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17-08-2005, 19:40
2000pts High Elves and 2000 pts Beastmen vs. 2000 pts Wood Elves

Darson Von Kreigburg, sat atop his wizards cast and surveyed the Landscape, his follower, Known only as The Captain, a Wight Lord stood behind him. Darson asked, “Did you do it?” The Captain replied, “Yes the gem has been buried near the Oakthorpe in the middle of the field. What does the Gem do, asked The Captain?” When activated it clouds the appearance of those who are fighting, so that both Beastmen and High Elves will think they are fighting with the aide of their allies and the Lornbranch’s Wood Elves will think they are fighting the undead. Darson loudly, “Now Lornbranch, why should I bother trying to destroy you, when my enemies can do it for me…”

Vintor Lornbranch, has seen the report of his Waywatchers and ordered his army to prepare for battle. Alilea a Wood Elf Spell Singer asked, “ What was going on?” Vintor answered, “The Necromancer Darson has once again moved his army into attack position, this time however because half of our army has escorted your Mother Myliea to Redbranch, he outnumbers us 2:1. Thus I ask you to get our people out the Oak Thorpe quickly, while the army stays behind and attempts to hold them at bay, so you can escape with the villagers. Go quickly, we don’t have much time.” Vintor then began to prepare for battle…


The Beastmen and High Elves must completely wipe out the Wood Elves, by the End of turn 5 or the Wood Elves achieve Victory. The Defenders are expecting to die and so are immune to Panic. Unstoppable Assult – Whenever Characters or Unit of Beastmen or High Elves is wiped out or fleeing and cannot rally they can reenter the attackers table edge during their next move phase.


From Beastmen and High Elf Perspective: There were 2 Great Walls on both the North East and North West Side of the Wood Elf Deployment Zone. And a hill almost in the middle of the battlefield, but slightly west and finally another Great Wall in the South East Corner near the Attackers Deployment Zone.

Army Lists:

I don’t have everyone’s Army list, so this is from memory.


Wood Elves:

Vintor Lornbranch – Highborn Eternal Kindred, Crystal Mere, Light Armour, Wraith Stone, Mercius Locus

Talith – Spell Singer – Level 2, Calaingor’s Stave, Dispel Scroll

Helena – Spell Singer – Level 2, Starfire Arrows, Dispel Scroll

Greydon - Noble Battle Standard Bearer, Royal Standard of Ariel, Light Armour, Elven Steed

2 Units of 10 Glade Guard with Full Command, Each lead by a Spell Singer
19 Eternal Guard, full command, lead by Vintor Lornbranch
8 Glade Riders, lead by Greydon
4 Treekin
5 Waywatchers


Beastmen Army:

Morgoth: Beastlord, Undivided, Great Weapon, Heavy Armour,

Brown-Eye: BrayShaman, Undivided, Level 2, Bray-Staff, 2 Dispel Scrolls

Greyfleece: BrayShaman, Undivided, Level 2 , Bray-Staff, 2 Dispel Scrolls

The Chosen One: Mortal, Aspiring Battle Standard Bearer, Banner of Chaos, Chaos Armour

15 Chosen Chaos Warriors, War Banner, Lead by the Chosen One
20 Bestigor Warriors, Vitrilic Totem, Lead by Morgoth

Beastherd - 14 Gors and 5 Ungors, lead by Brown-Eye
Beastherd – 14 Gors and 5 Ungors, Lead by Greyflecce
16 Hounds – in Ambush.
4 Dragon Ogres, Great Weapons, Light Armour

High Elves:

Helglen – Arch Mage, Level 4, Seer, Dispel Scroll, Ring of Corin

Creylin – Commander, Halberd, Heavy Armour, Shield, Lore Master

Ferelen – Commander Battle Standard Bearer, Heavy Armour, Elven Steed Ithilmar Barding, Battle Banner
Galadrieth – Commander, Reaver Bow, Heavy Armour, Halberd, Great Eagle

19 Spear Elves, Lion Standard, Full Command, Lead by Helglen
19 Swordmasters, Standard of Balance, Full Command, Lead by Creylin
5 Dragon Princes, Banner of Arcane Protection, Full Command, Champion armed with Enchanted Shield, Lead by Ferelen
5 Silver Helms, Heavy Armour, Shield, Full Command
10 Archers
1 Repeater Bolt Thrower

Deployment from High Elf and Beastmen Perspective:

Ferelen was chosen as the General for this battle.


