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12-07-2007, 18:55
Its time for yet another White Dwarf Feedback thread, this time for the August 2007 issue (US 331, UK 332 etc).

If any of you wish to make more general comments about WD, please will you make them in the General White Dwarf Feedback Thread (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=23972).

I would like to make a couple of other requests. If you post the score you have given to the current WD on the thread, would you please explain why especially if you have voted 1 or 10. I think this is useful (and interesting) for other WarSeer members reading the thread, it also provides useful feedback for others who read the thread which may include GW Staffers.

The other request is related to the previous one. Do not criticise people for posting their score and views about WD, I believe we are all entitled to voice our opinions without the the fear of them being criticised.

As always, all off-topic posts and spam will be deleted without notice.

The WarSeer Inquisition

13-07-2007, 15:23
I voted on the wrong poll. My vote has nothing to do with the August issue, but the July issue.

/Trigger happy

13-07-2007, 18:45
I voted on the wrong poll. My vote has nothing to do with the August issue, but the July issue.

/Trigger happy

I've removed your vote.


13-07-2007, 19:56
Gave it a 9, which is rare for me. Biggest reasons:

1. The HUGE picture showing the baneblade procession with a guard army. That alone was worth the price of admission.

2. The fact that White Dwarf actually featured Battle Fleet Gothic for 4 whole pages, and showed off the Adeptus Mechanicus fleet! What!!? A Specialist Game shown off in White Dwarf? Amazing.

3. While they like to pimp the Empire buildings, I have to admit that the terrain feature using the new buildings was quite nice. It was cool to see some of the conversions, as well, like making one a barn.

4. For those that haven't been to games day, there are nice pictures of the new Chaos models in print form, as well as Jervis' confirmation of the second Chaos codex in the future.

Light of the Emperor
14-07-2007, 23:44
Yup, I enjoyed this one as well. An 8 from me.

Once again, WD beats the rumor forums competition and brings out the first real picture of the baneblade. There are excellent pictures of the new chaos stuff as well.

I liked the master class painting article and interview with Darren Latham.

The Empire building conversion was nice.

Best part of the mag: BATTLEFLEET GOTHIC!!! Albeit a very small article, it is a start nonetheless. Hopefully GW will pick up the pace a little. Maybe if sales spike, they might continue.

The only thing that kept me from rating this higher was the lack of 40K articles. This is a moot point as the next few months seem like it will be nonstop 40K. The tactica article both on transports/tanks has been done to death...

I really am looking forward to the September and October issues.

14-07-2007, 23:49
Ya, I gave it a 8. The baneblade was looking very nice and the simple fact that they even mentioned Battlefleet Gothic shocked me. However, being a fantasy players, it's going to be a rough couple of months till the High Elf release with non-stop 40k stuff, lol.

15-07-2007, 01:03
I liked the extensive painting articles.

Well - Jarvis did confine new choas demon models coming out next year with the separate demon codex for 40k. I assume the models will cross-over for Fantasy...

Does that mean at least part of the new Choas army book will be coming out to i.e. Demon army book for Fantasy with mortals later?

15-07-2007, 15:22
WAAAAAAYYYYYY too much Lord of the rings stuff.. The rest of the articles are getting much better and the painting articles were a good distraction but I don't like getting 20% good stuff and the rest garbage.. send The LOTR stuff to specialist games and bring back a better magazine. Less fluff on buy this or buy that now! I am getting annoyed at the catalogue feel of some of the stuff. This is supposed to be a tabletop gaming magazine right? The apocalypse info is helping me with all this though..

16-07-2007, 07:15
I gave it a 5 it was very average. While the picture of the Baneblade was nice the total WD was just average.

I believe Wilhelm makes the valid point that it feels less like a magazine for hobbyists than it does a catalog for "check this new product out"

I do like the LOTR parts because they are really the only "hobby" part left in WD if you dismiss the recent Blood Angels lists.

some of the reasons I thought it was a average WD, not amazing but good enough to look through. (better than the Giant craze awhile ago with 3-4 issues about the stupid giant model!)

18-07-2007, 06:38
Let me say up front that if you love LotR you'll love this whitedwarf. I however don't play LotR so my rating is consequently a little lower. The battle report was a neat idea well executed, and for the first time ever, almost understood by me. lots of good painting tips including a section on how to paint an army fast that even included *gasp* non-GW products. The Golden Demon coverage was nice. (I can see that on the website but the photos in WD were better.)

