View Full Version : Miner army WITHOUT Anvil?? :o 2k

08-07-2007, 16:26
Something different:
General: Thane: GW, RO luck, ro preservation, ro stone, 2xro iron=139
BSB: oathstone, MRO Gromril, 2xRO iron=165
scrollcaddy: RO brotherhood, 2 scrolls, RO stone, GW=149
Caddy and general go to those 14 strog miner regiments, BSB takes the flank with longbeards.

2x25 warriors: shields, musician, standard=2x240
24 longbeards: shields, FC, RO battle, RO stoicism=375

2x14 miners: full command, steamdrill=204x2
2x6 miners: musicians=2x71

they´re everywhere! :evilgrin:

08-07-2007, 23:33
Unless I'm missing something your general (without a rune of brotherhood) will not be able to join a miner unit.

Overall I think the build can work although I'd entertain making the 2x6 miners into a single unit of 12. The 6's are not going to give away alot of points, but they're small enough that relatively minimal casualties will make them too small to negate rank bonuses on a flank charge.

09-07-2007, 16:08
Cant really see this army making it across the feild....

A decent gun Line will crack down on this list asap

While any decent cav/FootSlogg army will come across and rip You to peices with flank charges due to lack of speed/anvil.

Just my opion