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05-07-2007, 14:31
6K 3 way battle - The Battle for the Hamlet

My 2 friends and I had a rare joint Saturday off, so we decided to celebrate. We first created a 6 by 4 table top for my table and then I added my new buildings from the new GW terrain collection.
We decided to do a 3 way battle at 2K each, we would all be the same distance away from each other and in the centre of the board would be a small Hamlet containing a Tower and a church both worth 100VP to the occupier at the end of the game. We came up with a rather starnge VP system in that you won VP's in what units you had left at the end of the game not what you had killed. And then you could add VP's for standards, generals etc.
Each player would have there own DD and PD in their magic phases but DD could not be combined by the dispelling players.
I was not entirely happy with the VP system especially since one of the players was Dwarf but I went with it to see how it went, the main part of this battle was the fact it was huge and an all dayer.

So the lists, there might be a few mistakes with the dwarf and Empire list as I cant read some of the writing that well but it will give you the general gist.

VC - Count Olaf's Horde

Count Olaf Von Carstein
Lvl 2 Wizard
Von Carstein Ring
GW / 2 H/W

Lvl 2 Necro
Book of Arkhan

Torst Von Carstein
GW / 2 H/W
Wolf Form
Flayed Hauberk

Wight Lord
Nightmare / Barding
Sword of Kings
Gem of Blood


25 Skeletons
L Armour

25 Skeletons
L Armour

25 Skeletons
L Armour

24 Zombies
Standard / Music

25 Zombies
Standard / Music

6 Dire Wolves

6 Dire Wolves


5 FellBats (The Dam Busters)

5 Black Knights
Full Command


Boris the Giant (this is Count Olaf's new 'Pet' and personal bodyguard)

I aimed the list at mass, 5 big units of skeletons and Zombies should be able to mop up the expected guns and Knights, the big unit of Fellbats would try to take out any scouts appearing in the Hamlet or take out the most annoying war machine.
My BK would go general hunting led by the Wight Lord
Boris was staken for mainly fun as I knew he would probably not last long with all those warmachines but I had never used the Giant before and I had just built him, so in he went...(Thank GOD! ;) )

Empire Army

Templar Grand Master
Laurels of Victory
Holy Relic

Warrior Priest
2 HH
Icon of Magnus

Battle Wizard
Rod of Power
Crimson Amulet

Battle Wizard
Lvl 2
2 Dispel Scrolls

Units in no order

2 Cannons

12 Greatswords
5 HG detachment

5 Pistoliers

6 Knights Tigris

5 Hunters of Sigmar

6 LandesKneghts

25 Swordsmen
5 HG Detachment
9 Halberdier Detachment

10 Handgunners
Champion + HLR

10 Handgunners
Champion + HLR

10 Scouts

Hellblaster Volley Gun (taken for fun)

13 Flagellants

Dwarf army

Dwarf Lord
GW, SH, Shieldbearers
Master Rune of Kragg the Grim
Rune of Fury
Rune of Cleaving
Rune of Resistance
Rune of Pres (??)

2 Rune of Spell Breaking

2 Rune of Spell Breaking

Rune of cleaving
Rune of cleaving
rune of fury


20 Longbeards

20 Longbeards

15 Warriors

10 Thunderers

10 Thunderers


20 Iron Breakers
Rune of Courage

1 Cannon

2 Bolt Throwers + Engineer

1 Grudge Thrower
Rune of Accuracy


Organ Gun

Organ Gun

05-07-2007, 14:32

We rolled for table sides and the Empire player ended up in the middle, the hamlet seperated VC and Dwarf but there was a space behind the Hamlet that connected the 2 forces, a potential killing field as well as a back entry point into the Hamlet.
Spells were rolled:

Count Olaf: ION, GON
Dieter: ION, Curse of the Years

Light Wizard: Burning Gaze, Guardian Light
Metal Wizard: Rule of burning Iron, Distillation of Motlen Silver

We then Deployed, which took a while...

As you can see the tight deployment area caused the Empire player a few problems. He aimed the HBVG and a cannon toward the VC on his left along with a big uit of knights led by his General.