I was hoping for further coverage of the Mighty empires campaign in teh previous white dwarf not havin gthat kind knocked apoint of for me as well..of course as 40k and fantasy will dominate the next few issues of WD I deemd the heavy amount of LotR acceptable.

Sadly I'm not a chaos player so I have doubts to the appeal of the next issue,

18-07-2007, 09:04
Given August is a big release month for LotR (Gondor in Flames AND Return of the King), and there's nothing more slated from LotR until the new year I am hoping for BIG LotR coverage this month. I'm expecting 40k'ers and WFB will have the rest of the year pretty much to themselves, so LotR-haters you have been warned!! If LotR-haters whinge about how much LotR is covered this month, spare a thought for players of that game for the rest of the year while you get your jollies ;)

18-07-2007, 17:23
This is the first mag post my subscription running out so I am interested to view what people are saying. So far I think its a matter of a flick through at the newsagents rather than a must purchase as far as I can see

18-07-2007, 18:06
lots of good painting tips including a section on how to paint an army fast that even included *gasp* non-GW products.

What, non GW-products? I must buy this White Dwarf!

19-07-2007, 09:30
i gave it an 8, nice to see BFG with the adeptus mech ships! Like the painting advices, JJ explaining the coming of a new codex deamon! and the banblade!

Some guy (UK)
19-07-2007, 13:18
When is this issue released in the shops? My last issue doesn't seem to say? By the looks of things this may be a second half decent issue.

19-07-2007, 13:29
razza featured? Can't wait to get mine!

20-07-2007, 15:22
I gave it an 8, it was a nice magazine with BFG and nice LOTR stuff that I didn't just flip through. I read it and it made me get out my rule book and play a skirmish game:)

solid base for improvement.

darren redstar
20-07-2007, 19:28
7 from me, arrived this morning just before the street flooded, so reading matter whilst awaited the withdrawl of the deluge. I like the painting section and the promise of the apocalypse- the lotr maybe too much but it is good what is there. in all a good effort and step back to the quality that we expect.
I already have far too much chaos and await the new models with anticipation...
but there again theres always the baneblade.. drool...

21-07-2007, 23:47
Gave it a 5.

Nothing really to grab my attention for very long. Beset thing about it for me is that I'm in it! The northern europe edition, at thestore section about GW Dublin at the back, I'm the big guy in blue on the left of the top photo. Fame at last.

Other than that Baneblades are siney, theres a bit much lotr, and the gorbad tutorial is great, but one painting article annd a glimpse of nerdy stardom do not a good magazine make.

21-07-2007, 23:49
UK edition:-

Enjoyed it thouroughly. I am only a fantasy player and collector however I am now seriously looking to broaden my horizions by looking into LOtR it seems to flow very well and the miniatures are looking good value for money.

Razza's masterclass piece was fantastic it gave me a lot to think about when painting my miniatures. Never really thought about spot colours just norammly general theme.

I give it a 7. All it needs now is smaller writing a few less white/blank spaces during battle reports and show cases oh and get Mike back to write some fun articles.


22-07-2007, 14:27
About the average. Too much LOTR for me, but they have 2 big releases this month, so it is only fair. I did like all of the painting stuff, and any article relating to a "specialist game" has to credit an extra point.

22-07-2007, 17:05
Hahaha lots of lotr.... I finally gave in a few issues ago and started enjoying reading about that game. :P So this was a good issue for me. I was still disappointed with a few things. Too many ad pages as usual (fill 'em with some crappy user-sent-in article, or pictures, or something!) and while BFG was mentioned (not that I was ever interested in BFG; in fact I disliked articles about it in the old days) it was really just "BFG exists; it is great!", and then a profile for a new thing you can buy. A drybrushing article! Do people REALLY need to be shown how to drybrush!?

Crazy Harborc
23-07-2007, 01:28
ALL those LoTRs photos have got me thinking. Many of those LoTRs minies would fit right into some of the WAB army lists I push across the battlefield.

I did enjoy the 40K photos too. (I've got several 40K armies gathering dust.) The lack of fantasy was noted by me. Ohhh weeeelllll, hopefully GW has THAT out of it's system. GW.....get back to the important photos and articles. Articles about fantasy:D

24-07-2007, 08:50
I gave it a 6. Which is good for me. As above "half way" it means that on balance I am glad I bought it (at the cheaper "XXX edition discount" price of £1.85/issue) . It ain't a rollocking read, but there were a couple of decent articles - the bat-rep was an unusual set up and was halfway decent; the article on Darren Latham's painting skills was interesting - good to see some NMM in the mag, although it was interesting to read of the prejudice against it in the studio (and by extension in WD). As a casual reader and non-player of 4th ed. 40k, the "tactics" article on transport felt rather light, but at least the proportion of words to pictures was reasonable.

