

The necrons will rise
05-07-2007, 20:42
I had a test game with them today. Your couldn`t be more right about the troll. I`ll ditch it and take a Boar Chariot instead. About the equipment, on night goobos. I bought, modeled and painted them years ago so they will stick. The netters seems like a nice idea though. Just need to order the old ones to make them fit properly in the unit.
I made the orc unit before the I started playing, so without thinking about th rules . So they will have to stay too, just 19 pts anyway.

A small unit of wolf riders? or two? could they be any help?

Think I should include a BSB or Wolf riders? Or should I keep the Bolt thrower and stone thrower

All thoughts are welcome

The necrons will rise
07-07-2007, 07:58
I`ve redone my list a litte

Black Orc Big Boss with heavy armour 89pt
Night Goblin Shaman. 50pt

2x 19 Orc boyz with 2 hand weapons and command group 163 pts each
20 Night Goblins with spears and shield and 2 fanatics and command 150pts

15 Black Orcs 233pts
Boar Chariot 80 pts
Rock Lobber 70 pts

Grand total 998 pts
Pretty much just ditched the troll and added a chariot and changed the orcs equipment. Hope I did the math right.