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08-07-2007, 05:25
Okay. Long-time lurker, blah blah blah, project log, blah blah.

The plan for this force is to be the first of several themed armies, all engaged in combat over one city: Orphan VII. The first part is going to be a mixed force of 13th Company Space Wolves and Catachan Devils, a homebrew Chapter. They'll all use the 13th Co. rules, of course. By the end of the Tale of 40k Painters, it'll be a 2000-point force.

I have the first squad of Storm Claws mostly complete; it still needs three marines to hit be a full ten, and some models need a bit more green stuff work.

Wolf Guard:
I'm not horribly happy with the rune on his shield; I'll probably go back over it and flatten it out before priming.

And three of six Claws:

08-07-2007, 05:26
And the last three Storm Claws:


Comments appreciated, though I'll really be looking for them when it comes to painting (hopefully starting Monday).

08-07-2007, 06:51
Nice. I really like that walking dude with the powerfist, although I think you should give his boltpistol a normal mag, as that ammo belt looks kinda funny sticking straight out like that.

08-07-2007, 06:54
Very characterfull models mate. I quite like the 13th Co. rules and the models they inspire, these I'm happy to say are no exception :)

So will this Orphan VII city fighters be all 'marine' or will there be other models included? I know the 13th fight alone (no allies) but just curious.

Little pointers (don't worry :) ), the 2nd pic the right arm on the inside of the elbow has a small ball of plastic snot, as does the bolt pistol on the 4th pic.
Not sure on leaving the chaos Icon on the shield, other than that the model looks great.

08-07-2007, 12:53
Nice to see another 13th Company log around. Very tempted to get a Chaos Warrior sprue to spruce up some of mine after this.

08-07-2007, 16:52
Az: Yeah, that ammo belt does look a little funky. It's an easy removal, though, so I'll do that when I GS everyone up.

Ross: Other than this, I have two versions of a Chaos force in mind (standard Undivided and Thousand Sons). I'd love to do an IG artillery unit, but...Forge World is expensive :cries:.

After I resized the pics I noticed gratuitous amounts of 'plastic snot,' which is rather infuriating. Got a lot more cleaning up to do, it seems -_-

Thanks for all the comments!

08-07-2007, 18:21
Those look really good, as others have said, I also really like the walkin dude.

14-07-2007, 02:18
Quick update, but alas, no pictures.

Fixed the Powerfist Walker's mag; can't look funny if it's not there.

Switched up the Wolf Guard's shield, now it has a large rune carved into it, defacing the Chaos star. Gouged it out with my clippers, and I did the same thing on other miniatures, either over Chaos stars or on big empty spots (like the skulless backpack).

Got partway through two involved conversions before saying 'screw it' and saving them for the command squad. Another powerfist marine is alsmot done, but I already have enough to hit the 40k Painters 200-pt. requirement.

Converted up my first biker; you know the White Scars bikers in the BGB, with the extended bikes? Pretty much what I did.

Every finished model has been based and is ready for priming tomorrow; I'll try and get up more pics then.

14-07-2007, 08:51
Cool, look forward to seeing these painted :) That bike of yours ought to look good. Waiting for an update :)

14-07-2007, 14:05

I wanna use some Fantasy chaos bodys (lovin the cloaks) but for a loyalist army. before i buy, do they have many evil symbols.

14-07-2007, 15:03
1st time I ever thought of doing a space wolf army. Great work, love the idea and the conversions. I can't wait to see more. :D

14-07-2007, 17:05
Bah! Hate spray paint! Long story short, I have two horrible primer nozzles and one really nice one, and I can't find the nice one. So, I only managed to get four miniatures primed.

Luckily, they're primed enough that with a bit of touchups, they'll be ready to paint. At least I'll be able to do something until I figure out my spray situation -_-.

I'll get fresh pics up once I find the digital camera.

14-07-2007, 23:57
I've always wonder how you lot 'loose' your camera's, I mean, is it a euphimism or something? Does it get hit with undercoat then becomes camoflagedd hidding in your bits box? huh? :D

Cool, can't wait to see your painting style, don't let us down ;)

15-07-2007, 05:48
Alright, big update. As I said, only able to get four models primed. On those I:
-Touched up primer.
-Two-stage drybrush of metal.
-Preliminary drybrush of furs.

