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12-07-2007, 03:15
OK so I have tried the search feature and found no post that were helpful so I figured a new post was in order.

I know lots of people find terradons useful but everytime I have attempted to field them it goes horribly bad. I am probably just using them wrong but they never get many kills off and are always dead basically right after they charge.

So my question is how do you use terradons or how has an opponent used terradons against you?


12-07-2007, 05:07
I only play my Lizardmen infrequently but my unit of 3 Terradons is usually used to kill war machines or enemy casters. They actually hit quite hard on the charge for a unit flyer (the unit of 3 hits with 10 S 4 attacks; I bought the brave with a spare 10 points), and actually they did win combat vs. a unit of 15 black orcs on a frontal charge once, allowing my Kroxigor a turn to get into position.

Their weakness, however, is their miserable leadership of 5, which even cold-blooded is not likely to keep them around in the case that a terradon is lost to missile fire.

Thanks to their Hit and Run rule you can actually use them to attack weak characters that are hiding in a unit. Simply direct 6 Strength 4 attacks at the mage (as you will likely get 2 Terradons in B 2 B) , hopefully kill him/her, then promptly lose the combat and flee 3d6, followed by an automatic rally and no pursuit permitted ;)

Flyers like Terradons should not be used as a main combat unit, but as support to kill off the enemy support elements, such as war machines, mages, fast cavalry, and even enemy unit flyers.

Though I have had mine panic off the board or simply be wiped out from shooting several times. You win some, you lose some, and they are fairly cheap for what they can do (105 for three I think, which isn't too bad at all).

12-07-2007, 17:51
pretty much what I was going to say, Crag said it. but there are a few things I like to do with my terradons that he didn't say. If I get lucky, one of my skink priest will get celestial shield, which will probable be the only way to protect your terradons till they reach their target. for example, last week this orc player had 4 spear chukka's in his army. in the first game he turned my terradons into spear kabob's before they could reach them. In the second game (we were in a league and I needed only 1 more game to complete my record for this week.) I used celestial shield on them and they didn't take a single wound till they charged the warmachines. another but I rarely do this is to use them to attack the flank or rear of a unit that is kicking your other unit's tail. for example my stegadon got charged in the flank (while in combat) by a unit of minotaurs. my stegy took one out of three down but was loosing till my terradons came in and attacked their rear killing the last two (they wore light armor, easy pickings) hope this helps you out with your terradons.

12-07-2007, 23:05
I like to mage hunt with terradons. But, you have to make sure that your opponent has better things to do with his shooting/magic than target them. Also, your positioning of your terradons is important. Only one model needs to see your intended target. So using skink screens, terrain will help set up those hit and run charges without exposing them too much.

13-07-2007, 13:36
I'd have to agree to go after light targets-that is, units with only a small rank bonus at best, and light armour. They have speed and hitting power, but little resilience, and not quite enough hitting power to take on a large unit by themselves. Really, they should go to great pains to use their speed to avoid missile fire or charges as much as possible-menacing flanks and annoying opponents with poison javelins until a vulnerable target is presented. As support they can help against a much wider range of targets, adding important extra wounds.

18-07-2007, 13:26
i personally use a 2nd gen Slann mage and with the help of my terradons they kill all enemy spell casters meaning that the enemy only has 2 DD and against a slann i pretty much have full rain over the magic phase, so for 115 points (brave) to have total magic control its a small price to pay. against war machines they get shot down to easily so i leave that to skink scouts.

18-07-2007, 14:52
1)Mage hunting, as analysed above

2)Warmachine hunting, as analysed above

3)If you have the models, it's woth using them as flying shock-troops: I sometimes field a unit of 6, and use them to rear-charge lightly-armoured (i.e. 4+ or less) foes...even with ranks and outnumber, you need to cause 3 wounds with 13 attacks to tie the combat, 4 to win and force a break test...it can happen! And if it doesn't, hit and run!!! A rule of thumb is to use them in situations where the enemy won't be able to hit back hard: Flank-charging Minotaurs is a winner (you can kill off the one in btb easily!!), rear-charging them is suicide!!(you kill one, they wipe your entire unit out!!)

4)Fast Cavalry hunting: Charge them (if they are not Outriders!!) before they can harass your units, or shoot them to death with s4 poisoned javelins!!

