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08-07-2007, 19:22
Please rate:(2000pts)

Archmage (level 4) with Staff of Solidity, Seer, Power Stone, Ring of Fury, Pure of Heart

Mage (level 2) with Vaul's Unmaking Ring and +1 power dice

Commander on barded steed with dragon armour, sword of might, shield, BSB and Helm of Fortune

20 Spearelves with full command

10 Archers

10 Archers

5 Elyrion Reavers with bows and spears and musician

10 Dragon Princes with full command and Banner of Sorcery

2 Bolt Throwers

10 White Lions with standard and champion

08-07-2007, 19:34
If its dwarfs you'll probably have a real hard time with magic, and why not take the cloak of beards?(think thats what its called)

08-07-2007, 19:51
Battle standard bears can't take shields, and the trouble about the cloak of beards is that dwarves are ld 9.

08-07-2007, 19:58
Battle stsndard bears can't take shields, and the trouble about the cloak of beards is that dwarves are ld 9.

Ah, I don't have their codex so I didn't know.

08-07-2007, 20:07
I played a game against dwarfs earlier today. While I took white lions I would suggest a fully ranked up unit of swordmasters. The last thing you want is dwarves strikng first against elves

08-07-2007, 22:55
I think the main effect of the cloak of beards is nullifying one runic item but the randomness of which item means you can't plan for that. The fear is a bonus that due to ld 9 isn't that useful.

Magic against dwarfs is an all or nothing affair. It depends on your meta game. In my group we quite happy to allow people to tailor armies. By varying between heavy magic and no magic your opponent will learn not to spend too much on magic defence less he wastes his points so when you do take a fair amount of magic something will get through.

Magic lores to consider are life and shadows. Some like metal. The mixture of damage (ecspecially to war machines on hills) combined with defence against ranged attacks is extremely helpful. The movement and fear spells in shadows are also useful (ecspecially considering dwarfs high ld).

Eagles should be considered in any list. Against dwarfs they can be used to tie up troublesome warmachines and march block (place 3" in front of a unit you want to slow up forcing him to move aroun or charge, flee if he charges limiting him to 3" movement) and divert (provide a tempting target just inside his charg arc to decoy and draw off units). Reavers are good and can do much of the samme things but they are more expensive. This is a double edged sword, your taking a greater risk with them but they make a more tempting target. They are of course more likely to rally. Whether to buy bones or not is a divisive question. Personally I prefer to keep the cost down and not take them especially against dwarfs as bows aren't that effetive but they do add to the irritation value to your opponent.

White Lions can be useful against dwarfs, ecspecially if there are some woods around as they are one of few units that can get to his lines intact with move through woods and lion cloaks. When they charge (are they must) they should make an impact. I prefer a unit of 12 personally for the extra attack.

Archers are undepowered but if you want to use them don't let that stop you. Don't expect to decimate units, just concentrate on weaker units and try to reduce rank bonuses. If he takes slayers turn them into pincushions. Slayers are you're worst enemy as once you're pinned down after the charge you're dead meat. Spearmen are good but don't expect hem to beat dwarf warriors one on one, they must be supported like any of your units.

Finally i would reconsider such a large unit of dragon princes. A unit of five and an extra unit of five silver helms would be much more cost effective and give you more tactical options. It's just too easy to lose your rank bonus especially against dwarfs.

Any way i've rambled too much. The main points to consider are the large unit of dragon princes and the archers. Hope thats helpful.


09-07-2007, 20:17
Unfortuntly great eagles limit your number of bolt throwers and white lions. I haven't used great eagles yet but you would not be able to use them as march blockers against dwarves as dwarves can always march (Mutter mutter). If your opponent has a flame cannon then definately take dragon princes.

14-07-2007, 11:49
i say no wizards because dwarves!!! who would use wizards any way the enemy probably even has a rune smith

16-07-2007, 15:46
Can anyone of you "HE vs Dwarfs" experts give me a good and balanced example on a list to be able to atleast beat dwarfs now and then with? My group will primarily play dwarves, wood elves, dark elves, and high elves (me).

Since i just started with HE, I have the luxury of choosing what units to buy, and compile an army that way.

A big thanks in advance for all answers! :)