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11-07-2007, 21:16
For quite a while now I've wanted to do a Empire army based on Nuln. These guys have had a lot of bad press recently as promoting the much reviled 'gunline' Empire army. While I like the idea of an 'artillery train' I want to avoid, if possible, a static gun heavy army and try to promote a 'Nuln' list as being fairly balanced just with a black powder bent to it. So on to the list...

Captain of the Empire + full plate armour, shield, barded warhorse and holy relic = 119p

Basicaly a nice solid leader for my army. He's tough with a 1+ save and a 4+ ward save making him quite hard to kill. He'll join my knight unit and will hopefully contribute to the impact the unit has on the charge. I've not given him a lance as I'm planning to give him the sword of power in my 2000 point list so he'll have top do without the +2 strength on the charge for the time being.

Battle wizard + extra level = 100p

My magic support for the game. I'm going to model him as being from the Golden order due to their links with Nuln. He'll go with the Swordsmen and will try to get the odd spell off while trying to counter any enemy wizards.

19 Swordsmen + FC = 139p

Basicaly in there to give me a nice block unit and to mute the cries of 'Gunline!' from my opponants. Not expecting a lot from these guys but they could break an enemy unit after it has been subject to a couple of turns of shooting .

5 Knights + FC and Warbanner = 180p

Knights really don't fit into the background of a Nuln list so I'm saying these guys are elite mounted bodyguard. The unit gives my army some hard hitting maneuverability and along with the Captaion and Warbanner can stand a good chance of breaking whatever it charges (hopefully)

10 Hand gunners = 80p

10 Hand gunners = 80p

Pretty much standard units in all Empire armies. I've gone for Hand gunners due to the blackpowder idea for my army. These guys will provide some fire support for my block infantry and knights, hopefully weakening enemy units befgore they get within charge range of my lines.

5 Pistoliers = 90p

Nice fast, cheap and shooty unit. Again works in with my blackpowder theme but gives the list more maneuverability. I'll probably use these guys to hook round a flank to march block or hunt down enemy artillery and the like.

1 Cannon = 100p

Standard in an artillery train. Will go after expencive infantry, well armoured cavalry or scary stuff.

1 Helblaster volley gun = 110p

Again pretty standard in an Empire list. Will probably set up on a flank deny it to the enemy.

Total = 998p

So that's about it really. When I go up to 2000 points the list will develope a lot closer to the idea of an artillery train. I'll take more cannon and a master engineer to beef up the whole 'artillery train' idea. At the present moment though I want a fairly flexible force that I can get used to before I invest in more artillery pieces.


11-07-2007, 21:41
I recommend a rocket battery in 2k, those things are always fun. No opponent will complain about your gunline if your rocket kills off a unit of handgunners by itself.

Consider taking Marksmen with Hochland rifles or Repeater Handguns with your handgunners, those are very effective. Hochland rifles take out unit champions and wizards, and Repeater Handguns give you more shots in the same frontage.

11-07-2007, 23:24
At 1k I'd consider making the handgunners detachments of the swordsmen unit. You'll need to bump them to 20-strong to keep the 10-man handgunners. This should go a long way to decreasing your panic checks when the handgunners inevitably flee. You could come up with the points for the spare swordsman by dropping the musician from your knights.

12-07-2007, 05:41
Cheers for the replies so far. I've decided to have a bit of a shift around with the list. I'll remove the wizard from the Swordsmen and bump them up to 20. I'll then use one of the Hand gunner units as a detachment for the Swordsmen. I'll probably do what RavenBloodwind sugested and drop a musician to keep me below 1000 points.


13-07-2007, 15:35
Any more ideas or sugestions?


13-07-2007, 15:41
If your lord is going to be on horse you might as well take a grand master, much better in combat.
Lack of magic defense tho....
If you like the fast moving shotting, why not outriders or more pistoliers instead of those knights ?

13-07-2007, 15:52
If your lord is going to be on horse you might as well take a grand master, much better in combat.

The army is ment to represent a force from Nuln. In the Empire background its noted that knights aren't very fond of blackpowder weapons and tend to be very rare in a Nuln artillery train therefore there is no reason to include a Grandmaster when I raise the army to 2000 points (noting it's 1000p at the moment and I don't get access to lord characters).

Lack of magic defense tho....

Three dice is pretty average in 1000 points in my experience. I'd rather have more units on the table than spending another 50 plus points on magic items or another wizard.

If you like the fast moving shotting, why not outriders or more pistoliers instead of those knights ?

I wanted an impact unit that can help out the swordsmen if my opponant reaches my deployment zone. Plus I get to do some moving and charging in an otherwise fairly static army.