A tip: keep them close to the general for the first turn (so as not to have them run away and out of the table due to enemy shooting)

As for their cost, bear in mind that the equivalent is a unit of pegasi, which costs double the points! SO in a 2000 pts game you can field a unit of 6 and 2 units of 3 witout it costing very much! (remember they are cost-effective most of the time)

18-07-2007, 15:12
One of my favorite ways to use Terradons (though this unfortunately only works once per person, like most of this game's "strategies") is to take 5 Terradons and fly them behind a unit that I expect to break. Lizards aren't usually very fast chasers, and we can be pretty good at holding if pursuing would land us somewhere bad. So I smash into the unit in the charges, get my Terradons right behind the enemy, and sit there. If the enemy flees as a reaction (and if they get away), I get my Terradons right behind the unit and hit 'em with Javelins. Not much of a shooting attack, though it can chip off a rank bonus.

Plus, as Terradons fly, they don't need to be anywhere for a long period of time. They can get behind one block, then another, and another, and do this a few times a game.

Some more common uses of these are CR-bonuses. +1 for flank, ignores HW+Shield bonuses, Str4, and plenty of attacks makes them a decent fighty prospect. And as the "fighting rank" doesn't have any characters, I can often toast a unit's CR. However, this only really helps so long as the Terradons are US5. If they fall below (or if I'm playing against Wood Elves) I send them after Fastcav. WE Fastcav can't run as a charge reaction, and since I'm going first on the charge, Wild Riders have a good amount to fear from me hitting them right in the face. I could lose a lot of wounds and CR, and probably fallback, but knocking wounds off a unit of Wild Riders is just about always worth it.

18-07-2007, 20:28
I would be worried about the vulnerability of terradons to shooting. Since they are no longer -1 due to not beingman sized, they can be shot out of the sky quite easily like screamers or other larger skirmishers. I think I'd leave the war machine hunting to skinks and only take terradons if they fulfilled some specific role on the battlefield for my army.

Mister Hat
18-07-2007, 20:48
One of my favorite ways to use Terradons (though this unfortunately only works once per person, like most of this game's "strategies") is to take 5 Terradons and fly them behind a unit that I expect to break.

Using them for EITW is quite a good tactic but hard to pull off more than once, I agree.

I always take 2 units of 3 terries. It took a while to come to that conclusion but I found one unit kept getting hosed. Now with 2 units of 10 scouting skinks and 2 units of terries I can put the other guy under lots of pressure early on. Whilst he is focusing on the fast stuff I try to get the rest of the army into position.

And two units is the only way to kill an organ gun - you know one unit will get through.

18-07-2007, 22:54
just flanck charge with them use them as a distraction

20-07-2007, 00:51
I would be worried about the vulnerability of terradons to shooting. Since they are no longer -1 due to not beingman sized, they can be shot out of the sky quite easily like screamers or other larger skirmishers. I think I'd leave the war machine hunting to skinks and only take terradons if they fulfilled some specific role on the battlefield for my army.

Actually, all flying units are Size 1, except Pegasus Knights and Bat Swarms. (Which is weird because Terradons are supposed to be Flying Cavalry, but they're not US2...) So Terradons are still at -1 to hit, IIRC.

20-07-2007, 03:13
Unfortunately, the term used in the rules is "man sized" rather than US1. More to the point, even with -1 to hit they are a very fragile unit-two wounds helps a little, but you still can't rely on them taking any missile fire unharmed, and on their basic leadership they are likely to fail a panic check. I am, however, not sure how much better skinks are supposed to be in this respect having an even lower toughness and the same LD, and I'd back even one or two terradons to reliably kill a warmachine crew at 20" where skinks have to get to within 12" and then find their already inaccurate shooting further compromised by the chance of hitting the warmachine. Their vulnerability also makes it hard to rely on the US5 needed to claim flank attack bonuses or destroy fleeing units-their combat support abilities rest largely on their ability to inflict extra casualties, which means that as with which units they take on alone you should think carefully before committing them. Against some armies, there will be very few suitable targets, and you may well find them playing a lesser role in the battle of flying around irritating the opponents with poison javelins. Which in itself is not entirely useless-for a lot of fighting units one casualty is one less rank bonus.

20-07-2007, 16:32
I am a dedicated lizardmen player and have found they can be effectively applied for the uses outlined above. However, their targets are largely based on the other components of your army.
For instance, one of the lists I run is a fun all saurus cav list where everything moves at least 6". In this list I run two units of 3 terradons to fly down the flanks early and harrass the enemy war machines and casters. Even just putting the pressure on in the early game while other stuff closes is worth their points cost. If they live than they can be used to intercept breaking units and destroy them, or charge fleeing units, chasing them off the board. I have used them to great effect in both of these roles.
They are a useful but fragile unit. They are only somewhat reliable, but still a good choice for a balanced army because of their mobility and versatility. Sometimes they work wonders behind enemy lines. However, the last game i played, 4 of them got stuck in with a dwarf crew and their cannon. They were stuck their for 4 turns and majorly hurt me because they couldn't get to the other warmachines. This is a pretty rare occurance however.