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12-07-2007, 23:42
army as it stands

Exalted Champion of Slaanesh
Mark of Slaanesh [MoS], Barded Chaos steed, Great Fang, Shield

Exalted Champion of Slaanesh
MoS, Steed of Slaanesh, Gase of the gods, Sword of might, shield

Sorcer of Slaanesh
MoS, Level 2, Steed of Slaanesh, power familier

5 Chosen knights of Slaanesh
MoS, Full Command

5 Knights of Slaanesh
MoS, Full comand, Rapturous Standard

5 mounted deamonets

23 Chaos hounds [3*6 and a 5]


now this list needs some updating... i have found the steed riding great fang weilding guy to be somewhat less than usefull, infact i think he has dield more time than actually killed things... he runs with the Rapturous Standard unit, but never seems to do very much...

the champion on slaaneshi steed does very well for himself by actually been able to wound things.. [S6 is great] so i want to keep him there

The mage causes all sorts of chaos and generally has fun, [though i have found he spends alittle too much tome in combat for my liking]

the knights generally do quite well [although if todays working were anything to go by, chosen suck.. but that was some very very bad rolling on my behalf]

the deamonets rock.. [spelt it right this time :p] and never fail to do something... even if its just scare the hell out of my opponant.. [20" charge is fantastic] and so i am highly tempted to get some more of them..

hounds are great of makeing people charge the wron way and generally dieing...

so, im thinking of changing the horse mounted guy for another mage on slaaneshi steed at 1500pts and dropping 7 hounds [to make up the cost] and only bringing him out when i know im facing heavy stuff [i like to keep a fairly simular armylist.. less for me to forget about, and i dont have that many extra hounds..]

so going up to 2k and beyond, i have the following models:
5 more knights
the hero im dropping above
lots more hounds [too lazy to count, but enough]
1 hell cannon [a random ebay purchse that i have yet to use as this army is not big enough...]
and a somewhat limited budget...

so... what to add, [i kinda go on a ramble here but bare with me, its my opinions on certian units] this is looking at games 2k and above so dont wory that it is not all going to fit in to 2k...

a lord with the rune sword and gaze of the gods looks quite tempting, on steed of slaanesh, to add some extra punch/flank hits..

i need another core choice, so i was aiming to use my last 5 knights [a nice running theme here] as i dont thin warriors would ever be able to keep up..
and i have simular feelings about chariots.. they cant march, which limits their moneverability [i did spend 3 turns out menevering someone before just to get good charges]

Marauder Horsemen seem interesting, but lack armour, dont have that much punch and are expensive [model wise]

and as i was intending on taking the 3rd unit of knights i dont need another core choice, so was looking through BoC...

centars could be converted [i would want to] from WE and Gors and work out cheaper to buy and convert... [i like converting stuff so i would be happy there..]

after seeing how much damage a shaggoth can do, im impressed by its shear killing power [it mased my chosen after they failed to hurt it on the charge] so they look quite nice and help me to fill in some points.. [they can also cause terror, something my army is lacking, and generally chobble heavy cavalry]

on the lines of the shaggoth are dragon ogre's, another converting opertunity, [would get ogreas and cold ones and have fun.. ] hit very hard, are able to take a remarcable amount of punishment and are not that expensive either way, and i can take 2 units of them, if thre is no hell cannon present...

chaos trolls, ogre's and Minotaur's are all m6.. so are slower than everything else, and dont pursue 3d6.. [they are also not as hard/ need babysitting...] although i really hate the GW Minotaurs so would be interested in converting them out of ogres...

a chaos giant adds interesting converting opertunities [a giant sword... :evilgrin:] and are quite cheap... im all respects...

beast heards could add some interesting skirmish screens [instead of/as well as, hounds] and bray shamen have some nasty abilities but would have a tendancy to get left behind without magic assistance...

more mounted deamonets are a deff. possibility, and i will see about getting some more..

and end the ramble... so... some advive please... my current opponants include dwarfs, khorne, Tzeentch, vampires, goblins, possibly wood elves and eventually empire, plus whatever else gets thrown its way...

im really looking for something i can make look quite nice and generally hack its way thorough stuff, and is all round hard... like chosen knights... as i have several expendable units, wil have 3 mid range combat units [2 units of knights and the deamonets who hit fairly hard] and 1 hard hitting unit [chosen]

so... what to do...?

ps.. damn i wrote alot...