Glade Riders and Greydon behind Great Wall in the North West corner, Glade Guard and Helena next to the wall as far forward as possible in a straight line, with Lornbranch and the Eternal Guard next to them near the middle of the battlefield. Next, the Treekin unit and then the other Glade Guard and Talith also as far forward as possible and in a straight line. Finally, the Waywatchers had made their way to the great wall in the North East corner.


Silverhelms with Chaos Furies behind them, then a beastherd lead by Brown_eye, next the Swordmasters lead by Creylin. Next to them and behind the hill Ferelen and the Dragon Princes, Galadieth and his Eagle Nesra, flanked by Helglen and the Spearelves, leaving enough space for the Archer unit behind them to see the enemy. Then the Beast Lord Morgoth and his unit of Bestigors, next to them The Chosen and his Chaos Warriors, the Unit of Dragon Ogres, the High Elf Bolt thrower next to the Great Wall and finally the last Beastherd and Greyfleece hiding behind the Great Wall.


17-08-2005, 19:42
To Battle:

Lornbranch, looked behind him and saw Alilea gathering the towns folk to leave. He then looked forward and saw the full might of his enemies approaching. He yelled to his army. “We must allow the town’s people to be evacuated, therefore I must ask you all to be strong and fight, until I give the signal to retreat”. A large cry went up from the troops and Aliea sobbed a tear. Knowing most of the troops will never make survive the onslaught before them, and she focused on her work and continued evacuation of the town.

With that Greydon moved his Glade Riders out and in front of the great wall, and fired their arrows, several Swordmasters fell. The Glade Guard also opened fire and 4 of the Beastherd fell, the beastherd seemed unaffected by the shooting, but suddenly one of them burst into flames as Helena’s Starfire arrow erupted. In a panic, the Herd turned and ran with Brown-Eye following. Like clock work the Waywatchers drew their arrows and targeted the crew of the Bolt Thrower, 2 of the five arrows hit the crew and one crew member fell dead with an arrow though his head. The Other Glade Guard also fired at the Chaos Warriors approaching, but their Glade Bows were too far out of range to truly be effective.

Brown-Eye and the Beastherd continued to flee and ran off the battlefield. Ferelen, ordered his Dragon Princes and Creylin’s Swordmasters to move on top of the hill and prepare to charge next . The Silver Helms moved slightly down the flank keeping the Glade Riders in their sight, The Furies moved behind the armour clad silver helm knights. Galadrieth flew his eagle next to the hill using it as cover from the Wood Elf arrows, Then fired his Reaver bow 3 times towards the Treekin Unit, one of the monstrosities was wounded twice, but didn’t seem to feel it. Helglen, held his ring of Corin high in the air, but it’s power was dispelled by Helena. Helglen attempted to use the stone from the Great Wall to crush the Waywatchers, but this time Helena stopped it by reading a scroll. Finally, he summoned the thorns around the Glade Guard and Talith, 2 of the Glade Guard were slaughtered by the thorns. All while Morgoth’s unit as well as the Chosen Ones and the Dragon Ogres continued across the battlefield undaunted by the wood elf arrows.

