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guardian angel
05-07-2007, 17:24
Having recently fought my first game of fantasy I am tweaking my list for next time. The army is meant to be balanced and useful against all foes.

Lord: Arch lec+arm of met iron+mace of helstrum=210


Captain(BSB)+full plate+barbed horse+sword of might+icon of magnus=137

Wizard+lvl2+2 scrolls=150

Wizard+lvl2+doomfire ring+wizards staff=140


25 swordsmen+FC=175
7 halberds (detach for swordsmen)=35
10 crossbows+music=85
6 knights+FC=178
20 flagellants+champ=210


5 pistoliers+music+outrider+repeat pistol=114
20 greatswords+FC=230
7 halberds(detach for greatswords)=35


6 light cav(DOW)+spears+shields+music=99


The idea is that the arch lec goes with the swordsmen and the BSB with the greatswords. The greatswords would then be stubborn and immune to fear, nice! The arch lec can make the swordsmen unbreakable and with the flagellants on the other flank should make a very solid centre. The rest gallops around the flanks and stuff!

05-07-2007, 23:33
Umm firstly, I wouldn't say its typically balanced compared to some armies.I mean you have 3 big blocks of infantry and only 1 of them with a great killing power. The flagellants are probably better off as a units of 10s. and you have 2 cannons, 10 crossbows... This isn't a great amount of firepower. maybe drop a cannon and get a halblaster.

the Arch lector... I've never used him personally... so I'm not sure what he can do, but so far a general of empire has never let me down in my games, at 2000pts battle.

and... 7 halberdiers will get you nowhere, they are likely to be shot to pieces and won;t do anything to be able to give you the flanking bonus.

lastly...I think you have overspent of chars... over 600pts? its not the best thing to do in an Empire army to do to spend so much point on your heroes. After all, they aren't the super fighters.

06-07-2007, 05:03
The list looks alright but some of your points could be spent better.
The flagellants don't need a champ. I would lose 4 halberds, and move the other 3 so you have a unit of 10. These could go with either the greatswords or the swords. With those extra points I would change the crossbowmen into a unit of 10 Archer Huntsmen to take down warmachines or help fire on a unit.
The BSB should go with the swordsmen, they will need the extra +1 combat res more than the greatswords. And he doesn't need to be a on mount.
The Arch Lector would do very well with the knights if you mount him or just put him in the great swords for more smashin power.
Also, if you drop the pistolier Outrider because they don't need it. Drop the musician on the knights and make it a unit of 5 knights. and drop the DOW fast cav, you should have enough points to have a second unit of knights with champ+standard.
Just some thoughts.