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10-07-2007, 15:48
ok i was thinking along the lines of:

Khorne exalted champ on juggernaught collar of khorne and axe of khorne
(killing blow and magic resist 2)

2 units of 12 warriors mark of khorne with additional ccw

2 units of 7 (or 8) flesh hounds

and a chaos spawn

an feedback would be nice :)

10-07-2007, 17:51
I'd would take your champ off the juggernaut and put him in a unit. His magic resistance would go towards the unit as well. I'd also would add 3 more warriors to each unit so as to have at least 3 full ranks. Maybe take furies instead of the spawn.

24-07-2007, 18:37
I would look at dropping one unit of warriors and coming back with a unit of marauders. Keep them 5 wide with as many ranks as possible and placing the champ in that unit (if you keep him on the juggernaught, he'll add more ranks to the unit, but risk charging solo if someone gets into range)

I see what you're doing with the warriors, 2 ranks of 6. I like the idea. Warriors are too expensive to use as static CR so you use them to rack up kills.

Might I ask one question? What will you do against heavy armor? Obviously, your leader has killing blow, but can one man (even a choas champ!) seriously threaten a unit of ironbreakers, bretonian knights, or chaos/empire knights? The army you have will chew through horde armies (with some clever use of the flesh hounds) but it will be strained against armies with good armor.

Just my humble opinion.

24-07-2007, 18:51
I would look at, for future references, to post your army lists in the army list forum :)

Your army is decent, armoured foes are not many at this point cost. I would try to work a nonfrenzied unit in there though, perhaps furies?

Drop add hand weapons on one unit, replace with shields, and give your exalted a steed and a flail instead of the magic items.


// Skyldig :)