Turns out it was a good thing I couldn't do too much priming; I completely forgot that my biker is missing some filling-in and a shoulder pad. Whoops.

First picture is how I plan to eventually have all of my gray armor, courtesy of my budget (and not yet finished) Wolf Lord.

Biker, obviously.

And the painted Storm Claws.

15-07-2007, 05:51
Up next we have a close-up of the Wolf Guard, showing off the re-done shield (and, in the background, a Blood Claw, Alpha Legionnaire, and an unfinished Night Lord).

The Catachan Devils are a Chapter of my own devising. long story short, their schitk is that they recruit from (surprise surprise) Catachan, and hold many of the same viewpoints as the Guardsmen from that world. The count as Grey Slayers.

And lastly, parade of the unfinished models.

I can't find my handy background posterboard, hence the cluttered images. Sorry.

15-07-2007, 06:13
Got some slick moves on thoughes guys.

15-07-2007, 07:01
Excellent job on these guys. The stoic-looking claw is my favorite, the one made from the new chaos warrior body with the powerfist (this seems to be the overwhelming fav). My only complaint is the Catachan devil with the underslung bolter. I have attempted to modify bolters by trimming their bolters, but always found this to look silly. Thats my only nitpicky complaints, as a jungle-themed infiltrating marine force full of badass deathworld vets sounds quite neat.

15-07-2007, 07:35
Strelok: The sawed-off bolter, y'mean? Just between the two of us: I screwed up hollowing out the bolters! Pin vise slipped and ruined things (yes, twice -_-). I won't do any more sawed-offs. I still like the idea of an underslung True Grit bolter, though, so there'll be a few more throughout the force. They look better in person XD.

15-07-2007, 07:40
Man, you've got one of my all time favorite models there, the 13th Co. Rune Priest. He's just such a cool looking mini, I'm starting to wish for more marine bits so I can put some more life back into my 13th :)

15-07-2007, 07:54
At the time I got it, I wasn't even playing Space Wolves; I just wanted the model!

Had it for nearly a year before that pistol got on it, though...

But it perfectly captures the Wolves, doesn't it? A balding old guy who can still kick ass (in fact, he kicks ass better than the young whippersnappers).

17-07-2007, 01:32
Quick update, and if I don't have pics up by later tonight something's wrong.

Most of the basecoating is done. Metals are nearly fully highlighted. Still need to do armor highlights and figure out just how the hell I want to paint Walking Powerfist. Any suggestions as to that regard would be wonderful.

Most of the Chaos armor is going to be in either a Night Lords or Black Legion scheme. Night Lords because I love the lightning, and I just found out how good the BL scheme looks in real life. There'll be a lot more of that style than I planned.

Even though I was only able to prime four models, them plus the budget Wolf Lord can go well over the 200pt. mark for July! Means I can breathe easier and make these five looks as good as I can get them.

17-07-2007, 04:54
Alright, now pictures. Sorry for the poor lighting; tried out a new location that didn't work half as well as what I normally use. Once the models are completely finished I'll have good pictures of them, but at least in these you can figure out what everything it.

First up, group photo.

Sword raised:

Shot one of the Wolf Guard:

17-07-2007, 04:57
Two more shots of the Wolf Guard, followed by two of the last Claw; frontal view and focusing on his shoulder (which looks far better in real life, let me assure you!)



I hope to get these done by the end of the weekend, and from there I'll move on to converting up more Catachan Devils.

Edit: Wow are those abhorrent photos. I'll take better pictures in the morning.

bobert the great clen one
17-07-2007, 05:13
darn it what is it with warseer plogs these days :eek:
everytime i see a decent one i want to start that army!

Meticulous , have you got any tips for sculpting fur >? :D

17-07-2007, 05:41
Fur's surprisingly easy; just get the basic shape done in GS and poke small holes in it, from bottom to top. Add in some more if you think a section looks empty, and eventually it'll look like nice fur.

bobert the great clen one
17-07-2007, 05:47
thanks for the tip :D

when can we see more of your 13th . co?

17-07-2007, 06:03
As I get them made, mostly. The pictures here are all I have at the moment, but I have bits enough to make a good twenty more, not counting bikes and models with Chaos Warrior cloaks.