Helena and Talith had both studied the Glade Guard fighting methods, both of their units retreated slightly, but were close enough that their units Glade Bows would still be used effectively. Both units fired, one at the Swordmasters and one at the Bestigors. Several Swordmasters fell, and one even erupted into flames, but the Swordmasters protected by their banner seemed immune to the Starfire arrow. 4 Bestigors fell dead their thick hides pentrated by arrows, but they held their ground and continued forward. Talith and Helena tried in vain to cast magic, but they were too over matched by the attackers spell defense. Greydon moved his Glade Riders behind the Great Wall using it as cover. Lornbranch gave the orders to hold and prepare for a counter attack to his Eternal and Treekins. Lastly the Waywatchers, unleashed their arrows towards the Chaos Warriors and 3 landed killing blows as three Chaos warriors fell dead.

The attackers had enough of this shooting and made a massive charge forward, Galadrieth and Nesra as well as Ferelen and the Dragon Princes charged into the Glade Guards and Helena, Their Glade Bows fired but their arrows bounced of the Dragon Princes armour. On the other side of the battlefield, The Dragon Ogres charged into the Treekin, and Helglen spoke enchanted words and the wall protecting the Waywatchers began to shake, and then exploded sending chunks of rock everywhere when the smoke cleared, all of the Waywatchers were dead with rocks imbedded in their lifeless bodies. Greyflecce and his beastherd moved forward and dined on the fallen Waywatchers.

Galadrieth and Nesra killed 3 Glade Guard while Ferelen and the Dragon Princes killed several more. Leaving only Helena and she turned as ran only to be pursued and trampled by Ferelen and the Dragon Princes and then pursued into the Glade Riders and Greydon waiting behind..

Meanwhile, the Dragon Ogres and Treekin fought a battle of the Titans and even though both sides caused wounds, the Treekin were losing, but the commands of Lornbranch kept them breaking.

The rest of the attackers moved into better positions waiting for an opening to strike..

Lornbranch saw that the village behind him was almost halfway evacuated, and knew he needed to hold on so the other half of the villagers could escape to safety. He had to gain the villagers more time. Seeing the Treekin engaged in battle with the Dragon Ogre’s he knew if they could win the battle it would gain him time. He gave the command to charge the Dragon Ogres seeing the Standard Ariel, nearby inspired the Eternal Guard to charge without fear. But Lornbranch had slightly misjudged the range to the Dragon Ogres and soon his unit stopped the charge realizing they were not going to make it. Now they saw the trap set by Morgoth and the Bestigor unit who were protecting the Dragon Ogres flank. Lornbranch yelled, “It’s a trap, prepare for the counter attack and the Eternal Guard readied their 2 bladed staffs.”

Morgoth knew the trap was laid, but needed to stop the remaining Glade Guard and so sounded his Ambush horn, but the hounds were to busy chasing other animals and came on behind his army. Instead of in ambush behind the Glade Guard. Morgoth then Brayed loudly, and the rest of the Bestigor unit charged into the waiting Eternal guard and Morgoth issued a challenge, but before Lornbranch could accept his unit champion stepped forward and accepted the challenge. Morgoth easily dispatched the champion slicing him in two pieces. 3 other eternal fell to the poised greatswords of the Bestigors. Lornbranch killed two Bestigor’s in return. The Bestigor’s and Morgoth were winning the battle, but it appeared as if the Eternal would stubbornly hold their ground as long as Lornbranch led them.

Meanwhile, as the Dragon Ogres and Treekin continued to battle, the Chosen One moved his Chaos Warriors to the flank of the Treekin and was preparing to charge them. At the same time Ferelen, Galadrieth, and the Dragon Princes battled Greydon and the Glade Riders. Galadieth challenged and it was accepted by the unit champion. It was a fast contest which Galadieth had underestimated his foe and suffered a wound. But Ferelen directed his Halberd towards Greydon, and in 2 strokes Greydon was knocked off his Horse. The rest of the Dragon Princes killed two more Glade Riders who turned and fled off the battlefield. Galadrieth and Ferelen’s unit of Dragon Princes both choose not to pursue.

