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12-07-2007, 21:34
Hi all and sorry if this is a poor question but,
after buying the mini rule book and following the sequence for flight and pursuit i/we assumed that if a unit failed to escape a pursuing unit it is destroyed and removed from the table without the pursuing unit moving at all.
again i/we assumed this represented the pursuing unit destroying the routed opponent.
i have since purchased the full rule book and now belive all pursuers move the distance they have rolled wether they destroyed thier fleeing opponents or not.
is this the case? or was our first assumption correct?

any help would be appreciated

12-07-2007, 23:13
The big and small rulebooks are identical in the rules section so that shouldn't have mattered.

Anyways, the pursuing unit is always moved its full pursuit distance (unless something is in its way) no matter if the fleers are caught or not.


13-07-2007, 09:28
thank's for that,
in the small book were it has caught fleeing units not being moved and just removed from the table, there was no follow on explanation for the pursuer, it only then mentions pursuers and fleeing units that have got away. i thought a full explanation would be in the main hardback rulebook.
again thanks for clearing that up

13-07-2007, 11:57
Note that the small rulebook and the large one are identical as far as the rules are concerned. The large one just has extra sections on the hobby and the warhammer world.