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17-08-2005, 11:43
The basic idea is that the foot troops will hold the center with the mighty knights hiding behind the doggies rolling up one flank. The horsemen will support charge where ever needed.

Ideas, suggestions, comments?


Exalted Champ
-armour od damnation
-sword of might
-barded steed

Chosen Knights X4
-full command

Warhounds X10
Marauders X25
-light armour
-full command

-extra handweapon
-dispel scroll

Beast Herd
-Gor X12
-Ungor X 8
-full command

Marauder Horsemen X 6

18-08-2005, 02:49
Do I have too many points in the general?

Should i get him down to a aspiring champ?

Should I get some magic? Bray-sharman?

Ideas, suggestions, comment?


18-08-2005, 03:12
A Bray shaman will be good. But i think you might want to reduce the size of the Beast herd or get rid of 'em (i know you wnt to flank... but-) because they take a few too many points for a 1000pt battle IMO, not worth it. Try going with 1 more unit of Maruaders.

Yes, try making the Hero an Aspiring one, remove the Warhounds and try getting a Bray Shaman....

18-08-2005, 03:29
I was planning to use the doggies as shield for the knights. If I get rid of them, wouldn't the knights be a big target to missile fire?

Also, I didn't actually planed to use the beastmen as flankers, i'm not really familiar with their tactics. I took them for fluff reasons(check the thread in Background) and i was hoping to use them as block infantry like marauders.
Can they be block infantry?

I was also hoping that the beastmen could screen the marauders from some missile fire as well when they are moving towards the enermy. Ie since most shooter are off to one side, i'mm have the beastmen a little in front of the marauders on the side close to the shooters and hopfully block some line of sight. Would this work?


18-08-2005, 03:51
Im sure Beastmen can't be a block infantry, they are like Skinks i think... (?)

Instead of wasting points on Doggies to be a shield for the knights, i would actually prefer a small or medium sized Maruader unit to be a shield... much more Reliable IMO.

I really don;t like using Beastmen to do stuff, it never really works out.. (Trust me on this one, unless you have a FULL Beastmen of Chaos army...)

18-08-2005, 04:35
Do I need two 200pts fully decked out marauders in 1000 pts?

I wanted to include some beastmen in the list. What do you recommend as a good unit to have. As flankers or missile screens maybe?

Also, I wanted a shield that can keep up with the knights. If not doggies, then horsemen? But, ain't they less reliable then doggies? Ten doggies for 60 points I think is a good deal compared with horsemen.


18-08-2005, 04:42
Hmm, guess your right. Keep your beloved doggies :P

Well, i just prefer Maruader then Beastmen... Go for Missile Screens... Maybe try some demons? like Bloodletters? or the other daemon of khorne like the dogs (i think Fleshhounds or something).

Otherwise- MAYBE go for a small unit of Chaos Warriors?

18-08-2005, 09:33
I just found out that I calculated the price of the exalted champ wrong. Over by 100!

I just added a bray sharman with a dispell scroll to add some magic defense. He goes with the Beast Herd.

Can anyone please comment on the Beast Herd? How will they preform? Can I expect them to win any combat again infantry blocks? Or atleast lond enough for the Knights to plow into the enermy.

I think If I can get the knights into some poor unit, then I can plow them off the board. What do you think?

Can the Marauders with a flank charge by the horsemen break another?


18-08-2005, 14:26
The beast herd should not have that many gors. As they will usually block the ungors from attacking anyways. 8 gors and 8 ungors is nice. Also they should only go for a muscian at that size. The marauders have 5 static CR vs most so if you manage to flank with somethign to remove enemy ranks they should break most units pretty easily if attacked in the front :)

The knights can mash through anything but they are VERY expensive so be careful vs cannons, bolt throwers and such.

18-08-2005, 19:40
Can the ten doggies effectily stop war machine shot? I have hear people would over guess their cannon shots to by pass blockers. Do you see that as a problem?

In a 1000pts game. Can I hack it with one CR generating infantry block? or do I need two? How many blocks do people normally take?

If I reduced the Beastherd. Didn't I made them into just a flanking force?
Where should I put the extra point? More knights?


18-08-2005, 21:28
You cant protect yourself against overguessing. Its a lame trick but i guess some people abuse this. But having warhounds as a screen is very nice vs most other shooting/magic. Also you would rather have 2 6 points warhounds die than 2 45 point knight go :)

Also i think if you support the marauders with the herd they should be good off.

18-08-2005, 22:19
How should I use the Bray-sharman? Should I pop him in with the beast herd as a combat character for extra hackiness?

What lore should I give him.

Can you use the dispell scroll is you are in combat?

The marauders and the beast herd sounds like a good idea. I think the beastes will die a hell of a lot faster then the marauders.

Hopfully when I plow the knights into anything that hadn't break, they will just die. :evilgrin:


18-08-2005, 23:02
the beasts are skirmishers with a special rule which allows up to 2 rank bonus, they are best used (I have just over 10,000 pts. chaos of which 2500 is beasts) in units of around 10 gors to 5 ungors. If you have the appropriate models, I'd suggest add'l hand weapon for the gors.I would not place the shaman in the unit, but keep him apart as the beasts aren't all that hard to mangle, and if they run, there goes your shaman.If your opponent is deliberately overguessing his cannon shots,He is a cheating scum and unworthy of game time.I'd suggest introducing mr knee to mr ballsack and moving on to another game.

21-08-2005, 10:32
Question still left unanswered. :cries:

What lore do you recomment for the Bray-Sharman?

Can you use the dispell scroll in combat?

Thanks all!

21-08-2005, 12:32
Yes, dispel scrolls can be used in combat. You can even cast magic when in combat - just not spells that require line of sight (there are a few exceptions to this rule, but this is the general gist of it).

An undivided shaman is rather limited in his choise of lores. Go with beasts when facing cav-heavy armies, and anything else when facing other armies. He isn't gonna do that much damage anyways, he is mainly there for magical defense (which everyone needs badly in some form or another).

Beast herds can actually be quite effective when used in very small units of 5 gors and 5 ungors, with no command save perhaps a musician. As support units, they are golden in a typical Chaos army with no real manouverability. However, as a main combat unit, they are useful in numbers rangeing from 15-20. Remember, if you have four ranks, your entire first rank must be in charge range for the charge to be succesful - that's why you don't want any more than four ranks (assuming you place the skirmishing beastmen in rough ranks).