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09-07-2007, 00:53
im thinkin of startin an OnG army but before i buy the models i thought i should ask you guys so what do you think

Oh and i dont have my codex with me so i dont know all the magic names

Grimgore ironhide 375 (just so kick ass)

orc shaman LvL 2 the item of all mounts it the charecter on 6's somethin else 145 ( big whagg has good spells)
night gobbo shaman LvL 2 the item thats -3 to save some other item 135 ( sneaky and magicy)
night gobbo shaman LvL 2 2 scrolls 135 (scroll cady)

24 night gobbos 3 fanatics standerd shields 157 2x (flankers)
25 night gobbos 3 fanatics short bows 150 (dangerous shield)
19 orcs standerd choppa shield standerd banner that give despell dice 154 (combat unit)
20 orcs 2 choppas standerd 150 (combat unit)
5 spider riders 65 (mobile flankers) 2x

14 black orcs standerd (dont remember points)
2 spear chukkas 70
rock lobba 70

so what do you guys think

09-07-2007, 01:09
Just a couple of remarks:

Why start off with a special character as your general? Though it's legal to bring a special character without your opponent's permission some people will strongly dislike you for it.
My advice would be to try with a regular Black Orc warboss first (you can still use Grimgor's model). Get some feel for the equipment options and capabilities of your general before you shell out the big points for special characters.

Speaking of equipment options, you should really select some better items for your shamans. Close combat magic items are wasted on them. Try the Staff of Sneaky Stealing, the Staff of Baduum or Waagh! paint.
It might also be a good idea to spread your dispell scrolls over more shamans. That way you won't lose all your scrolls when your scroll caddy accidentally dies.

Common Orcs can't carry a magic standard unless they're Big'Unz.

When it comes to Black Orcs, keep in mind they'll attract a lot of fire. A unit of 14 (or 15 if you stick your general in there) will barely make it across the battlefield if your opponent has more than one unit that can shoot.

09-07-2007, 08:51
i like the overal idea but work the list out rules wise and 2nd dont use 14 blorks but 19, u want tose 3 ranks. believe me u do