To his right he aimed more knights, pistoliers and a cannon towards the Dwarves.


In the middle each wizard hid amongst a unit of handgunners and aimed towards the hamlet along with the rest of his infantry.


05-07-2007, 14:33
The Dwarf player aimed his infantry towards the Hamlet and pointed most of his guns towards the Empire player and his Knights, room was tight so LOS would be an issue. The VC were miles away from the dwarves but down the killing fields were pointed the GT and a Bolt thrower along with his Iron Breakers and a small unit of warriors. Thunderers protected his right flank confident that the Empire would not make it through the 'Organ Gun of Death wall'.....


I had to split the VC force up , which would eventually slow down half the army. Count Olaf led a unit of skeletons and took another unit also with him, along with a zombie unit, the bats and some wolves. These units were turned to deal with the empire Knights heading my way.


Dieter took control of my left flank, leading a unit of Skeletons he faced the killing fields and the entrance to the back of the hamlet. The book of Arkhan would hopefully provide some much needed movement boost as these units were potentially the nearest to getting early control of the tower. A unit of zombies backed up the Skeletons and the BK brought up the rear. Boris the Giant came along for the ride and also this took him out of LOS of the Empire cannon. A unit of wolves seperated the 2 forces lead by Torst, this unit would be ready to go where needed or just aim straight for the walls of the hamlet.

The Empire player now placed his scouts in the trees right next to the tower, this could prove a problem as he would certainly gain control of that building first now..


So the scene was set, I now had very real fear about our VP system as looking at the board, it looked a very real prospect of the VC and the Empire doing all the fighting and the Dwarves sitting back, shooting and losing very little in the way of casualties and therefore winning. To overcome this, capturing the buildings was a must for the VC along with the Empire charge into the Dwarf flanks being a success. Their charge against mine obviously needed to fail, plus a fallen General/standard bonus would be nice...


The battle for the Hamlet started...the Dice were thrown and the Empire won the first turn, Dwarves would go second and the VC last. That was okay by me, I would be patient...

05-07-2007, 14:34
The Count surveyed the Hamlet. Normally it would be as inconsequential as the hundreds of dwellings he and his horde had seen on their long passage through the Empire. But today, this was different. The hamlet possesed a church of Sigmar and within it's hallowed walls lay a mighty weapon. Or so the rumours told.

The weapon was of Dwarf origin, lost and then found by human hand, it had been hidden here in this unspectacular hamlet for protection. The only sign of anything being untoward was the presence of the Gaurd tower in the area, not a usual find in a Hamlet of this size. The search had been long for the Dwarves but eventually they had tracked down the location and sent a 'recovery' force. Their orders to retrieve the weapon at any cost and return to whence it came. They had known that the Empire would protect it's asset, possesion being ninth tenths of the law, but were genuinely suprised at the arrival of the Count to their procedings.

Olaf knew he had a good vantage point being closer to the tower than the others. He ordered Dieter his necromancer to take it and sent his bodyguard, the Giant, Boris, to help. The monster stomped off in the direction of the tower, nearly standing on Torst on the way. The Thrall cursed at both the clumsiness of the Giant and the palpable amusement of the Count. He changed into his favoured form of the wolf and went to join his pack, they at least appreciated him.
Olaf ordered his section of the horde to turn and face the oncoming Knights of the empire, all the while his mind racing over the possible outcomes ahead

05-07-2007, 14:34

Empire turn 1

Not suprisngly the Empire started by claiming the tower with his Huntsmen scouts, they were now in a great position to annoy the hell out of me!


He then moved all his other units forwards, a little known tactic.
His knights on both flanks went for it, the ones on the Dwarf flank heading for the hills, supported by another unit who aimed for the walls of the Hamlet. The bulk of his army surged towards the Hamlet, the wizards in their gunner units leading the way. The Light wizard nearest the VC and the Metal mage near the Dwarves.


There was no magic as he was all out of range or LOS so he went to shoot. All this mass movement left him with very little LOS. The only shot he had was a cannon shot onto a Dwarf Organ gun. This resulted in a misfire but it would be fine next go. A great start for the Dwarf General.