It's a shame; I have enough SM bits to make a full army, excepting the back/backpack mount...

bobert the great clen one
17-07-2007, 06:33
hmm i tihnk bw bits is your best best


19-07-2007, 19:39
Quick update: found my good primer just now. Haven't gotten the new pictures uploaded yet, and likely won't before Monday (parents going on a trip, taking camera with them). That gives me two days where I have nothing to do but work on conversions / painting, however, so by the time I do get more pics it should be a fairly sizable update.

Once I get more of those backpack mounts, I'll do the preliminaries on one of my next army ideas, Iron Warriors / Doom Rider's Hell's Angels, using the Dark Angels rules (because really, Iron Warriors don't have Razorbacks? Lies.). It won't become my main project, not for awhile, just something if I need to take a break from 13th Co.

01-08-2007, 04:18
Text update: nearly all painted. Just have hair and base edges yet to go.

Walking powerfist, however, has absolutely no gold and needs two more coats of grey, so he won't be able to count towards July's mark. Even without him I have 181 points, however, so he can just roll over into July.

I must say, I don't think I've ever felt as proud as I did when I saw a row of hand-painted Chapter symbols. After I finish up this painting I'll try and get a pic up. Either way, no Joker for July!

01-08-2007, 06:32
The striding marine with shield and axe is quickly becoming my favorite, though I'm sure as soon as "walking powerfist" is finished he'll take first place at least until the next batch. Keep them coming!

01-08-2007, 07:49
Cool conversions........correction, VERY cool conversions, nice painting, cool concept, looking forward to more stuff from you :)

01-08-2007, 07:53
I hate when the pin vice gets screwed up and I ruin a bolter barrel. One solution I have found is using very small gage plastic rod (the kind that comes already hollow) and pinning it to the front of the bolter. It really looks just like a drilled out bolter barrel and looks a lot better than the "sawed off" look.

01-08-2007, 17:53
Looking good on the guard/marine guys. I like the way some of them look like they have been on campaign for some time.

One to watch I think.

02-08-2007, 03:30
Ah, the big one! Thanks for all the comments, they really make a project log worthwhile.

All finished with the first six (except for a belt, but McMullet doesn't have to know!). It's hard to tell, but the bases have been drybrushed several different colors; browns and greens and such over a shadow grey base. Looks good in person.




The Wolf Guard's axe is supposed to be a magical axe imbued with the power of thunder (counts as a thunder hammer), but it looks like crap at the moment. I'll probably re-do it with a base of a dark, stormy purple covered with lightning bolts. As-is it just looks like cheese (and I suppose 3+d3 thunder hammer hits that strike on 3+ is a bit cheesy).

Up next: build lots of Catachan Devils! Got a Berzerker box last week for the express purpose, and it's perfect. Nothing screams Catachan like bandoliers and studs.

02-08-2007, 04:22
What did you paint the rims of the bases with? Like which colour

02-08-2007, 04:28
It was...vermin brown? I'll make a better check next time my paints are in front of me...

02-08-2007, 04:34
Alright, thanks

02-09-2007, 04:16
Painting update! Finished my Rune Priest, just in time to hit the ToP's deadline.


This isn't part of this project, but I'm too excited I'll put it here anyway.



When finished, the conversion should look like this. (http://wikichan.org/images/b/b9/Doomrider.jpg)

06-09-2007, 00:14
Concepts: I have a large number of army ideas that I'd like to try out someday, and instead of waiting until I actually can to gab about them, I figured I might as well get some use out of this project log and describe them here, mainly for myself.

Steel Swords: "Steel within, steel without."
Iron is the metal of waste. Massive edifices spewing black smog, multi-ton artillery barrages, clanking behemoths that get little done. Such were the thoughts of Karl Adolfus, Aspiring Champion in the Iron Warriors legion. Unlike his fellows, he took little pride in being a master of the siege. He abhorred waste. Steel, now. Steel was the metal of decisive assaults, carefully pointed to achieve the greatest damage with the lowest effort. His strategies continually favored mechanized, fast-deploying strikes, similar to the doctrines of the hated Imperial Marine. His superiors frowned on his plans, and rumors were raised of Karl's eventual 'removal,' for being untrue to the legion. Rather than face death, Karl gathered his followers and struck out from the legion, though at great cost in manpower. Taking a warp gate to escape pursuit, he was spat out upon a backwater Imperial world. After making repairs and taking stock, his Steel Swords chanced upon the...

