View Full Version : slaneesh beasts (and mortals ) 2000

08-07-2007, 13:53
this is my second attempt at a beast men army so here it goes

BeastLord armor of damnation horn of the great hunt helm of many eyes enchanted shield GW MOS 214

Bray Shaman staff of drakoth despell scroll MOS LVL 2 180
Bray shaman spell familliar chaos armor despell scroll MOS LVL 2 Bray staff 186
Bray shaman power familliar MOS LVL 2 bray staff 186

8 gors 12 ungors standerd 114 (rear chargers)
8 gors 12 ungors standerd 114 (rear chargers)
5 gors 5 ungors 55 (war machine hunters)
5 gors 15 ungors 95 (shield)
14 bestigors standerd 180
2 bestigor chariots 170

14 warriors shields standerd 222
4 knights 132
4 knights 132

3 lead belchers 155 (DOW)

08-07-2007, 14:55
Don't know too much about beasts - play mortals myself mostly... But why chaos warriors? You have enough foot-sloggers as it is. I would add some minotaurs with GW for extra punch myself.
The 2 units of knights seem like a weird choice in a predominantly beasty army. At 4, they'll be taking panic tests after just 1 kill as well. I'd go for some centigors instead here. Seems more appropriate and in tune with the rest of the army to be honest. Some furies would do you good as well.
You're also lacking warhounds. ???

Not sure your list will fare well as it stands at the moment. Seems off to me.

08-07-2007, 15:20
i agree but since 3 beast herds are ambushers they will be joining us on the enemys side so i thought i would need foot sloggers warriors bestigors and flankers knights and chariots