Dwarf turn 1

The Dwarf general was never a great mover of troops but with the lack of LOS available to his guns he had the ideal opportunity to get those little legs moving. so the order to move out was given, the air of excitment as those 6 inch marches were made was overwhelming. This turn took so long as he tried to juggle the moving with keeping LOS on his guns. The Empire player and I took this as a chance to grab some early afternoon liquid refreshment...


His Joy at being able to move his Stunties and knowing he was now going to be made famous on this BR was short lived as he then realised we had glued his chin to the table....


The resulting after effect was a 'surge' forwards of 3 of his units whilst LOS was maintained mainy on the charging Knights.
So with this in mind the shooting began. The opening salvo was spectacular as his Grudge Thrower aimed 54 inches down towards my Zombie unit. His range finding was spot on but with a small drift, only 2 Zombies 'died'. But it was apparent that this tunnel area was not a great place to dawdle.
The rest of his units turned their attentions to the two units of knights coming their way. The cannon felled one knight in the unit by the trees. The Thunderers claimed one in the unit on the hill (the tendancy for the Empire player to roll 1's on his AS throws are the stuff of legends) and the Organ gun took another 3 from said unit. This left this unit down to 2 and not in a good place mentally or physically but held they did. At this point the Empire general was not in a good mood but the sun was shining and the ahem ' afternoon tea' was going down well.

05-07-2007, 14:35
VC turn 1

Dieter led his unit of Skeles along with the Zombies, BK's and Boris towards the tower, Boris now safely out of LOS of the Empire guns. The rest of army lead by Olaf turned to face and bait the Empire Knights. What ever he charged he really needed to overrun because their was flank attacks all over the place. The wolves set up in wait on both sides. None of my units were in charge range yet but this would really worry the Empire player come his turn.


The bats flew behind the hills, I wanted to keep them safe ready to take out the cannon or the HBVG.

In the magic phase the sheer horror on my face when I realised I was up against 13 DD was a sight. Of course they could not combine DD and could only use them on spells that affected their units (for global spells like ION, they would state in turn if they wanted to dispel, right to left) btu none the less it was going to be tough. I started well with a GON on the approaching Knights, rolling an impressive 15 on 3 dice but of course an empire dispel scroll put pay to that beauty.
Nothing else got through and turn 1 was over....

05-07-2007, 14:36
Turn 2

Empire turn 2

Turn 2 started with the Empire Knights on the Dwarf flank deciding "thats enough of that then" and running away. I was not impressed with this, this was handing the flank to the Dwarfs, he could have charged and gone for it but self preservation seemed to be the order of the day and they turned round and marched away from the smoking gunline.


The Knights on the other flank edged forwards slowly unsure of what to do with the undead mass ahead. They were waiting for the Greatswords and Flagellants to catch up from behind and support.The units in the middle carried on towards the hamlet, with the metal mage moving out of his unit into the small guard house on the edge of the dwelling. The Pistolliers headed towards the walls by the Vc to take on the gathering wolves.

In the magic phase a rune was used by a Runesmith to silence the metal mage, the Light mage drew a bead on Torst and his wolves and unleashed a Burning gaze this was dispelled. The priests attempts at praying were also nullified.

The shooting then started with the now working cannon aiming at the Organ gun again, his aim was true but again the gods were against as the cannon ball stuck in the mud just in front of a very relieved Organ gun crew.
3 of Torsts pack fell to gunner fire with the Huntsmen in the tower claiming a fourth. This left Torst and 2 wolves, eager to get into CC to avoid any more lead.

Dwarf turn 2

Again LOS was the priority for the Dwarf General and after he had managed to free his chin from the table, he moved his thunderers towards the flank and marched his infantry forwards, all the while aware of keeping the sights of the guns clear.


The Zombies were spared this turn as the GT could now see the Empire cannon that had come so close to taking out an Organ gun. Again his aim was true and he got a direct hit!


2 crew fell and the cannon was lucky to survive, suffering 2 wounds.
To finish the job, the dwarf cannon and a Bolt thrower both fired but overshot and missed. It would live another day...