Hell's Angels: "Hell-bent for leather!"
A small force of renegade Marines, they began as a composite force, all from different Chapters, but all sharing a love of speed over a love of the Emperor. They took a winged sword as their sign (not knowing of the Ravenwing), and hopped from world to world, ravaging as they went. For all their fury, they had no purpose; at least, not until they were joined by the legendary Doomrider. The Slaaneshi champion's drug-fueled ravings brought the Angels to Orphan VI, where 'something important, man. I dunno, just something!' waited for them.

There they met the Steel Swords. When Doomrider did not immediately launch into an attack, the two groups cautiously met. In time, and through undisclosed bargains, the two leaders came to a truce, and they were allied, to bring even greater doom to any who chanced upon them.


The idea with those two is, rules-wise, to be a Dark Angels force. Core and Deathwing (Steelwing) elements, as well as landspeeders, will be the Steel Angels, while bikers are the Hell's Angels. Doomrider functions mechanically as Sammael (I figured a jetbike's speed and destructive power was as close as I was going to get to Doomrider while still having access to the advanced tech favored by the Steel Angels).

There are more, but they'll come later. Now that the first two are written out, the reasoning behind them falls apart a little, but really, it's all an excuse to have cool-looking toys with some kind of coherent story behind them, y'know?

19-09-2007, 20:07
Text update: Finished assembling and primed models. Nine Catachan Devils (Gray Slayers) and an eighth Storm Claw. The Devils are mostly basecoated; all the metals have a starter drybrush as well. I had a tenth Devil, but I realized that Gray Slayer squads don't get powerfists and so need to do some modeling to make the fist lok deactivated (torn up/dangling cables, whatnot).

So we're coming along. Terribly sorry about having no pics again, but I'm a lazy sod XD.

The Devils' 'pack leader' is officially the coolest miniature I have, by the way.

23-09-2007, 05:48
Picture update, finally.


Most of the basecoating is done, after that will follow a catachan green highlight (what else?), and then gubbins. At that point, I'll consider them done and have some fun with my fresh Chaos army box.

23-09-2007, 05:58
Jeez, when'd I get so bad at taking pictures? I have a few more on my photobucket (http://s14.photobucket.com/albums/a315/Ildred/GW/), but they look like sliced ass. The pictures, I mean. Not the models.

The models are nice.

26-09-2007, 20:55
Thanks for the words, Hallowed.

Three more pics:


Pack leader. That empty circle where the Khorne mark used to be will be painted with a vine-encrusted Ultramarines symbole (the Devils being a Smurfs successor Chapter).

26-09-2007, 22:09
Those look awesome, keep it up!

And YAY for Doomrider.

28-09-2007, 02:05
Helmet highlighting. I'm going to follow this design for the rest of the armor, too. I was going to do urban camo, but my current scheme for it looks like crap, so I'll stick with green.

I might have to joker this month, if only because I wanna do a good job on these and not rush...but we'll see, eh?



28-09-2007, 08:53
Very subtle but it works, one to watch!

30-09-2007, 23:27
Oh god! I just found out that Doghouse did the 'Catachan-heads on Space Marines' schtik five years ago! (http://warseer.com/forums/1945934-post295.html)

I mean, it wasn't the -most- original idea I've ever had, but...still ;_;.

@jasevx: Thanks for the compliment! I've tried to keep the subtlety going with the rests of the highlights, but the helms are still the nicest looking.

Lots of work's been done, but no pics until tomorrow afternoon when (hopefully) they'll be all done.

10-10-2007, 22:48
So...looks like there's a Wulfen datasheet now.

Ironically, now they match the possible idea I had for using them even more than they did before.

But I wonder what this means for the rest of the army...oh well. Worse comes to worse, they become standard Wolves and I have to paint up a few more hundred points.


11-10-2007, 19:04
So...looks like there's a Wulfen datasheet now.

Ironically, now they match the possible idea I had for using them even more than they did before.