So luke warm praise is my feeling. I can't see it (barring a miracle) getting much better than this while GW are stuck in mass-pimpage mode, but at least it ain't just bum-wipe like it was a few months back. And after all if you look at other glossy magazines out there, they're chock full of ads as well, so that's fair do's. I wouldn't have paid £4 for it, and even £2.50 was pushing it a bit, but at £1.85 it's worth a skim through over lunch!

24-07-2007, 11:42
i loved the mag, to finally see the bane blade on a page in white dwarf kinda makes it seem more real to me ? and battlefleet gothic !!! wow didnt see that comming , lord of the rings section i havent even read as i dont play /pain/collect the game . but as a mag goes it was a good one .

24-07-2007, 14:05
Gave it a 6 but it was actually a little bit low. GW did very much right in this number and its a strong one. Sadly for me I dont play Lotr so much was not for my liking but everything they did do, they did good. Extra plus for BFG mention and masterclass painting.

25-07-2007, 04:28
I gave it a 6 and i must say the last three issues have been a lot better. I don't think it will ever hit the heights again but credit where it's due it is improving. BFG was a surprise this month and RULES for BA in the two previous editions what can we expect next month, a real player turn by player turn batrep maybe. If this was the case then most of my gripes would disappear as what i'm looking for is Rules updates (chapter approved), coverage of specialist games and good battle reports.

25-07-2007, 08:51
I wouldn't overrate the BFG component to this mag. Most of it was just an "infomercial" introducing the game to those who have never heard of it rather than support material for those that already play it. The 2-page pimpage of the 3 new AM models counted as support however .... barely.

25-07-2007, 08:57
Yeah, pretty good actually...

Enjoyed the Apocalypse page(s) - could this be the supplement that gets me back into 40K?
Eavy Metal Masterclass - this is what I want out of WD, also the Interview was good too.

Standard Bearer was a little meh, this issue, and a personal point would be too much LotR, but they do have a couple of major releases so no biggie...

overall, I'm going to say 8. If I'd paid £3.50, then a 6 verging on 7...

25-07-2007, 23:01
A quite 'hobby' focused issue some of the thing's we've been asking for are appearing, slowly but surely. Great article featuring RAZZA. Best issue for a while.


midget overlord
28-07-2007, 19:51
6 for me. canadian version

Painting articles where good, gorbad was nice, razza was as well.
Basic drybrushing? remembering that there are newbies every month... ok i can live with that...

Pictures for apocalypse where great, good info about what's coming for chaos over the next year in standart bearer.

Don't care much for Lotr, I am gratefull they put the 2 new expansions in the same white dwarf, instead of getting 2 months in a row of things most people i know don't care about (my area, lotr is quasi non existant, your area might differ)

Don't know if it's a canadian thing, but there is a giant promo at the beginning, spread over 2 pages, of a campain between spaces marines????
brother versus brother, or something similar? nice 2 page artwork (as seen in codex space marines) but no information at all!!! what is it? Is it only to promote space marines ? what does it consist of? how will it work?

Do we really care ????

if yur gonna take 2 pages, with re-used artwork to promote something, than PROMOTE something!

28-07-2007, 20:42
this brother v brother thing is an introduce a friend promo.

29-07-2007, 16:07
Well as I only play WFB, that what probably the worst issue I have bought in living memory. We are in the middle of a campaign and yet there was what 2 pages maybe to do with WFB. Hope GW chokes on my £4! :skull:

30-07-2007, 09:30
unless you play lotr there is nothing really in it, looking at the baneblade was ok, not brilliant imho, as it has been said before where was the fantasy, hmmm big summer campaign anyone HEEEEEELLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOO gw , painting guide was ok, very random skaven bit in it, standard bearer was good to read


30-07-2007, 19:46
10 from me!! the BEST white dwarf ever.....:D

Crazy Harborc
31-07-2007, 03:24
I did enjoy the photos. I did not enjoy the lack of WHFB. I got a good deal on a year's subscription....soooo, THAT'S one strike!

31-07-2007, 08:15
Getting better! Will give a score after rereading it while not half asleep.

