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The Black Aquila
18-08-2005, 07:07
Hey all,
With my recent ambition to start collecting WHFB again after a while of collecting 40k, I chose to start a Red Host list. Since I use to play Lizardmen before and after a few play tests of the list, i've gotten quite use to it and how to play with it, plus I love the idea of a all skink army and seeing how my opponents will react to the site of it :D. However, there is one thing I cannot get the hang of, how to equip my Skink Chiefs. When I use to play lizardmen, I never took skink chiefs, only Skink priests and I have no clue how I should equip them. I normally take two in 2,000 pts, one acting as a standard bearer and the other just playing a support combat role for the skinks. But no matter how I equip them, they just don't can't stand up to anything for more than a turn and end up being easy points for my opponent. The only role they seem good at, is as lone wolfs, hunting down lone wizards and such with cloak of feathers and Staff of light. But I need them to support my Red Crested Skinks else sometimes despite the 10+ attacks I get on the charge, they don't kill anything. Help...??

18-08-2005, 18:19
I wouldnt really use them as a normal hero, They cant handle themselves in combat except in a fully ranked unit..... they need to be in a unit that will be shooting a lot avoiding combat except ones that you will definately win.... scouting skirmishers is probably your best bet... armed with that bow that gives you 3 S5 shots and your away.

Him and his unit will be too dangerous to ignore.... but then if you lose them... its no biggy.

Lady's Champion
18-08-2005, 20:12
But in Red Host they CAN be in a big ranked up unit. Give them good attacks so they do some damage before they die.

18-08-2005, 21:18
thats what i mean..... but your only problem then is... skinks arent exactly combat monsters :p

Your best unit block of infantry is pretty much a bit worse than a human?

18-08-2005, 21:22
id still use them as an assassin type character rather than a front line hero.

18-08-2005, 21:30
My favorite combo for a Skink Cheif is with Cloak of Feathers, a 2nd Hand Weapon, Sotek Mark and the Scouting rule. Rather nasty little warmachine/mage hunter.

19-08-2005, 01:56
Try scout, sword of might and B.Sotek, 4 str5 attacks into the flank of MSU cavalry units will get his points back.

Also try to use him with Bane Head, an excellent 15pts spent if to do nothing else but scare your opponants hero choices.

The problem with the cloak of feathers is that you can't fly in or out of terrain with it. Scouting + 12'' movemnt will usually get him where he needs to go.

I have 2 heros that go into my Red crest units, bascially they're there to had alittle more punch to the units. Both units have a magic banner that adds to their attacks, very effective units on the charge against other core units, but not so good against elite units ... but thats what you have kroxigors for ;p .

The Black Aquila
19-08-2005, 04:56
Aye, thats what I use them for really. My army has other units which can handle and pick off warmachines and lone wizards such as Terradons. I need them to support my main blocks of Red Crested skinks else as i'm sure Frankly knows, they sometimes just can't hit hard enough. I've found one nice combo I have is that if I get one of my two Skink priests with Bear's Anger, I let them join the unit and cast it on the Skink Chief, turns him into a nice 6 strength 6 attacks, 7 on charge :D. Problem is, I cannot rely just on that, as I won't always manage to get that spell and my opponents will probably use any chance they get to snuff it.

19-08-2005, 07:18
Or give him a ton of armor and a Ward Save. Stegadon Helm, hand weapon, shield, light armor, Ward Save. Your little skink can end up pretty tough.