05-07-2007, 14:37
VC turn 2
"Have em!" thought Boris as he charged the tower, the Huntsmen passed their Terror test and stand and shot, actually wounding Boris once!


The Zombies, Skeles and BK moved to back him up.
My other units manouvered to set up the trap for the Empire Knights, they were now in charge range and would have to act next turn. And I was ready for this! 8-)
The bats snuck round the hill ready to charge next go but wary of the potential fire next go.


The magic phase started off great, with an irresistable force GON from Olaf on the Knights, this caused 6 wounds but for once the Hand of the Empire rolled true and all were saved.
Olaf then tried to boost the ranks of his Zombie unit but only rolled a 7 on his ION, the Empire player used 4 DD but managed to roll 3 ones. I then promptly raised 11 more Zombies for the unit.
Over on Dieters side however neither ION or the book succeeded.

In CC Boris hit with his club and killed 2 of the Huntsmen, in return he was wounded once, however he won the combat and they fled the building.


Now I just needed the Zombies to hurry up and take control of it...

05-07-2007, 14:38
Turn 3

Empire turn 3

The Knights thought if we are going to do it, lets try the big one and charged the Skele unit led by Count Olaf.


The Fleeing Huntsmen rallied and turned to face the tower again and the the Courtyard of the Hamlet was swamped by the Empire.


The Flageallants and Greatswords moved forwards to support the charging Knights. The Greatswords were now in range of Zombies and wolves alike.


The only magic that went off was a Metal magic missile on the nearest Organ gun, this resulted in the use of another Rune.

Shooting fared no better, a cannon shot on the Dwarf warriors overshot and a cannon on my bats only killed one, I had spaced them so that to draw a line on more than 2 was nigh on impossible. The HBVG then clicked into action and managed a very impressive 28 hits but actually only turned into 4 wounds, 2 more bats fell out of the sky. This still left me enough to hopefully take one of the crews out. The pistolliers stopped drinking Pimms long enough to miss Torsts's wolves completely.

In CC the curse of the rubber lance struck and only 2 Skele's fell but not much damage was done in return, Count Olaf's swordsmanship up to it's usual standard. The Empire general's Laurels help tip the balance and the CC was drawn. But the Knights knew they had blown their chance as around them the undead prepared to counter charge!

Dwarf turn 3

The Dwarves continued there march towards the Church and the hill constantly aware of freeing the LOS of their guns.


The shooting phase opened with a barn stormer, the normally reliable Dwarf general aimed his cannon at Dieter's Skeleton unit and guessed a range of 22 inches ! :wacko: This was miles out and we could only put it down to the copious amount of mid afternoon Bugman's that he had drunk. It of course hit nothing....

The GT guess was back to normal and it launched a rock at Boris, but then preceded to misfire but only resulting in a dud shot....
The BoltThrower fared better scoring 3 wounds on the now near death giant.
The other BT missed the Empire cannon crew.The Organ gun turned on the Metal mage cowering in the guard house, he only rolled 2 hits but this was enough to wound the mage.

(Question: He only rolled 2 hits but does this still cause D6 hits on the occupants of a building?)

05-07-2007, 14:39
VC turn 3



Skeletons charged the Flank of the Knights.
Torst and his 2 wolves charged their rear.
The Bats charged the Empire cannon crew.
And the other wolves charged the Greatswords on the hill.
The Zombies charged the gunner detachment in front of the salivating Flagellants who promptly though " F&%$* that!" and fled, the zombies failed to then connect with the Flagellants by 1/2 and inch, a world of hurt was coming their way next turn.

I knew Boris did not have much left in the tank so I simply moved him into the courtyard hoping that Terror would do something to the massed Empire troops within. Little did I know...............


And the Zombies on the far flank shuffled further towards their goal, the tower.

The magic phase saw the snapping of another Dwarven rune and 3 DD used to stop the Book of Arkhan powering the Zombies into the tower, so close and yet?.....

The CC started well with the Bats killing 2 cannon crew and running down the 3rd.
The wolves fared less well versus the greatswords and all crumbled, no great suprise really, the GreatSwords then overran into the flank of the huge Zombie unit. That could cause problems with the imminent frontal charge of the Flagellants about to occur!