Finn Sourscowl
01-08-2007, 21:07
Haven't read it properly yet, but on initial inspection I'd go with a 6.5-7. Nice to see BFG in there and the general trend of not making me regret taking up the XXX subscription offer continues :D

Oh, and Razza... Wow. Just. Wow.

I'll post a more detailed description later once I've read it.

01-08-2007, 21:12
This is the first time I must say 1.

It was to weak no fantasy articles to speak of one 40K and the rest LotR. And it was almost all commercial except for the tactica. Itís to sad last two issues was something to read in the blood angel list and some nemesis articles. But this had nothing I usually flip through the issue and the read the editorial and the standard bearer then I continue with the juiciest articles. But there where non. The Eavy metal members minis was nice but I have seen them all before on CMON, and it felt as if the guy should be ashamed of ever trying the NMM technique and that was just pathetic.

Some guy (UK)
01-08-2007, 21:35
Again, a six from me. It's pretty good, but I can see why those who don't play LOTR don't like it. But the thing is, it is essentially having two releases in one month, and nothing else for the rest of the year.

Saying that, I just couldn't read the battle report- I would have prefered it split up into four small sections, so more of a narrative could be put in, as opposed to- 'X did this, Y shot at that'. Dull, in my opinion.

Other than that the LOTR content was fairly good.

Nice to see some love for the specialist games.

A preview of an expansion not due until October? Very promising to see.

Jervis- okay I guess. Gives an indication to the direction of Chaos in 40k.

The better part of this issue was essentially numerous sections on painting. Nice to hear from someone in the Eavy metal team- and see those minatures that have amazed me here so long in WD. By the way, I saw those Blood Raven Scouts in WD last summer- damn good work on those!

Drybrushing was up next- that is okay, after all it is aimed at begginers.

Then a really nice article on Gorbad Ironclaw very detailed, and a nice break down on the main components, with focus on the detailed areas.

Now the next article utterly angers me- 'Eavy Metal's work on the Skaven. Why aren't there some tid-bits of how to paint these models, e.g. the more difficult areas. More information into why they chose those colours would be an interesting read also.
Otherwise, I might as well be looking at these same images online for free.

One final thing- those adverts seem to be back with a vengance! Please, do something about them.

How I would kill to announce I am giving an issue more than 6 out of 10...

02-08-2007, 09:50
10 from me!! the BEST white dwarf ever.....:D

And who can blame you! :D

02-08-2007, 23:32
Absolute garbage, I can't even read it on the toilet as there is nothing of interest to read. After the last 2 issues this is a major dissapointment. Too much coverage of one game system. I would have voted zero if the option had been there and usually I don't go below 5.

04-08-2007, 21:09
A 3 from me. A shame as the WD was actually improving. The LOTR parts are usually worth reading, but his wasn't the battle report lacked substance and was far too bitty. The only reason it got a 3 was the inclusion finally of something other than the core games. GW have really needed to return to the inclusion of specialist GW products as they have really struggled for content whilst concentrating on the 3 core games.
The gaming section was good and needs expanding as I'm always interested in how others game and collect.
Overall, two steps back and one forward.

06-08-2007, 12:13
This is the first WD I have bought for a while. I read the contents on the website and it looked like a step up from the last few.

I was quite pleased, actually. There was a lot of LOTR stuff which doesn't interest me at all, but then that's personal taste. Jervis talking about the new Chaos Codices could've gone into more detail (I'd have been interested to hear his take on the complaints about the lack of "flavour"), but it was a good read.

However, what I really bought it for was the painting articles, and I found them to be well worth it. They were very useful, and, in my opinion, accessible to a wide range of painters even though they were produced by 'Eavy Metal painters. So, overall, a 7.

07-08-2007, 23:51
I always thought some people were harsh saying WD was THAT bad, I always found something to interest me in it... not this one, I really do think it was a waste of (my mums... ) money! The painting guide was good, only thing that annoyed me about that was the "ZOMG Xperts only for dis bit LOLZ!1!" which was just dumb.
Too much LoTR, its a good game system but I mean there was NO fantasy or 40k content other than "Apocalypse! Baneblade! Chaos!" or Skaven! Look how great we are at painting, but we are not telling you how! Hell it makes the giant issues look good, a 3 for me, because the painting guide was very good (apart from the above issue) and I am sure there is something else hidden that will interest me.

static grass
07-08-2007, 23:57
I thought it was good. I stopped buying WD for over a year and this was my first since. It has actually improved I can say that. I gave it a five.