But I wonder what this means for the rest of the army...oh well. Worse comes to worse, they become standard Wolves and I have to paint up a few more hundred points.


In my opinion, the focus of APOC is "screw tournaments, play for fun with the models you own" which also implies "use the codexes the models belong to".

Therefore, in my opinion, this means 13th Company, Lost and the Damned, etc. become valid armies. Don't wait for GW to write a Datasheet for you. What does "official" mean? This is about you and me bringing our models together to play a fun game.

Done deal.

"Scratch-built models and Creating your own Datasheets" --Apocalypse book, pages 62-63. This tells me all I need to know.


13-10-2007, 20:04
Well, I meant 'what does this mean for normal games?'

I'm not worried so much about casual games with friends. Mainly it's rules-lawyer jerks in pick-up games I'm concerned about. I don't plan on entering any tournaments with this army, so that's a moot point...

Update: Got my Long Fangs assembled, biker finished, and am working on some fill-out models for my other squads. If I get everything I have painted it'll be at least another 600 points.

13-10-2007, 20:23
Looking gooooood, real good.

My main gripe would be that the armour (chainmail loincloth and additional armourplates) of the powerfist wolfie doesn't really fit with the rest of them, I am quite sure you could manage to bring him into the line (lest you have allready but failed to take pics of :p) with the rest of the models

15-10-2007, 03:32
He's only half-done; by finish he'll be more in line. At least, I hope!

03-11-2007, 05:01

There are other pics, but they're crap. I'll work on better ones tomorrow. Technically they're done. Technically. But one flamer's gone AWOL and glue got over the other flamer guy's knees, so I'll have to shave/paint those up again.

They, like in every other pic, look about five times better in real life.

08-11-2007, 22:23
Lots of pics incoming. Catachan Devils, full army shot, and Long Fangs.





08-11-2007, 22:26




There's one Long Fang not pictured, but he's boring. His shoulder pad won't be worth seeing until I trim up the black.

I figured that each 13th Co. unit will have looted armor from a Chaos legion that kinda matches it's role; hence, Iron Warrior armor on my Long Fangs. The Pack leader as some Emperor's Children armor because a) he's the boss and b) it looks nice.

The IW armor is just slapped on brown with a chainmail drybrush. I'm pondering giving the helms a very light black wash to make the lines more noticeable again, but not enough to could the brown. When I try it there'll be pics.

C&C appreciated!

09-11-2007, 19:19
Perhaps it is "old news" but I do like how you used the Catachan heads for your Devils.


09-11-2007, 22:03
Glad you like them! Ah, good old Catachan heads. So useful.

11-11-2007, 21:46
Does this scheme look sorta wolf-like to anyone else?


I did the mouthpeice on a Long Fang before painting the rest of the head, and noted that it looked awfully similar to a wolf's head somehow. I figure hey, if others notice that then it may be worth keeping. Thoughts?

11-11-2007, 23:44
I love the third guy on your first post!

12-11-2007, 19:48
He did turn out nicely, didn't he? Unfortunately, in the last stage of painting some watered-down white got all over his knee/thigh. Most of it I was able to get off, but the white stuck around in the recesses. it's on the list of things to fix in the final month of painting.

No comments on the head anyone?

13-11-2007, 04:51
both the catachans and the 13th co squads came out looking great, but what i'm really curious about is the Ganesh miniature! you gonna paint him up?

13-11-2007, 21:09
Heh, that's just a doohickey. Though, like, a Ganesh-y Avatar of Khaine or something would looks cool.

14-11-2007, 23:26
Eurgh. Just got done re-blacking all the parts that got drybrush schmutz on them.

But at least the heavy weapons look nice, now. And the power armor isn't quite as sloppy.

I'll post more pics when there's some more work done.

18-11-2007, 04:21
Okay, finally an update!

All I have left are some last-minute gubbins. Another brief run of re-blacking, purity seals, gubbins, and bases.

This time around I tried to drybrush the fortress grey highlight. I think it turned out well; the color looks craggy and rough, just perfect for Long Fangs.

The rune on most shoulders can represent hail. That seemed appropriate for heavy-weapons troopers.

The pack leader's shoulder run can represent dependability, which (again) seemed appropriate.