In the main battle, all my charging units failed to hit a thing and it was only the (for once) stirling effort by the Count that saw 3 Knights fall to my one skeleton. The count was in turn wounded twice but his ring did it's good work and saved both.
The Kights had a massive -6CR and of course broke, no snake eyes today!
They only fleed 10" and it looked bleak, if I could run down their general and claim the standard it would help my cause no end but I had to settle for just the flag as even Torst with his massive movement only managed to pursue a pathetic 8 inches. The remaining Knights were safe! For now.........


05-07-2007, 14:40
Turn 4

Empire turn 4

The turn got off to a real bad start for Empire as the two units near Boris failed their Terror tests and fled. The size of the Gunner unit was over US5 and they bounced through many units behind causing further panic tests. We could not believe how badly the player rolled and VC and Dwarf did not know whether to laugh or cry (probably not laugh due to the current temprement of said player).
The Gunners fleed, the metal mage fleed, the Swordsman unit led by priest fleed and the Halbadier and gunner detachments fleed off the board. Most of his units were right near the edge now needing some good rally rolls next turn.


The 'not bothered' Huntsmen reclaimed the tower, restoring some human pride.
The general and the Knight turn to face the oncoming Giant and the other Knight unit move to hug the trees on the VC flank. The Flagellants charge the Zombie unit.

The magic phase was non existent as both mages were fleeing and in the shooting phase the HBVG lived up to it's reputation by shooting 18 times but only causing 3 wounds on the fellbats. This left one bat with one wound and a lot of fleeing units to charge at.
The gin swigging Pistolliers all shot at the wolf like vampire, Torst, and nothing hit....

In CC the combined efforts of the Greatswords and Flagellants were enough to kill 10 Zombies in CC and then another 11 fell to crumble. Just as well the unit was huge to begin with.


Dwarf turn 4

The Thunderers reformed on top of the hill to face the Empire whilst his General and his Iron breakers finally reached the church and took it. The Dwarven weapon was back in it's ancestor's hands but for how long?


The rest of his units moved forwards...


05-07-2007, 14:41
The crews of the Dwarven war machines had been laughing too hard at the sight of the humans running away, as their shooting suffered this turn. The only two hitting were the GT killing 6 Zombies in the unit near the tower. And an Organ gun scoring onr crucial wound. The might Boris clutched his chest and fell. His work done, he crashed to the floor. :rip:


VC turn 4

The lone Fell bat charged the Light mage and his gunners who of course had to flee again and went off the board.
The Zombies charged the Huntsmen in the tower who passed their fear test.


The count and his unit plus the lone Torst charged the Pistolliers behind the wall. They passed their fear test and deceided to stand and shoot killing 5 skeletons. I think the Empire player had had enough of fleeing so unwisley had done this, IMO.


The remaining Skeleton unit reformed to face the flank of the battling Flagellants.

The magic phase was again a non starter as Olaf miscast (luckily only a non wounding S2 hit) and both Dieter and the book were countered by the barrage of Dwarven DD. I was hoping with the Empire mages out of order that I would have got something off this turn but it was not to be..

In CC Olaf and Torst made mincemeat out of the pistol wielding Toffs and overran into the back of the General and his knight.
The zombies failed to take the tower however and lost another 2 to crumble. These Huntsmen were proving troublesome.

05-07-2007, 14:42
Turn 5

Empire turn 5

Starts well with all the fleeing units rallying, Empire player happy bunny again (sort of), the ensuing magic phase saw the metal mage draw out another Dwarven rune. In the shooting phase the HBVG saw off the final bat whilst his cannon kills 3 Dwarf warriors that were getting a bit too close over on the other flank.
The Huntsmen shot down a Zombie and waited for the inevitable charge.

In CC Count Olaf having overran into the Empire general challenged him and yet again doing no wounds, the general in turn wounds him twice but yet again the family ring saves the day.


Torst slays the other knight with no such difficulty and the general faces a mighty -6CR, he of course runs and Torst catches him and crashes into the flank of the small gunner detachment outside the church.


The Zombie unit fares poorly again against the Greatswords and the Flagellants and loses another 5. However this could have been a lot worse and importantly the unit still stands.

