View Full Version : Lizardman 2,000 points do i need to fix anything?

Imperial Dragon
12-07-2007, 10:41
Hey im going to sit both of my sarus blocks as my main line hopefully they wont get shoot up to much ill be putting skinks in front of them.

ill have the salamanders and teradons on one flank and the Kroxigors on the other side and maybe trying to get some skinks in front of them.

and the 3 skink priests to get my magic going fast as it can

Old blood -light armour, Mirror Shield, Sword of the Hornet, Spawning of Quetzl, Aura of Quetzl

Skink Priest- Level 2, Cube of Darkness

Skink Priest- Level 2, Diadem of Power, Dragonfly of Quicksilver

Skink Priest- Level 2, Rod of Storm, Scout

19 Saurs- Full Command, Spawning of Quetzl (run with the old blood)

20 Saurs - Full command

13 skinks (javelin and shield)

10 skinks- (blowpipes)

10 skinks- scout (blowpipes)

4 Kroxigors

3 salamanders

3 Terradons

Total - i think its close to 2,00 points but no 100% sure

12-07-2007, 15:33
I dunno, looks a little under 2k to me. ...Actually, 1980, but you did put a lot of items in there that I wouldn't have used. I don't really care for a lot of the Lizardmen Magic Items. Most of my upgrades are either spawnings, mounts, or plaques (depending on the Lord I use), and most of the magic items I take are common, like Scrolls, Enchanted Shields, and Swords of Might. On occasion, I take an Oldblood with one of the big-3 magic weapons (Blade of Chotec, Scmitar of the Sun, or Blade of Tzunki), but only when on a Carnosaur. On foot, I just stick with a Great Weapon and a Jaguar Charm.

Massed Saurus blocks generally won't let you down. They're so hard that even Comets don't bug them too much. I usually run 2 blocks of 20 Saurus, and a block of 16 TG w/ 2nd Gen Totem + CHotOO Slann in the center. That's US60 romping down the field and steamrolling everything in its path. Whatever you do, keep your flanks supported with your Terradons and Salamanders. Deploy your Kroxigors on the flanks heavier with monsters and heavy cavalry, whereas the Terradons and the Salamanders are better against foot blocks. And remember about the aquatic characteristics of a lot of these guys.

Your mages defenitely have a whole slew of non-standard items. The most exotic combo you should use is the Mark of the Old Ones + Cube of Darkness combo. Otherwise, just stick with Dispel Scrolls and Power Stones. Lizards don't really have a whole lot of good arcane items anyway, outside the Diadem of Power, and the DoP is best used in coonjunction with a Slann to stack up communal Power Dice. Also, the more identically-geared your Priests are, the less likely you'll be to end up with bad spells on an individual, like Comet on your uber-vulnerable Scout Priest.

I would defenitely find some way to get 5 Terradons in there. At US1 each, and not even Flying Cavalry (stupid GW eratta... I mean they're basically peggy knights for Lizards), they need more than just 3 bodies. You need to be US5 to do anything in this game. Also, 5x Terradons requires the opponent to kill off two full Terradons (as in 4x wounds) to force a Panic Check.

And finally, take a Battle Standard Bearer. Possibly in lieu of a Skink Priest and/or unit. IMO, the best way to go is a BSB Scarvet w/ Quetzl, Itzl, Cold One, Hand Weapon and War Banner (or instead of the War Banner, the Army Standard & Blade of Chotec). 4 str5 attacks is just plain vicious on its own, and the Cold One tanks up the Scarvet's save and makes the joined unit Immune to Fear, which combined with the War Banner easily outweighs the odds of going Stupid.