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Bingo the Fun Monkey
11-07-2007, 20:40
I don't know if this counts as a gunline or not. I don't really believe in "cheese" but it does have all the models that I like, and I imagine would play in a style that I like.


Pietr Schwartzwald: General, Rod of Command, White Cloak, Enchanted Shield, Full Plate

Ludwig von Essen: Captain, BSB, Full Plate, Holy Relic

Tiller Lindermann: Warrior Priest: Great WEapon, heavy armor

Magnus the Furious: Warrior Priest, heavy armor, shield, Casket of Sorcery

28 Spearmen: Command, Shields, Warbanner (joined by general and Magnus)
-10 Halberdier Detachment
-6 Handgunner Detachment

24 Swordsmen: Command (joined by BSB)
-10 Halberdier Detachment
-6 Handgunner Detachment

24 Sswordsmen: Command (joined by Till)
-10 Halberdier Detachment
-6 Handgunner Detachment

12 Handgunners: Marksman with Repeater Handgun


5 Pistoliers: musician, outrider with repeater pistol

5 Pistoliers: musician, outrider with repeater pistol

5 Outriders: musician, champion with 'nade launcher

5 Outriders: musician, champion with 'nade launcher

The abundance of guns is offset by the complete lack of war-machines. I imagined my force to be a scouting/quick-response force, occasionally making forays into Bretonnia and stuff (I'll be facing brets a bit).

The plan is to basically use my fast elements to pull his battle-line apart with distractions peppering him with gunfire the whole time. If he charges my detachments first that's fine, since my outriders will be able to get another round of shooting at the offending units in. If he goes for the fast cav, well, that just makes my life a lot easier.

Thoughts? Opinions? Criticisms?

Bingo the Fun Monkey
12-07-2007, 20:30
No one has anything to say about this? No feedback? Is it too "cheesy" to consider?

12-07-2007, 20:48
Its A bit naff really .....
First... hockland long rifles ftw
2nd.... this is more blanaced than a gun line tbh
3rd.... magic :D if you want to deal damage at range ... this is the way to do it :D

12-07-2007, 22:31
So where is the "shooty" part of this list?

That is "a balanced list".
You wanna go shooty, make "the IW" of fantasy..
4 magi
40+ Gunners
Few Knights
4 Cannon
2 Rocket Batterys

Or similar.. Thats shooty for you...

But good to see someone who doesnŽt do that. ;)
I like the list and theme. But in the theme of this list IŽd drop the Gunner detas and spread the Gunners to three units of ten w/longrifled marksman.
Those rifles are truly evil.

12-07-2007, 23:09
Nothing really wrong with the list. One thought:

The casket of sorcery has a rather short range. To use it to best effect you need it on something that can get within 12" of the enemy wizards on turn 1. For that reason I'd consider putting the WP on a horse. If you do that I'd imagine the safest place for him would be in a unit of plain-jane knights however he could join a fast cav unit for cover. That does sacrifice his utility in conveying hatred though as you don't really want those units is combat very often.

I'm also not really a fan of the grenade blunderbuss as it's potential is rather limited. If you're facing heavy armor it's fine, otherwise I prefer 5 plain outriders.

12-07-2007, 23:10
if you want a shooty list you should have more than one unit of solid handgunners

Bingo the Fun Monkey
13-07-2007, 06:40
Heh, sorry, in my own mind it's rather shooty (coming from an O/G orientation). Anyways, I've decided to make some changes to the list. I feel like I still need a hammer unit so I'll be dropping the second swordsmen unit (and detachments) for a unit of 9 Knights. I'll drop the casket and mount a WP on a barded warhorse and give him the Sword of Might. As I'll be playing Bretonnians on a regular basis I'll give the knights the Steel Standard, as well, to give them a 2/3 chance of matching or beating their charge range.