Dwarf turn 5

Again the units march forwards, the warriors near the tower now in range of the awaiting Skeleton warriors and Black Knights.


The GT again proves it's worth and takes out another 6 Zombies from the unit near the tower. The Canon fells a BK.
The Thunderers on the hill finally finish off the Empire cannon.
The combat betwen Torst and the gunners of course proves a tempting target for the impartial Dwarves ( we had decided this would be allowed beforehand) and the guns were turned to face this melee. A Bolt Thrower took out a gunner. The first Organ gun killed 3 gunners and hit Torst twice, his Armour saving him both times. The second Organ gun scored 10 hits (how I hate these machines and their rules), of which 6 were on Torst, only two wounded but this time his normally reliable Hauberk failed him and Torst fell in battle. The remaining gunner took 4 hits and both units fell to Dwarven shooting.

05-07-2007, 14:42
VC turn 5

Time for some action thought Olaf as his units sprung into action. He himself moved his unit past the two knight unit, ignoring them, the church was of more importance.
The Skeletons and BK on the flak charged the brave (foolish?) Dwarf warriors who held their nerve and passed their fear test.
The Zombies again attempted to storm the tower and the resolute Huntsmen held, determined to hold this for the Empire.


The skeleton unit charged the flank of the Flagellants to try and give the diminishing Zombies a fighting chance (slim as it was).


The Dice gods smiled on Olaf and Dieter in the magic phase. Firstly Olaf cast ION on the Zombies attacking the tower, the Empire player again rolled three 1's with his 4DD and 13 Zombies rose to join the fight. Dieter meanhwhile cast Curse of the Years on the Ironbreakers holed up on the church and cast it with Irresistable force, killinig 5 of them. This could be the beginning of something....

In the 'battle for the tower' the purchase of the Zombie musician paid dividends as the combat was drawn and then won by the crash of a Zombie drum :D The Huntsmen even nearly managed to stay rolling a 3 but fled 6 inches.


The fight between the BK, Skeletons and Dwarf warriors was completely one sided, and the stunties were forced to flee, they of course were caught and slaughtered! Both VC units pursuing off the table. Giving them some much needed relief from the Dwarf gund for a turn.

The Skeletons tipped the balance in Olaf's favour in the Flagellant/Greatsword/Zombie battle but the stubborness of the Greatswords put pay to any notions of flight, the undead winning the CR by 5...

05-07-2007, 14:43
Turn 6

Empire turn 6

No charges were declared and the Huntsmen rallied again. His units moved forwards again.


The metal mage finally got a spell of and cast Distillation of molten metal on the Organ gun crew, killing 2, the Dwarf player responded by dispelling my Curse of the Years on his Ironbreakers.

In CC the Zombies were finally wiped out, freeing the Greatswords from this combat. The flagellants winning this round of combat and now being able to turn and face the Skeletons.


Dwarf turn 6

He moved his warriot units forwards, knowing the end was in sight and possible victory.


05-07-2007, 14:44
The shooting phase went from the sublime to the ridiculous, firstly the Bugmans intake levels had gone up dramaticaly as afternoon sunshine gave way to dusk. And the Dwarf player called another ridiculous guess range for his cannon on the tower which was probably well over 50 inches away. He guessed a mighty 18 which then misfired anyway. It was a dud like the guess.
The Empire general took it upon himself to teach the Dwarven general the finer apects of range guessing.


The GT fired upon the swordsmen unit which again misfired as another dud.

The Thunderers on the hill took out the other one man Empire cannon.

The first Organ gun fired upon Olaf's skeleton unit, I screamed out for a misfire which I then duly got (much to the frowns of the Dwarf player) which again only turned out to be a dud.

His second Organ gun fired upon the same unit and I again screamed for a misfire, which I duly got ( I was called lots of names at this point) and the thing blew up! Result.

He had 4 misfires in a row, impressive stuff.

To top it off both his Bolt throwers hit nothing and he was left to sob into his Ale....

VC turn 6

Olaf and his unit charged the Church, the dwarves inside using their Rune of Courage to avoid the fear test.