The Eleven archers finally proved their worth as they targeted the Glade Guard and 5 Glade Guards fell to elven arrows this left only Talieth. The Repeater Bolth Thrower unleashed a volley of arrows at Talith and her body was riddled with bolts killing her. Again, Greyfleece and his beastherd stopped to dine on the fallen elves. Helglen moved his Spearelf unit around the flank of Lornbranch Eternal Guard and prepared to charge. While Creylin and the Swordmasters also moved to protect Helglen.

17-08-2005, 19:42
The Battle between the Dragon Ogres and TreeKin continued and both sides were taking major casualties but, this time the Dragon ogres inflicted enough wounds, that only one Treekin remained and even though Lornbranch was nearby the Treekin fled for his life, only to be pursued and chopped up by the 2 Remaining Dragon Ogres.

Creylin charged out of his unit towards the Eternal Guard, while at the same time the chaos furies charged into their flank, and Helglen and the Spearelves charged the other flank. Lornbranch to a quick look at the village and now almost all the villagers were evacuated, just a little longer and he knew they everyone would be safe. He looked around and saw his was the only unit left. With beastmen on the front and flanked by elves and furies he knew things were grim. Then he heard the challenge being issued by Creylin and fought his way to him. Creylin swung his Halberd, but it seem almost ineffective, but he was still able to and cause 2 wounds, the first was deflected by his Crystal, but then his Crystal failed to protect him and Lornbranch had been wounded. In return, Lornbranch used his Eternal Staff and nearly killed Creylin. Now the Spearelves attacked and slaughtered many Eternal Guard, then the Furies killed several more. That left only Lornbranch, the Musician and standard bearer. Finally, Morgoth attacked and sliced his Greatsword though both the standard bearer and musician leaving only Lornbranch.

Lornbranch knew he had lost and the fear overwhelmed him, he turned and fled away, he was chased but escaped into the elven village. Morgoth and the other beastmen stormed into the village. Helglen, had felt something was wrong since the start of this battle and now he finally broke the enchantment of the gem. He then looked at the battlefield, and saw the battlefield littered with Wood Elves instead of undead. He was in tears and he knew this had to be the work of Darson Von Kreigburg. He summoned the flames of the phoenix and destroyed the gem. Now his army saw the Beastmen ravaging the town. Ferelen turned his army around and commanded them to charge. But that is another story…

In his tower, though the gem, Darson saw the battle unfold and was angered that his plan was not executed 100%, but still enjoyed the carnage. Then turned to his comander the Captain and said, “Soon they will all suffer and that will be a Great Day!”. Then he laughed loudly..

Final report:

Lornbranch broke on the end of turn 5 so a minor victory to the High Elves and Beastmen. If Morgoth didn’t kill the remaining two Eternal Guard then the furies would not have outnumbered the Wood Elves and they still would still been stubborn on a 10 which means they probably would have achieved a Victory.

Anyway this game was a blast.

Hope you liked it.


18-08-2005, 02:27
Huh, I guess no one likes battle reports anymore.

18-08-2005, 03:18
I guess it's just because it's LOADS of text to read and still it won't be easy to get involved into the whole thing.

Maybe try adding some pictures next time and more people will read it. :)

18-08-2005, 11:22
It sounds like an odd alliance - elven alliance versus beastmen would have sounded more likely to me.

Alas, fighting a defensive battle with beastmen is not necessarily all that easy.

18-08-2005, 11:34
i like it :D
nice report eagletsi...
which side were you playing, the WE i assume?? close game, i reckon you might have done a bit better if you'd targeted all your shooting at one unit, in each turn, but apart from that it nearly went the other way! :)

18-08-2005, 13:09
Nope. I was the High Elves. But man what a fun game. It all came down me charging with my Commander, so Morgoth could kill the last two Eternal and make Lornbranch flee due to fear and out number.

18-08-2005, 13:11
Greif - That is true, but we diced for it and the Wood Elf player lost. So he had to defend. I had to rack my brain to come up with fluff as to why the Beastmen and High Elves would be fighting on the same side, but I think I did a pretty good job.