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11-07-2007, 17:30
I'm thinking of starting a second army to compliment my wood elves and thought I'd go with some beasts, particularly minotaurs. It's my first crack at it, but anyway, here goes:

-mark of nurgle, slaughter's blade, heavy armour, shield

-braystaff, power familiar, level 2 upgrade

-braystaff, 2 power stones, level 2 upgrade

6 Minotaurs
-mark of nurgle, light armour, great weapons, standard

Tuskgor Chariot

Tuskgor Chariot

6 Centigors
-shields, standard, musician

6 Centigors
-shields, standard, musician

10 Furies

-great weapon, light armour

2 Spawns of Chaos
-Marked (Slaanesh? Khorne?)


The doombull goes with the minotaurs (6 of them to give him some extra protection against shooting) and the bray shamans ride the chariots (again, protection from shooting). I did my best to mix some nice tar pits with flankers, and I'm hoping the mix of high movement and magic will be sufficient to outpace most armies.

Comments? Glaring weaknesses? Thanks.

11-07-2007, 17:53
Sounds like an interesting army. As for the spawn, why not make them Nurgle.

11-07-2007, 18:03
Interesting host u have here. I would recommend getting some hounds or small herds. u can reduce minataurs to 5 and take 8 furies. but in general should do well. Good luck and have fun

11-07-2007, 22:32
Sounds like an interesting army. As for the spawn, why not make them Nurgle.

That is an awful suggestion, simple math dictates that the poison just isn't good enough to justify the cost.

11-07-2007, 23:09
Doombull is good.

Surely you could swap your bray shamans items a bit,give each a scroll and a power stone,that way if one gets killed your going to have at least one scroll to use,instead of having to risk it being the one with both scrolls.
I've lost count of the number of times I've taken down a sorcerer with 2 unused scrolls.

10 furies is excessive really,you only need say....7(the number of nurgle)

Your spawn should remain unmarked,giving them both the mark of nurgle is a waste of 30pts,poison just doesnt justify the cost,and your not allowed any other marked spawn anyway.

You'll have saved yourself 75pts if you took my advice,so I'de get some warhounds with those remaining points.
2 units of warhounds would be useful,just as screens(you can screen your general and his unit then)and get yourself a musician for your minotaur unit(on the offchance it flee's,or so you can more easily flee as a charge reaction to really mess with your opponents head,as you rally on ld10)

Anyway those were just sugguestions.

You could drop the shaggoth for something completely different if you wanted,ie.a unit of dragon ogres,with the price drops it would be affordable.

12-07-2007, 12:46
His general is Nurgle , so his spawns will have to be Nurgle or no mark at all.

I would cut the minotaur unit in half, so 2*3, perhaps fleshing them out should you decide to drop one or two spawns. Throwing axes are a nice addition for the centigors if it can be afforded.

12-07-2007, 16:10
Thanks for the suggestions so far! Alright, I'll definately drop some furies, but I can't find where it says in either Chaos book that you can't include marked spawns of a different god than your general. (reference please?) I really like the idea of having Slaanesh spawns in the list, as their extra movement allows them to be a bit more efficient than your average spawns.

I'm also thinking of dropping the power familiar and/or a stone from the shamans to free up some points, but I'm not sure of the advantage of having warhounds... I'd love to be educated on their viablility/how to properly use them. :)

As for the Shaggoth, I like the model, and since I don't participate in tourneys, I don't mind having a huge nasty flanker of a point sink to spice things up in a friendly game.

Finally, minotaurs: they can't have musicians, sorry. The reason I've got them in such a big unit is so that the general can't be picked out from shooting, and I thought I'd add a sixth one for safety and fluff reasons.

Centigors with 6" missle weapons? How would that work?

12-07-2007, 16:50
HoC army book page 55, under the heading "The Chaos General":

"If your General has the Mark of Khorne, Nurgle, Slaanesh or Tzeentch, then other characters and units in the army may only have the same Mark (or have no Mark at all and be Chaos Undivided).

Spawns count as units ;)