Over on the tower side my skeletons and BK came back onto the table and moved towards the Dwarves, praying for more time.


In the magic phase Dieter managed to excel himself again by pulling off another Curse of the years on a Dwarf warrior unit, killing 3.
Olaf boosted his own unit by another 7 skeletons.

The Flagellants lost men but held on for another turn.

Olaf entered the church and challenged the Dwarf lord, his champion accepted in his place (Very Cowardly!) and was duly cut to ribbons by a for once accomplished Olaf, inflicting 4 wounds. The rest of fight was close and the Skeletons lost the battle by 2 losing another 2 to crumble. The Church was safe, what VC and Empire wanted was another turn, what the Dwarf player wanted (from about turn 3) was the game to end. We rolled for another turn..........

05-07-2007, 14:46
Turn 7

Empire turn 7

We rolled and got it!
Empire started by charging his Greatswords and two knights into the flank and rear of the Skeleton unit battling with the Flagellants.


And the ever determined Huntsmen charged the tower again.
The Metal mage reclaimed the Guard house which we decided to allocate 1VP for possession of.
However his new home put the mage off his strade and his magic failed him. The Dwarf the dispelling my Curse again....
The HBVG then decided to pack up and jammed whilst being fired on the approaching Dwarf warriors. The gunners fired on the same unit killing one hardy Stunty.
In CC the valiant Huntsmen failed in their scaling of the tower and lost 2 men moving an inch back.

In the giant four way battle, there was a suprising lack of successful kills leaving the Skele unit to only lose 3 of their number and one to crumble.

Dwarf turn 7

The Runesmith jumped ship, moving out of his Warrior unit to avoid the predicted BK charge (Dammit!)

The shooting phase began with another misfire as the GT tried to hit the mage inside the hut, a rather audacious attempt, again the misfre only resulted with a dud.
The canon then changed the flow by killing 5 Swordsmen followed by his thunderers and a bolt throwers knocking out 3 of my BK.
The remaining Organ gun again rolled another 10 hits on Olaf's unit, killing 9 of them.

VC turn 7

I had to go for it!
The BK charged the Thunderers, they shot and luckily wounded no-one.


Olaf again charged the church...

Against the odds, the Dwarf and Empire using all their DD to stop them, Olaf managed to raise 5 skeletons in his own unit, it might help.

In CC the 4 way battle continued with 7 skele's falling.

Olaf challenged the (cowardly) Dwarf lord and this time he accepted. Of course Olaf only managed one wound which the Lords -10000 AS saved (I'm not bitter.....honest) The Lord responded by wounding Olaf 3 times, I rolled the dice nervously but the ring did not fail me and all were saved once more. The reamaing combat was soooo close, the skeletons losing 2 and the dwarves one. I lost the church by one wound, if only Olaf could hit something when it mattered (I'm dumping his GW in future, going for something else). The skele's crumbled by one and retreated from the church entrance, would I have another chance??

The BK killed 5 Thunderers but they did not break aided by their general being alive and within 12.

We rolled for another turn..........

05-07-2007, 14:46

The game ended much to the relief of the Dwarf player. We knew he had won coutersy of our wierd rules but it had been close, If I had killed his lord and got the church it would have been a different result. Since this battle we have fought a smaller three way and used much better rules, ie whoever capture the flag wins, points lost dont matter etc. But still the fight was a real treat, greta fun and and epic struggle between Empire and VC. The crazy Dwarven shooting will remain lodged in my brain along with the sight of half the Empire army running from Boris!

The final points were so:

Points lost:
Dwarf - 270
VC - 1250
Empire - 1381

Points gained:
Dwarf - Church 100VP
VC - Tower 100VP
Standard 100VP
General 100VP
Empire - GuardHouse 1VP

The Dwarves through not having lost really any Infantry won therefore by 780 points. He did claim it was a hollow victory and that for sheer effort the win in spirit should have gone to the VC but there we go.

But as I said, a great day, a rare chance for us to do such a big battle and it really showed how great the new building rules are, we use one at least in every battle now.
Thanks for reading and tune in next time.............

