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blue midgets of doom
18-08-2005, 02:14
I've recently been converted from 40K to do a Slaanesh daemonic legion army. Can anyone give me, from experience, some of the good units and tactics which I should use? Thanks in advance for any replies. :)

18-08-2005, 07:51
You can find the rules for mounted Demonettes here (http://uk.games-workshop.com/hordesofchaos/mtd-daemonettes/assets/mtd-daemonettes.pdf). There really is something to be said for a 20" charge range!! Don't get me wrong, one tiiiiiny Magic Missile and they're wrecked, but there's nothing nippier that doesn't have wings (or rotor blades!). My only experience is from having to deal with them, but they're suitably threatening to warrant attention wherever you send them on the battlefield.

Ethereal Alpaca
18-08-2005, 14:46
Don't get me wrong, one tiiiiiny Magic Missile and they're wrecked, .

Not really, since in Daemonic legion their aura becomes a regular ward save. Still pretty fragile, but with a movement of 10" and a charge of 20, you should be able ot get them intoo combat and out of risk from ranged/magic damage.

MSU (that's multiple small units) is one way to do a Slaanesh DL. A few units of 12 daemonettes w/ champion, maybe some of 6 mounted aemonettes instead, a fairly cheap daemon prince and maybe some pleasureseekers.

Screamin Daemon
20-08-2005, 01:36
Slaanesh suffers from toughness 3. It doesn't much more than a stiff breeze to kill daemonettes. With the legion, this isn't as much of an issue with the pleasureseekers and chariots, which by the way, are fricken' awsome. Also, now that the daemonettes have access to command, their staying power has been improved.

The obvious advantages to these little harlots (please say I spelt that properly) is that they are rediculously fast, and have two attacks each. At strength four, they are no girls in combat. They most certainly can dish out the pain, just make sure you get rid of that front rank. For the love of god DIRECT ATTACKS TO THE CHAMPION!!!!!

Having chariots and monsters (I consider the damon 'cav' to be more like monsters if you were wondering) that charge 20" is a daunting thought. Especially if you consider that the usuall deployment is 24" apart from each other. As long as you aren't playing a horde army, it will be simple to get in behind the enemy, which is where you MUST be in order to win with the Slaanesh or Tzeentch legion. Daemonettes may be able to dish out a great number of wounds, but they cannot win battles of arbitration. To counter this, use your mounted daemonettes to get in behind enemy lines. Chariots do this effectively as well, but I prefer to have two, and hit one flank and proceed to ram down the enemy lines.

Slaanesh magic is also one of, if not the best lore out there. This reason is because all the spells (I believe) will effect troops that are immune to psychology. Having the ability to pick a unit and have them moved in the direction YOU want them moved is a serious tactical advantage, as it can block enemy troops from charging, break up enemy lines, present flanks, et cetera. I'm in the middle of packing to move for school so I can't tell you the other spell advantages as my hammer stuff is in a box somewhere....

Here is what I would do if I had a Slaanesh Legion.

I would use: a keeper; a herald in a unit of 14 daemonettes with full command; a unit of 15 daemonettes with full command and the unholy icon; 4 pleasure seekers; two chariots; and I would fill the remaining points out on mounted daemonettes.

The keeper is obviously a beast in any situation and people will fear him. Make sure you protect him from missiles! The reason I went for the Greater Daemon over the Daemon Prince or Exalted Daemon is simply for the unit strength. Having a movement 8, unit strength 6 angry goat zipping around makes it easy to get flanks. Through in the chariots and you have a combat combonation that will take down knights in one turn.
The Daemonette units can now fend for themselves. One unit with a 4+ ward save, and the other with a hero (and possibly the rapturous standard) will make short work of anything they charge. Just be damned sure you do charge. If you face a cav charge, see the above notes on your heavy hitters.
The mounted daemonettes and pleasureseekers will provide your support, in the form of general harassment or flank charge. Dont be afraid to stick a unit of mounted daemonettes behind an enemy line and have them do nothing. I used to do this with my furies all the time. Slowing down enemies to 4" is priceless when you have the ability to move almost 3 times as fast.

Well, I think I have rambled on for a while now....I also lost my train of though, so I'll stop now. Enjoy, and I do hope this helps.

Major Boothroid
22-08-2005, 09:18
From what Iv found, the greatest weakness in the Slaanesh legion is a lack of can opening equipment. For this reason Id recomend an exulted or prince to be your general and ALWAYS give this character the blade of ether.

Im quite torn on the magic front. Slaanesh magic is awsom as already mentioned, but to get a decent amount your going to be spending over 800 points on characters at 2000 points which is risky at the best of times and even more so as it means you wont be able to take herolds (Im thinking a prince + exulted hear, for 6 magic levels).

The bit Im torn on is the magic vs herolds. Herolds are incredibly usefull. You can put them on chariots to have a unit strenghth 5, 20 inch charge chariot of death, and thats always good! The battle standerd is also very usefull for saveing your units from going pop. This will happen, not matter how unlikley you think it you will role 11 for leadership tests far more than you could possibly realise.

23-08-2005, 01:39
I would definitely take the heralds - they are very good, and you really need the battle standard bearer. Unfortunate about the magic but hey... you can still take a KOS or Daemon Prince and get 4 levels if you really want.

3 units of Daemonettes each with full command, middle unit has battle standard bearer (try banner of the gods (all units within 6" reroll hits) on an undivided herald (so you also get a unit of furies)). Also give the middle unit Icon for a 4+ ward save.

Add a couple of chariots and some mounted daemonettes/pleasure seekers and you are done.

I actually find Slaneesh daemon legion a bit boring to play... troop types are limited and all very similar to each other... S4, 5+ save, no psychology (yes I know its good but it feels bland or something, maybe its just me...) I find the daemon/mortal list more entertaining, even if it does suck in comparison in terms of pure power (especially with daemons losing their ward save, command options, instability reroll, and only LD 8!).