I did up the plasma coils like i saw on another log. I'll link to it when I remember which one. There was this titan plasma arm with a very detailed pulse effect, and I tried to get that on a smaller scale. I think it worked.

The Iron Warrior metallics are just a heavy drybrush of chainmail over brown.

Pics away!

Plasma front.

Plasma back.

18-11-2007, 04:22
Armless front.

Armless sides.

18-11-2007, 04:24
Pack leader and armed front.

Pack leader and armed sides.

Next week I have but a single class, on Tuesday at that, so this lot should be done, hopefully by Thanksgiving.

For my next unit, I want to do some bikers, but I should do some more Devils. That nagging little rule about two Troops choice, you know.

I should do my second HQ, too. It's getting to be around time for that.

19-11-2007, 00:47
I must say, I like what you have done to those 13th company lads, aspecially the one who is advancing with a power fist and bolt pistol :)

19-11-2007, 01:02
Everyone loves him! And you know what? I've had no luck painting him! XD. Really, there's little left to do; finish the powerfist, face, fix his rune necklace, do leath, tudy up bone, and glaze his cloak (highlighted all the way up to white, which looked good at the time).

And because he's taken so damn long, he's become one of my least favorite miniatures. Which is a shame XD.

Hell, I should do him tonight, for the hell of it. It'll take like ten minutes, tops...

21-11-2007, 03:53
Heavy weapons glued on. I had a pic of the finalized torsos w/o heavy weapons, but the camera ate it. Bah.


Let's see...scribblies on seals, a couple of runes, danger bands on the yellow, pack leader's face, bases. Almost done!

25-11-2007, 03:58
WIP pic of the next squad.


The Sarge is an Ultramarines Nid hunter; geneseed-wise, the Catachan Devils are an Ultramarines successor (hence the U on the other pack leader), but that's as far as the similarity goes. They're far closer to the XX Legion in spirit (which has lead to no small =I= scrutiny, let me tell you!), similar to the Guardsmen from Catachan.

Indeed, the Devils are on Orphan VII as a favor to the Ultramarines.

I've started experimenting with base rubble, as the force is cityfight-themed. The bolter stuck in the ground by the double-wielding Marine (you'll see the bolter later) isn't debris, though; my conversion for a left-handed bolter arm was ass and I decided two chainswords would look five times better. So now his bolter is behind him (for WYSYWIG).

There would be a second flamer, but I'm out of Imperial ones ;_;.

02-12-2007, 23:59
Well, I tried out Vallejo paints for the first time today, and I like 'em. Went on smoother than Citadel, but scratches easily. Ah well.

22-01-2008, 04:26
Tried out a new method of painting green, inspired by Deadly's log on AB. Drybrushing -can- look good!


The armor and metals are done. All that's needed is to clean up the stray bits of metallic paint, work on the details, and paint the bases.

Squad three is halfway built as well.


I've finally hit the look I want for the Devils. Battle-ready and festooned with gear.

My next HQ choice is also (almost) built: my Rune Priest, complete with looted PH Thousand Sons armor and relic/spear from the early days of Fenris.


Accompanying him is my first Thousand Son in PH armor. Eventually I will have a full squad of these guys, courtesy the Dark Angels veteran box. The Mk7 robe/legs will go to some sort of renegade squad.

Edit: Also, here's some Storm Claws remnants, who'll get painted when I'm desperately in need ot points for the ToP.


10-02-2008, 21:54
I've been rather lax about updating this, haven't I.

First up is my latest bit of work, a Rune Priest clad in pre-Heresy Thousand Sons armor.




The strips on his shoulder are lengths of hide, with Fenrisian legends daubed on them.

I also finished the Catachan Devils squad I had been working on. Gave the entire unit a drybrush of brown to play up their grimy look, and I think it works.

First half and Sarge:

Second half of the squad and some more ramblings in my next post.

10-02-2008, 22:00
Second half:

Full army pic:

Slowly but surely, the force is growing. This most recent squad also marks the advent of my army as play-legal, being my second Troops choice.

From here I plan to add a squad of bikers, a pack of wolves (probably using the Orion's hound models now that they're easy to mail-order), another squad of Devils, and fnally the 'wulfen' squad. Whether I want to do them as honest-to-Russ wulfen or a specialized unit of Devils, I don't know.