05-07-2007, 14:47
Olaf stared at the body of his beloved Boris, the wounds had been many and grevious! But his death had not been in vain, his last act to change the tide of the battle by scaring the cattle out of the hamlet in their droves. He chuckled when he pictured the sight of a priest of Sigmar in full flight. Dieter called from the atop the tower, the Dwarves were leaving, their prize in tow.
This was good news, inside that accursed church surrounded by their guns, the Dwarves had been hard, ney impossible to defeat. But out on the open road....Well that was a different matter.
But to matters at hand, Olaf turned to his right and witnessed the last struggles of the humans. The Greatswords had been a thorn in his side the entire day and it had taken the combined magicks of Olaf and Dieter to finally fell them. The Curse had been strong and the spell had finally taken it's grisly toll as the last of the stubborn warriors fell to his knees, his flesh falling from his bones. The rest of the humans had perished or fled except the scouts, they were now captive in the bowels of the tower they had struggled so hard to claim. Their fate was in the hands of the Count and he looked forward to exacting it but first the preparations had to be made. A hundred Zombie hands lifted the prone body of Boris aloft and carried him slowly and ungainly towards the tower. His pet would live again. He would live to serve his master once more.

DarkLord Of Naggaroth
08-07-2007, 12:42
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I Didn't have time to read it all, but from what I did read, it sounded good. I might try something a little like that.

08-07-2007, 13:08
use the edit button to prevent double posting

There's a character and picture limit to each post.

Anyway, sounds awesome! 3-Way Battles have never worked for me, but it looks like you managed to pull it off quite well, despite the Dwarf player remaining more-or-less untouched.

DarkLord Of Naggaroth
08-07-2007, 13:13
There's a character and picture limit to each post.

yes I know, it was a joke. :rolleyes:

09-07-2007, 11:35
Thanks for the comments so far..If you do read this or my other Count Olaf BR's, please leave a comment, it takes time to do them and feedback makes it worthwhile.

09-07-2007, 12:24
Question, do you always call your general count olaf, or is he a specific miniature?

Great battle report though, been a while since I've seen a new one on this site.

09-07-2007, 13:15
Question, do you always call your general count olaf, or is he a specific miniature?

Great battle report though, been a while since I've seen a new one on this site.

It's the name of my character, the mini is just the standard (quite awful) Von Carstein on foot.
Check out the previous battles of the Count further down the list if you have not already..

09-07-2007, 20:44
brilliant report, keep em coming

Bretonnian Lord
09-07-2007, 22:03
Coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool! ! :p

Great battle report, loved the pictures and narratives. I feel bad for the Empire guy though, he got squashed right between the VC and Dwarves!

10-07-2007, 13:07
I did read it all and it was fun to read. Great battle!

12-07-2007, 10:59
I was the Empire player and felt severly crushed on the starting position, talk about a rock and a hard place (or more accurately ranks of fear and a gunline).

I thought I was in enough trouble after suffering at the hands of the guns in turn 1, then just when it started going well along came Boris, grrrrrrrrr!

12-07-2007, 18:48
Who will be back..... I promise! :D

03-10-2007, 11:15
Why do the Br's not have a page 2? Very strange! Bumping this to get it back into land of living..

03-10-2007, 14:38
You should have bumped it with a battle report :)

looking forwards to your expected new installments when the new book arrives.

03-10-2007, 15:51
You should have bumped it with a battle report :)

looking forwards to your expected new installments when the new book arrives.

Sooner than that, I have a Br from our last battle of the Nemesis campiagn to put up (soon I promise)
And then this wknd we could be having a 8K four way, stay tuned!

03-10-2007, 21:11
8k you say! i guess you guys are coming here as someone is going to the GT now (damn man found his ticket!) so your gona update you win record :P

He Who Is Him
03-10-2007, 21:49
Great reeport, really enjoyed reading it! You have a good blend of story-telling each turn and still explaining the rules. Good fluff too, I look forward to the continued (mis)adventures of the Count, may he never meet my TK war host:evilgrin:

Gabacho Mk.II
04-10-2007, 04:31
Thanks for posting the battle. Good read...

Oh, and ahhhh, thanks for the pics! :D