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18-08-2005, 12:26
This is more stress release than anything but I thought I'd share my misery with you guys. ;)

Ok so for any of you who remember my parents left for a week in Barcelona on Sunday afternoon, I was in two minds whether to go with them but ultimately I decided to stay. It was a tough decision; either option wasn't exactly what I wanted Ė either staying on my own, going away with my parents.

Anyway mid Sunday afternoon before my parents left is where it all began, at some point I felt my right eye had become irritated, when I moved it felt like an eye lash was sticking in to the muscle in the corner of my eye. Obviously this is relatively common, as much as I despise when it happens, eyelashes can get trapped on the surface of my eye; however in this case when I checked (multiple times) there was nothing, no eye lash, no foreign body what so ever.

Time passed on, my parents left for Spain, my eye still feeling irritated, I go to bed late Sunday night.

I wake up Monday morning around 5am absolutely convinced thereís an eye lash irritating the corner of my eye, I stumble about get my small Ďmag-lightí go to my parentís large wall mounted mirror and intently study my eye for what seems ages trying to find the cause of this infuriating irritation, this behaviour continues, from then on right through the day (I didnít get any more sleep) obviously split up with periods of frustrated withdrawal to do house hold chores. It was so bad, the irritation and now throbbing, I chose not to go to the gym which for me is a major decision never take lightly. Instead I went to the doctors.

The doctor was pleasant enough, assured me that I seemed to have some sort of infection of the eye lids, that there was nothing in my eye, and sent me off with a prescription for some eye drops (which I might add was a nightmare trying to acquire as seemingly the manufacturers hadnít sent out any new stock to my local major chemists [and I donít drive]).

The next couple of days were hell, the feeling of something in my eye was gradually replaced with a terrible dull pain, as if there was an air bubble behind my eye ball pressing in, forcing it under pressure to leave my eye socket. Perhaps this is one of the most disconcerting feelings I have ever experienced Ė the fear my eye ball was being forced out of my head, by some bubble like force I could feel rolling around the void behind my eye pressuring different parts of it depending how my head was angled.

In fact during these two days (and indeed up until the present moment) the entire right hand side of my face became super sensitive, my temple throbbed, my jaw ached, my cheek bone was saw to the touch.

Along comes Thursday Ė today -- the doctor back on Monday wanted me to come back today at 5pm for a check up in case the irritation was some odd ailment that it could be, which he doubted it was, but just wanted to be sure. This morning the feeling my eye was about to pop out because of this Ďbubbleí was excruciating, I rang up the surgery to ask if it were possible for an earlier emergency appointment Ė no luck, however I was offered a telephone call by the duty doctor. I agreed to the phone call, and once it was under way I explained the situation with this new Ďduty doctorí and she felt it wise that I come in at 10:30am and let her check the eye out quickly in addition to my 5pm appointment with the original doctor I saw on Monday.

The duty doctor when looking at my eye assured me that it was simply a nerve problem and my nerves were firing when they shouldnít be creating the illusion of something being present when in reality there was not. She used one of those doctorís viewing tools (light and eye piece) to look at the blood vessels on the back of my eye, on the retina, and said that they werenít distorted; indeed my vision from my eye had remained clear and constant through out the week which would not be the case if it was under pressure.

I left the surgery, confused, fearful, and in pain, I must admit after five days of the symptoms getting worse and worse and doctors saying itís simply a damaged nerve inspired hallucination I was panicky to say the least. Iíd found out the original doctor had informed the duty doctor that I had a ulcer (a scratch) on my cornea, that needed to heal Ė something which he failed to inform me at the time.

Anyway we are quite close to the present now, after making myself a drink and a failed attempt to get some sleep due to the amount Iíve missed over the past few days, I by chance walked over to the mirror and looked at my eye, something caught my attention, I peered closer and saw there in the corner the thin black line of an eye lash, it was sticking down from under my top eye lid. I pulled it out.

Now Iím not sure if itís related to my condition but youíll forgive me if I hope it is, my eye and temple etc still throb like before but perhaps a little less? I donít know some how I donít wan t speculate, suffice to say the eye lash is in a very small clear kitchen plastic bag secured for easy viewing Ė I intend for what good itíll do to take it with me to the doctor at 5pm.

Considering how this all started with the feeling of an eye lash in my eye I canít help but wonder whether this ********** eye lash has been up in my eye since some time early on Sunday and has caused me all this untold (and continuing) misery. I canít help but wonder how the original doctor managed to miss the eye lash despite him placing my head in one of those head vice type apparatus with a light and magnifying view piece.

I just hope the pain my experiencing now is the result of the scarring, inflammation, and irritation caused by the eye lash being up in my eye for so long rather than something more serious.

The Dragon Reborn
18-08-2005, 17:48
wow... I hope its nothing.

wow... I hate to think of anything in my eye, I dont think I could bear the pain

Hideous Loon
18-08-2005, 18:02
You know, doctors can be such jerks sometimes. It's nothing to be angry with, it's like being angry with gravity. I sincerely hope your eye got better, and that you told the faulty doc off from the bottom of your heart.

18-08-2005, 18:21
Well I went in at 5 showed him the eye lash but he said nothing really, checked my eye out again says "it looks a bit better" and sent me on me way.

I'm not sure what your suppose to do my eye is still bad, it's like there's a pea under my top eye lid and it keep rolling from side to side, god it's a horrific feeling, I have it right now, as I type. I keep trying to look under my eye lid expecting what ever 'it' is will come out through the act of gravity but... nothing.

I've been to the docotr so many times now, they don;t seem to recognise what I'm saying to them, I mean if I hadn;t acted I'd still have an eye lash stuck in my eye. I can;t even trust doctors.

Another night, of little to no sleep... man...

18-08-2005, 18:27
Eye see. :p :rolleyes:

Still, if the it is an ulcer then it most certainly isn't going to 'fall out under gravity', a problem with the nerves will create such phantom pains surely, so I doubt there's much to do but 'wait and see'(excuse the pun).

Pretty damn unnerving feeling though I imagine, I can't say I envy you. Should get better soon I guess...


18-08-2005, 18:36
But seriously how the hell can an ulcer move from one side of the eye to the other, wouldn;t it remain in the same place under the eye lid? I don;t know how the Doctor expects to explain this feeling by claiming its an ulcer.

18-08-2005, 19:48
Sometimes it just feels like the ulcer has moved, especially on a place you can't see (like your eye :rolleyes: ), so it creeps you out a lot.

I expect it will heal itself, what with you being so young and using stuff on it.

Hope you get better soon, keep taking the eye drops, and wait a couple of days.


18-08-2005, 20:02
For a minute there I thought you were going to relate your brain tumor. Sounds like the lash though.

19-08-2005, 06:55
The bubble thing behind my eye was really bad last night, at 00:30 I rang NHS direct helpline because I was in serious discomfort. They took all details from me but ultimately because I'd already seen a doctor that day they weren't prepaired to do anything short of reccomending taking some pain killers...

The bubble feeling is less now, I don't remember when I feel asleep last night, I dont remember much about what I did after they refused to help me, suffice to say I woke around 06:30. My eye is very sore, I don't want to move it in it's socket, I can tell everything is still very inflamed, I'm quite scared that the bubble pressure feeling will return to full strength.

Brother Munro
19-08-2005, 10:06
NHS Direct (or 24, or whatever it is called) is useless. Whilst it may sound harsh the problem will probably cure itself, just try not to prod your eye, use the eyedrops (if you've managed to get them yet) and take something for the pain, like asprin or ibuprofen (or brandy). Pain in the eye area is really bad, but ou just have to have faith that it will go away.